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Caressing Your Soul—–The Child Asteroid(4580) in Synastry

jerry-marcy-monkman-young-girls-running-in-field-sabins-pasture-montpelier-vermont-usaI think when we strip off our masks of maturity and competence, we are children wanting love and acceptance. Hence, the Child Asteroid assumes an important place in synastry. When my Child Asteroid touches someone’s Moon, I love the person. It doesn’t matter the travails. The love of a child is an enduring love. The world of a child is magical. Hence, the Child Asteroid takes this magic and infuses it into the relationships of those whom it touches.

If there is any aspect that could substitute for Moon connections, it would be the Child Asteroid. Falling in love is child to child. If you have ever fallen in love, you know this to be true. That is what makes falling in love so other worldly. It is a trip to the heavenly regions while one is on earth. It is a trip to the child’s world where innocence  reigns. All love is innocent.

The Child Asteroid transports us out of our world of button down suits to a world of running free, running with abandon and most importantly, running with love. If your Child Asteroid touches a personal part of the chart of another, your inner child can come out to play. I really don’t know what is sweeter!

9 thoughts on “Caressing Your Soul—–The Child Asteroid(4580) in Synastry

  1. amiannAmazing_Love

    I recently met someone and felt instantly attracted to them.We have moon trine moon and child trine chld. I done further research and found my child is exactly conjunct her ascendant and my vertex is conjunct her child with a 1 degree orb. What would this mean?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The Child asteroid is one of my faves. Falling in love is Moon to Moon and/or Child to Child. We can fall in love with our friends in a manner of speaking. True intimacy is child to child. I think this will be a lovely relationship, AL. Keep me posted! I think you will be like childhood best friends which is VERY rare when you get older. I don’t have it now and would love to have it.

  2. amiannAmazing_Love

    Cool…she lives in New York. We only text, we haven’t spoken on the phone yet but just from text we know just about everything about each other lol and the conversation flows pretty smoothly. My sun is conjunct her moon and her sun is oppose my moon. Her Pluto is Also conjunct my sun and mine is square her sun.

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