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Check The Charts Of All Your Friends

Check your chart next to the charts of all your friends i.e. synastry, which is the comparison of two natal(birth) charts. You will be amazed to see that some people will share your love of music, but will not understand your heart. Some people will understand your heart, but not share your creative tastes. Some people will bowl you over with their sexiness, but you won’t be able to talk with them. Some people you can talk to until the day is through, but with whom you will have no attraction, whatsoever. The combinations and permutations arre endless. One thing is true, though. The chart will show it all, to the very last detail.

One thought on “Check The Charts Of All Your Friends

  1. amiannDarklightworker

    I look at the charts of my family and friends a lot, even people who are no longer friends. I love the way that as I learn more about astrology I learn more about myself and others 😀

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