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Chiron Conjunct the Moon–Pain Comes With Emotions

475318_403815986305416_1999809919_oI am researching this aspect. When I have people who make no sense to me, I scour their charts. I want to know why they do what they do. The chart will give the answers, always. I am trying to understand the chart of someone with an exact opposition of Chiron and the Moon. The Moon is one’s deepest heart. It is the most intimate part of ourselves. We share it with those few people whom we love. We share it with pets, children and God. If you picture your deepest core, you will find your Moon. This is why Moon trine Moon is my primary soul mate aspect.

What if we have the planet of pain touching the Moon in hard aspect ( the square, opposition or conjunction). As I think of people with this Chiron/Moon, it does seem as though emotions bring pain. Emotions are inextricably wound up with pain in a candy cane twist of hurt and confusion.

To the observer, these people may seem mean and cold as they struggle to get away from their own emotions or what YOU engender in them, just from being human and just from having emotions yourself.

These people seem to push people away in a cruel shove. I always perceived this shove as coming from a place of disdain but maybe it is the life survival feeling of a drowning person pulling her lifeguard under the water in a desperate flailing for life.

I think that this rings true. Please share on my Comment Form if you have this or know someone who does. I look forward to your replies as we learn together.

12 thoughts on “Chiron Conjunct the Moon–Pain Comes With Emotions

  1. amiannLaura

    I have this conjunction. First response was: no, don’t recognise it, but you might have a point. When things get too much emotionally I withdraw until the time I can manage & discuss this. Others would perceive that as cold. For me it feels if I ‘die’ if I don’t. Other thing with this position is that I literally take over/feel what the others person feels. I used to do that in work, completely ‘become’ that person when writing their life story (until the story was finished). I think that’s the healing aspect of it too when I do that.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW Laura
      You opened this up to me with your comment. Thank you so much!! This is just what the person does whom I know. I have felt very rejected by this until I started thinking about this aspect and wondering if it was the person’s intake of emotions. Thank you again for your wonderful insight, Laura!

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Yes, it did, Laura. This person caused me a lot of pain and I took it very personally, as we do. As I explore the charts, I am seeing it was the person and not I. That helps!

  2. amiannAmazing_Love

    My girlfriend has this conjunction and it drives me crazy. I think its because we both Chiron and Lilith are conjunct her moon and its in my 7th house…this is not a good feeling …she brings me a lot of pain, period. I think our relationship is a Chiron relationship but not sure. I have Chiron trine my sun and moon so not sure if this would add to the pain.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Well, Chiron is just a strange wild card. It is hard to grasp. It is like a Mobius strip. If you have stayed close for a long time, that is good, Tiffany. It has not played out as a Chiron relationship because it did not break up imo

  3. amiannAmazing_Love

    Lilith by 3 degrees, Chiron by two. Her emotions are too unstable for me. I dont know how much more I can take, its too painful & stifles me in an emotional way. I almost feel used for her emotional stability & I get nothing out of it but hurt feelings. She is hot and cold…when I ignore her she expresses a lot of pain and concern but as soon as she is feeling ok my feelings are overlooked. That’s when I find her saying one thing and doing another..its draining & I need more consistency. I almost feel its impossible. My emotions go from one extreme to the next and she is the cause of it all. Its literally a love hate union but I experience more feelings of hate than love.

  4. amiannAmazing_Love

    She makes me feel a lot of rage. I honestly feel like messing around because of how bad she makes me feel. She is no good for me emotionally. Seems the closer we get the worse things are. I feel she is my enemy and I am hers. I need to get out of this situation before it kills me.

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