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Chiron Conjunct the North Node in Synastry

I respect the North Node in synastry. If someone comes to me with a “hard” planet conjunct the North Node and asks me if he should get in to this relationship, I say,”I would not do it.” The North Node will define your relationship. If you have Chiron there, your relationship will be defined by pain. If you have Nessus there, it will be defined by abuse. If you have Sedna there, it will be defined by betrayal. If you have Dejaneria there, it will be defined by victimization.Ouch. The North Node cannot be ignored. It is powerful. It will come to be. However, it will usually be too late, in the sense that you are already married, if you have it with a marriage partner. The NN in synastry, usually, does not show up for quite a long time, in my experience.

28 thoughts on “Chiron Conjunct the North Node in Synastry

  1. amiannKristin

    Hi Amiann,

    Im also very catutios about the north node in synastry and I have a loveinterest at the moment that I can’t seem to make up my mid about although I really have a lot of affection for him.

    His saturn is conjuct my NN with an orb of 3, and with my uranus at an exact degree. This saturn also gives a sekstile with my sun and square with my moon and saturn(wide orb), and our NN has a trine connection. My NN gives harmonic aspect to his mars…

    How do you think this looks for a commited relationship?

    Grateful for any advice!

    Best wishes

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Kristin. Well, if his Saturn conjuncts your NN, he will be like a father figure to you. Do you want this? Some people do. Others don’t. What does his Uranus do with your NN? I did not understand that.

      1. amiannKristin Nango

        Thank you for your answer Amiann,

        yes I think he could have the effect as a kind of securityperson for me, although he is 7 years younger.
        It is my uranus that conjuct his saturn, so I wonder how the saturninfluence of the north node will be then? This is in scorpio in my 8th house.
        I also just discovered his NN (in cancer) is conjuct my DC and my DC is conjuct my nessus.. I just got a bit worried about that when I read about the NN importance. Although my nessus is trine his saturn and sekstile my sun.

        I can’t seem to figure out what to do in relation to him, but I am constantly thinking about it. Grateful for any advice!

        Best wishes

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          List each aspect. Tell me which person has which and what is the orb. It is too confusing when it is bunched up. in a whole paragraph like that. Thanks! x

          1. amiannKristin Nango

            I’m sorry,
            here is the aspects:

            His saturn conjuct exact orb my uranus in scorpio, my 8th house
            His saturn conjuct my NN by orb of 2
            My NN conjuct my uranus by orb of 2

            (I have chiron conjuct my SN with a orb of 4
            My chiron is opposition his saturn by orb of 2, don’t know how much this influence..?)

            His NN conjuct my DC with orb of 2
            His NN conjuct my Nessus with orb of 2
            (my DC and Nessus are exact conjuct)

            My Nessus/DC conjuct are trine his Saturn orb of 2
            My Nessus/DC conjuct are trine his mars orb of 4

            Our NN*s trine eachother.

            Hope this is more understandable 🙂

            Thank you!

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            His Saturn conj Your Uranus–he may try to squelch your rebellious nature. This may put a damper on your unique voice.
            The Saturn/NN–he may be a strict kind of parental figure, to you. Think about if you want this. Some people may, but I think it may be quite restrictive.
            I will do a few at a time, for you.

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            You have Uranus conj YOUR NN, so you ARE a rebellious type. You may be very unhappy with so much restriction on you, as his Saturn is bringing. Read up on my articles on Saturn. Chiron conj your SN shows that you are very familiar with pain. In which house is your Chiron?
            Your Chiron oppose his Saturn may make him NOT responsive to your pain. I don’t like this one!

            WOW–his NN conjunct your Nessus. You may bring him abuse. Do you feel the urge to abuse him? You have DC conjunct Nessus. Do you find men who turn out to be abusive but you don’t see this until later.
            The fact that his Saturn and Mars trine your Nessus is a life saving part of all this, in that you MAY be able to deal with some of your hard things, as the trine allows harmonious energy flow between you. That is what I get from all this. What do you think? xx

      2. amiannKristin

        Thank you for your answer Amiann, thats helpful.

        My Chiron is in my second house as well, as my SN. Chiron is also conjuct Lillith with orb of 2 so I guess that will influence chiron as well. Lillith is conjuct my SN with orb of 4.

        It is true I think that he has a dampening effect on me and sometimes I feel an urge to tell him all that I feel and think about him and i probably should I feel, but somehow i find this difficult, as it is some sort of barrior holding me back. And it does feel restricting, but also like a challenge that can give soething. I also feel attracted to the focus he brings in my life, because I might feel I need something to “hold on to” or to give me some direction. I resonate with being a rebelious nature and this has also caused me trouble in my life with basic things like settelig and having a stable relationship and a secure job and so on.. I always search for some kind of freedom which I love but know that also cause me pain such as separating from places and people and facing an unsecure future. I feel with him I could maybe handle that differently.. but it could maybe also be some sort of dream.

        I don’t feel the need to be abusive to him but wish I could be more direct.But it feels like I can not or that I have to be very cautious, which is in a way a good feeling. I think I have a protective feeling for him(, maybe against my nessus?) And a big reason for me to like him is his good heart and gentle way of being.
        Actually looking into my past relationsips the significant ones have a strong connection to this MC Nessus conjuction as well, and one with also the NN and Sun conjuct it which ended in arguments and there i did have an urge to argue with force..and it did not end in a harmonious way I think although while it was still good I really thought it was the most harmonious relationship I ever had..
        I wonder about my MC conjunct this precent mans NN and how much Nessus would bring into that..
        Somehow I get the feeling that we share som difficult aspects, but also that these aspects in the natal chart of each of us are hard to handle alone as well.. and that the synastry in this brings other opportunities to handle them and grow as human beings. Maybe this also is steps on the way to understand relationships through synastry..

        Again thank you for your reflections.
        Hope to hear your wiev on this as well 🙂

        Warm wishes

  2. amiannKristin

    Im sorry, I just discovered another aspect to my SN:
    My Sedna conjuct my SN with an orb of 1
    His Sedna also conjuct my SN with an orb of 1.

    I send you the link to the chart in case this becomes confusing.

    Its a lot of aspects, but hopeit makes it more comprehensive..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Sedna is betrayal by men. So, if it conjuncts your SN, I bet you have been deeply betrayed by a father. if HIS Sedna conjuncts YOUR SN, I would worry, greatly, that he would betray you. I say things, straight out, as that is the kind of Astrology I respect. People take umbrage with me, on that. However, that is the kind of Astrology I do, as that is the kind of Astrology I respect.

      1. amiannKristin

        Thank you for your honesty amiann,
        actually I am worried about that he will betray me, thats maybe one of the reasons holding me back, and yes I also have issues with my father that has left the family and me in many ways.
        So it makes sense. And i trust and hope that there will be the right outcome on this matter.
        Fascinating thing astrology.. good to have that perspective.


        1. amiannamiann Post author

          You are very welcome , Kristen. In my work, I endeavor to be honest. I put honesty as a higher values than saving people’s feelings. I cannot stand political correctness, which has found it’s way into Astrology, to a large,large degree. One cannot call it as it is, without all sorts of people coming out of the woodwork, to criticize. I will speak the truth as I see it. If I don’t, I have little value to anyone who calls on me. That is my mission statement. That being said, God is always higher than any chart. Therefore, the miraculous can come into play, when one accesses God. Thank you for being part of my website and writing to me, Kristen! xx

  3. amiannKristin

    Hi again Amiann,
    thanx again for your answer. Actually I have now reaserched a bit and find that most of my friends and people I know have sedna conjuct my south node (as me), will this mean I will have a lot of betrayals in my life? Guess this asteroid moves very slow and affect all my generation.. (?)
    I think I have and also somehow learn to expect it, but everybody experience it in some degree. But if it’s so, how can i deal with that?
    And this relationship I been asking you about seem to end in betrayal as well as he now is involwing with someone else in living in our house.. this is unfortunaltely a very familiar story for me..
    I also dicovered that my nessus is conjct my vesta which is both conjuct MC.
    Sorry if this is very selfconcerned.. I just need to figure out how to deal with all this disapointments I experience in relationships, and I appreciate your straightforwardness.

    Best regards

    Best regards,

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Never apologize for self involvement, Kristen. One must accept oneself, before one is of any use to others. Your Nessus conjunct Vesta is big. This means that you hold Nessus close to you and must understand it and explore all of its facets. However, then you can use it to help others. The MC placement would make for a counselor for abused people. You have a calling for this imo

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, Kristin
      Each person was made for a special purpose on earth. Some of us have a great deal of pain in the getting there. However, a pure kind of happiness comes when you find your calling <3

  4. amiannKristin

    Thanks again Amiann,
    I do appreciate your thoughts of finding once calling here on earth.
    I just realized I have mixed up MC and DC, so it’s actually DC which is conjuct my Nessus/ Vesta conjuct. My MC is however conjuct Neptune.
    As I understand the DC is about relationships and wonder if this will answer som questions for me about that.
    Guess there will be always questions to seek answers to 🙂

    Warm wishes,

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Do you find that you have abusive relationships? That is how I would see Nessus conj the DSC. Neptune conj the MC. You will bring spiritual things to the world.I love this placement. It makes for a very special person xx

  5. amiannKristin

    Hello again Amiann,
    yes I wonder if the Nessusconjunct to Vesta will lessen the abusive effect of Nessus? And how Vesta will affect the DC?
    I don’t think I have especially abusive relationships but have the tendency to fall for men that shut me out of their feelings and have problems to find comitment in relationships before an evetual bond is there. I miss someone who can be open and more positively willing to commit.

    Thanks again,

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Nessus conj Vesta is an interesting one. My guess would be that the person would USE Nessus in a positive way to help others. This could be as a domestic abuse counselor or a foster parent etc. Vesta holds what it touches, with devotion, selflessness and altruism. Nessus is abuse. I think my point of view makes sense. Yes, Vesta would change Nessus, for the good. Well, Vesta is selfless devotion. I have Vesta conjunct Uranus. I use Astrology( a Uranus subject) to help others. I think I do it in a selfless way, as I love to do so. Vesta makes us love to give and serve, in the domain in which Vesta resides. Thank you for being part of my website!

      1. amiannKristin

        Thanks again Amiann,

        yes it makes sense as I actually work with people with drugproblems and psychiatric issues and experience of abuse is very relevant to this people.

        Best wishes

  6. amiannlhf

    My daughter’s North Node (22 degrees), Venus (23 degrees) and Sun (20 degrees) are in her 11th house Aries conjunct my Chiron (23 degrees) in my Aries/8th house. Also, her Pluto at 24 degrees conjuncts my IC at 26 Sagittarius.

    Its a powerful relationship, no doubt. And not one that I can choose, although if I could choose I can’t imagine I’d choose to live without her. That said, her Dad and I have been divorced for about three years now and I am looking for job opportunities far away which will mean longer stretches of time that she spends with each parent. She’s seven so capable of understanding more and having longer phone conversations and such. But the idea that I will be away from her for summers makes me ache. At the same time, the idea of staying in a life that doesn’t work for me doesn’t seem like an option either. My mother waited 50 years to get divorced and start living her life and I promised myself I wouldn’t use my children as an excuse to hold myself in unhappiness. I want to teach my daughter to live her dreams, to be strong, and I feel I can only do that by leading by example. Ugh. Its such a bind. I love her so much that I would sacrifice some of our simple happiness together for that love, if that makes any sense at all. I want her to know that having her in my life is a joy, not a sadness. I’m going to go cry now 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Awww Wow all those planets of hers conjunct your Chiron. Can you describe how that feels to you? I am sorry for the pain you are going through. I wish everyone would have a synastry done before marriage. I think that would be one of the best investments and one of the best engagement presents for a couple.

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