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Chiron Conjunct the North Node in Synastry

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This aspect refers to one person’s Chiron conjunct another person’s North Node. This would be in a synastry chart, which is one person’s natal(birth chart) compared to another person’s natal(birth) chart. I have seen Chiron conjunct the NN in synastry, several times. It is not common, but it does occur, so I wanted to write about it. I have direct experience, too, so I can talk from that, which is always, the most compelling. I have great respect for the Nodes, in synastry. There is , both, a North Node and a South Node. The South Node shows the areas in which the couple will be comfortable. If Venus is conjunct the SN, the couple will be comfortable sharing love. If Eros is conjunct the SN, the couple will be comfortable sharing eroticism.


The NN is the opposite, in the sense that it is not a comfort zone, but an aspirational one. If the SN is where one has been. The NN is where one is going. Going new places is always more frightening than staying in one’scomfort zone Hence, the NN is fraught with challenges. Think of something that has challenged you, such as your first job or going off to college. The NN embodies that sentiment.


In synastry, if the planet of painΒ  touches the NN , the relationship will have a pain theme. One may ask, “Should I leave the relationship based on this?” I could not answer that, obviously. In every synastry, there will be hard factors. I will try to explain how I see Chiron conjunct the NN playing out in a long term marriage. Chiron conjunct the NN does NOT mean that every minute of the marriage will be fraught with pain. Chiron is an attractor to people,also. In many synastries, Chrion conjuncts planets between people. This is not, necessarily bad. One shares one’s pain in one’s intimate relationships. However, with Chiron conjunct the NN in synastry, one of the main themes, perhaps THE main theme will BE pain, in my experience. The pain is not a 24/7 event. There are many periods of time which are not painful. There are many shared events which are not painful. However, if one looks at the relationship, as a whole , from a future vantage point,for example, one would describe it as having a theme of pain. That is my my point of view. Please comment on anything, if you care to. I welcome any comments, as always.



109 thoughts on “Chiron Conjunct the North Node in Synastry

  1. amiannJanine

    Theme of pain? What kind of pain? Like murder pain? Physical Pain? Emotional pain? I have this with a guy I just met and I would like a little clarification on the “Pain Theme.” I would like that clarification now verses the actual AH-HA moment when I figure out it is indeed murder pain.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great question, Janine. The asteroids follow the myths on which they are named. Chiron’s myth is the story of the wounded healer. His wound could never heal but he others heal others of the SAME wound. How this would play out in practical life, I will try to explain.The planet person comes to the Chiron person for healing. It is very,very intense. At some point, the relationship seems to evaporate, over some insignificant fight or small misunderstanding. One cannot revive it, once it hits this point, in my experience.Please, ask any further questions!

      1. amiannkallie

        Hi amiann,
        I have read many of your Blogs and answers to people I think your amazing and very generous with the time you take to try and help people. I have never commment or asked any thing on yours or anyone elses web site but desperate for help I have had a relationship that seems to just keep me chained, chained to him and chained to my love for him, he claims the same but to me seems he always has control. It used to be the other way around for the first half. anyway our chart is and has many things that I want to ask but will keep it to a few . now my main aspect I am wondering about my mars is almost exact conjunct his n node, but just found out his mars is exact conjunct my s node .we have always had an almost empath connection where we are both always are feeling somehow each others pain. just some crazy connection there that makes it very hard to move on from each other would you say the nodes double whammy might be why?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Thank you, Kalie. There are several aspects could do that. Moon/Pluto, venus/Pluto or Nessus/Dejanira are some possibilities. This makes for obsession, more than the Nodes, in general, but I would have to see the chart.

  2. amiannYay

    Hi Amiann,

    Nice write-up! There is one thing I really don’t get about synastry. How do you know who is getting hurt and who is doing the hurting? I have Chiron widely conjunct with a friend’s NN (9 deg). There have been some experiences with the pain theme as you mention, but I want to understand how we can look at the chart and know who is hurting who.


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you for your kind words Yay. Well, first off, 9 degrees is too large. One could use 10 degrees with the Sun or Moon only. However, I will try to address your question. I think the planet person brings the hurt to the NN person. That is my opinion. So, with Chiron it would be hurt. With the moon, it would be heart. With Venus, it would be love. However, to elaborate; the planet/NN conjunction becomes a THEME of the entire relationship. This may not happen until they marry or are very close. Please, ask anything.I love to engage in dialogue. People feel insecure about writing, I think ll

      1. amianngem_1stdecan

        I have chiron/NN conjunction with my wife…she’s the chiron and I’m the north node…the theme of extreme emotional pain is true. she hurt me once and the pain still lingers over 15 years later. as you’ve described, it’s the “on the floor calling out to God” type of pain – it was, it is, and it never heals.

          1. amianngem_1stdecan

            the pain comes around every solar return time….since the wounding occured during a birthday over 15 years ago. She’s been trying hard to erase the memory during B’day parties but it just wouldn’t go away.

          2. amianngem_1stdecan

            transiting chiron was 1 degree away from my natal moon in 7th house when the wounding occured.

          3. amianngem_1stdecan


            what if a person has chiron conjunct sun and then conjunct my natal north node….hypothetically speaking, as I’ve read on some astrology site that a planet’s influence is combust when it conjucts the sun, will this synastry aspect cancell out the chiron wounding to the north node person since the sun combusts chiron?

          4. amianngem_1stdecan

            so, essentially, everyone born during the same year (as my wife) will have the same aspect with me and they will end up giving me the same type of pain?

            there is so much other aspects that are good between those born in my year of birth and my wife’s but this north node conjunct chiron essentially cancells all of them out due to the wounding that will occur. that is so sad.

          5. amiannamiann Post author

            People born close in time will have certain planets conjunct– not the personal planets but the generational ones and the ones that stay in the same time for a year or thereabouts. The personal planets are Sun, moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus. Of course, the ASC, IC, DSc and MC are unique to each person

  3. amianngeo

    My north node 6.36 Gemini, her Chiron 6.22 Gem. Well it has been a painful relationship, lasted for four and a half years so far, mostly in separation. Isn’t this supposed to evolve into something useful though? She has many mental problems. My sun is 7.32 Gemini.
    Isn’t there supposed to be an attitude formed to heal, instead of staying hurt?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well Geo–her Chiron hitting your NN THAT closely will make a pain theme for the relationship. I will come right out and say that Darling even though it is hard to say and harder to hear! How does your Venus fit in? Please, write down EACH aspect very clearly so I can meditate on it! x

  4. amianngeo

    My north node 6.36 Gemini, her Chiron 6.22 Gem. Well it has been a painful relationship, lasted for four and a half years so far, mostly in separation. Isn

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well Geo, is the pain uselful? To me, I would RUN if I saw someone’s Chiron conjunct my NN. I say things straight out as my hero is IQ of Lindaland who says it straight our. *I* would run if I had a person’s Chiron conjunct my NN. That being said, that is me Darling. I am not telling you to run. I am giving my experience and my opinion. The choice is yours Darling.

  5. amiannGeo

    I found out less than ten minutes ago, her true North Node has a 17.16 declination, and my Chiron has a 17.16 declination.
    We also have lots of good ties though

  6. amiannGeo

    I read your comment about giving the exact aspects
    All right, well using degrees, and minutes, I will just use a decimal, but I mean minutes of the degree;
    So in Gemini my Chiron is 3.22, my sun is 7.32, My north node is 6.36, My Venus is 2.35
    Her Chiron is 6.22, her Mars is 1.07. That’s in Gemini
    Node conjunct her Chiron 6.36-6.22
    Sun conjunct her Chiron 7.32-6.22
    Chiron conjunct her Chiron 3.22-6-22
    Venus conjunct her Chiron 2.35-6.22
    By using the Equal house system, everything is in my 7th, except my sun in 8th – cusp is 7.03. Everything for her is in her 5th / 11.49.
    Today I saw My Chiron is parallel to her NN in Taurus, parallel within 1 minute
    Chiron parallel her Node 3.22 Gem – 18.14 Tau
    Since I’m writing so much, maybe it’s easier to just give the charts πŸ™‚
    28.05.1984 18:03 GMT+1 Norwich, England
    28.04.1985 3.36 GMT+4 Klaipeda, Lithuania

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I will need some more time to look at this. Sorry for the delay. I need to meditate on things and when my intuition is tired, I can’t do it. I need to come back with a fresh eye!

    1. amiannGeo

      She got the police to come and take her bags, but she wasn’t there. Anyway she’s strange, she got kicked out of a friends house for lying last month, she’ll probably leave where she’s living.

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Well if HER Chiron conjuncts your NN, she will bring you pain. This is not to say that she will bring another person pain. I am not saying anything about this, one way or another. However, she will bring you pain due to her Chiron conj your NN.

  7. amiannGeo

    Yeah she’s already been bring me pain for the last four years and nine months or something, and she’s told me I’ve ruined her life quite a lot of times. I didn’t think it was necessary though. I can give a different definition to that pain, like an extreme sensitivity, even when we’re close. Like sensitivity to being hurt even by some kind of look, even when we have had a happy night. Me and her thought, or maybe just me, that when you love someone, then it’s much easier to be hurt by them, like when someone you don’t care about tells you to go fuck off, you can’t even feel hurt by that, because you don’t care about that person, but when you love someone, then a very small thing you do can have much more of an affect on you as the other example. I realised from knowing her, was that I had stronger feelings for her than I had experienced before, and she could hurt me more than anyone else, because she was so important to me, so it was logical for me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, Chiron CAN be a bond. Chiron can start off as a kind of glue. It may stay a glue. However, when Chrion conjuncts the NN, the theme of the relationship will be pain, I think. The NN will define the nature of the relationship. The NN is a kind of a look into the future. That is why I respect the NN so much. What conjuncts the NN will be the way you will describe the relationship when you look back on it ime

  8. amiannGeo

    Well I remember in the first kind of week. She confided in me about something. And I sympathised easily. I think stayed up all night until about six. We watched some comedy I had on DVD, she couldn’t understand much English, so I was trying to explain what was funny. And I think we watched the Green Mile, she had borrowed it from someone. It was her favourite film. I hadn’t seen it before. Lots of the time I would have my arm round her, and she would put her arm round me sometimes, or we would hold hands as well. I just wanted to be her friend. She had a boyfriend, and I was in love with another girl. The next day she apologised to me for leading me on, and she was still in love with her boyfriend. I said ‘it’s all right’ happily because all I wanted to be was her friend – she didn’t realise that’s what I wanted.
    Then that night I think we watched The Green Mile again. And she had a habit of listening to songs she likes more than two times in a row. So we watched the Green Mile again. And this time we were holding hands all through the film. I felt really sensitive to her, and it was sweet. A few weeks later her boyfriend had to go away, and she didn’t know where he had gone. I knew where, so I was trying to explain to her where. She was upset about it, but I helped her to get the truth. But then a day later, or a few days later she hugged me, and it felt good, but then she started kissing me, and that made me really nervous, and make me feel like she wasn’t a serious person, I didn’t like it. I thought she was really loose. She said ‘what do you think of me now’ I couldn’t answer it. Anyway, I became accustomed to kissing her after a day or two. To me, I was just kissing my best friend. Then a couple of days later or something – she introduced me to one of her new friends, and said ‘this is my new boyfriend’ I said ‘Am I’ kind of sternly, and surprised – and so the friend realised that I didn’t know about that. I think that hurt her, and we talked about it when she went. I told her I was still in love with the girl I told her about, or maybe I hadn’t told her about her, but I think I had. And she confessed that she was still in love with a boy in Lithuania, but I think she might have been exaggerating that a bit to make herself feel better, or to make me feel better. Anyway, that’s where a pain theme began.
    Since yesterday though, I have come to the conclusion that there doesn’t have to be a pain theme, like when we were holding hands watching the Green Mile. That was not pain, that was extreme sensitivity. I conclude that Chiron, NN doesn’t have to be pain, but treated with sensitivity, because I noticed when we were less sensitive to each other, that’s when the pain was felt. And in times when we are very sensitive to each other, is when there is no pain. I came to this realisation after reading what you wrote ”Well if HER Chiron conjuncts your NN, she will bring you pain. This is not to say that she will bring another person pain. I am not saying anything about this, one way or another. However, she will bring you pain due to her Chiron conj your NN”
    It probably isn’t easy to avoid some hurt. Like even in the first week, I remember she wouldn’t look at me much when she was concentrating on something else, and that hurt me.
    Well but I think you could create NN, Chiron to be no pain – if you remained sensitive to each other. To at least avoid traumas.

  9. amiannGeo

    I don’t believe any aspect of astrology has to be negative. Pain is only negative. And sensitivity can be a positive trait.
    It maybe takes work to remain sensitive, the longer you do it, the easier it is to keep that.

  10. amiannGeo

    And I don’t think it’s really about a time frame when the relationship becomes painful. For me it was painful in the first few days of meeting. Now I realise that it is linked to sensitivity, and it’s really not very normal to feel sensitive all the time, so I think everyone with this in synastry, tries to formulate a normal relationship, when a normal relationship isn’t inclined to be sensitive enough, to have Chiron, NN in consideration. Because people see other people’s relationships and think ‘why isn’t mine like that’. When I first met her, I wanted our friendship to be unique, and believed all relationships were unique, and should be embraced as unique. But people usually try to define their relationships, and that’s when they can become too confining, people do it to find stability.But when there is NN, Chiron, I realise that there should be joint decisions with consulting one another. It is that need to be much more sensitive to each other, than average people, and average couples.

  11. amiannGeo

    As I read somewhere – there will be an open wound in the relationship – maybe so, now I realise this can be positive.
    Because when feeling that extreme sensitivity while watching the Green Mile, it was a wonderful feeling, and a comforting feeling, knowing that I was helping her by holding her hand

  12. amiannGeo

    Our relationship is in an order that may look unfixable – and doesn’t even talk to me – anyway, either way, I think it will be resolved this year – done, or start on much more of a solid basis.

  13. amiannGeo

    So maybe NN works to point out the wounds, which is why sensitivity is key to help out. Because say if someone has a cut on their leg, and someone comes along, and points to it, and says, ”Ha, that is a deep wound” it’s probably going to accentuate and increase the pain. While in a very sensitive approach, it can make the person feel better. If someone gets cut, and another person comes, and just smiles, and rubs the skin of the person cut, near to the wound, then this can make the person feel really good
    So maybe NN doesn’t do the actual healing, but the need to be healed is shown prominently, and maybe there are easily some other aspects to help out. Or maybe it is NN which can make the wounds known, but also be a comfort when finding, through showing this sensitivity.

  14. amiannGeo

    Maybe it’s my Sun so close to Chiron which was there, and easily saw what was going on, by shining light on it, thinking about when she first confided in me, about something, and which was when we became close

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Oh dear. Do you mean your question. I am sorry. My FB family got so large. I have been thrilled but got occupied with that. I am very,very sorry and will look at your post! I would like to ask a favor of you. Could you post EACH question again–one by one. That is easier than a post with many questions on it. Thank you very much Geo and I apologize, again.

          1. amiannGeo

            Hmm, I can’t find any questions πŸ™ I was maybe just wondering what your views were on it, the best bit was; ”So maybe NN works to point out the wounds, which is why sensitivity is key to help out. Because say if someone has a cut on their leg, and someone comes along, and points to it, and says,

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Ok Geo
            I hear you now. In my opinion, Chiron WILL bring pain in this particular placement i.e the NN. I do not think Chiron is a death sentence when it touches OTHER places than the NN. When it touches the NN, I think it will make the relationship defined by pain. It may not show up, at first. However,I think you can look back and see that pain was the major theme. The NN is the goals of the relationship. It is the destiny.One cannot mitigate the effects of a planet here or of the nature of the planet.I am a very upfront astrologer. I am rare. However, I am just one opinion, too, but that is how I see it.

  15. amiannGeo

    I think in a relationship like this you have to learn to be sensitive to each other, and understand each other to avoid pain. It comes that couple’s learn to adjust themselves, or leave each other, for the relationship to be good.
    I couldn’t leave this person after five years, I’m not that shallow.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I DIDN”T tell you to leave, Geo. I will tell what I see and my opinion. I owe that to the integrity of Astrology. However,I think you should consult with another Astrologer such as Tameem Saiid who is super good AND tells it like it is. That is a rare combo.

  16. amiannMoon Child

    Not to discredit your work here on this amazing site, I am an astrologer, I can erect many different kinds of charts with me having a particular gift at soul charts and interpretations. Like I said I am NOT discrediting your words or your view of Chiron, but from someone who has studied Chiron extensively, I do not understand nor agree with the manner you tried to explain this very challenging aspect. Chiron is not always about PAIN. It is about GROWTH and at times that growth can be challenging, and some times the lessons take a bit longer to understand, (depending on the sign and other aspects if any) however, when looking at the NN and Chiron together I would NEVER tell a client or someone seeking information that the THEME of the relationship is PAIN. Pain is subjective and unless you’ve looked at the other aspects in a chart this is not something that is a negative. However, the manner in which you described it is NEGATIVE. For those that want the fluffy bunny approach to chart interpretation I can see where your words can scare them to death, but for those who can handle a bit of soul evolution, I would have preferred you worded it differently. The individual (CHIRON) has a wound that has caused THEM pain which the NN person is a catalyst in healing WITH the Chiron individual. This is NOT a PAIN theme. Is it an easy one? No, but is it PAIN, I don’t think it has to be, especially if both are aware of the outcomes. Any relationship has it’s challenges which you did say initially, but having said that, it seems to me that this is a KARMIC connection and KARMIC connections have to be ironed out. I would revamp your interpretation of this aspect and dig a bit deeper into the potential outcomes via aspects, house placement and sign placement. Also, you indicated that you are only supposed to have wide orbs with the sun and moon. THAT is not accurate. When doing progressions the orbs have to be tight, no more than 2 to 5 degrees out. However, when dealing with the natal chart and other aspects, a orb degree of 9 is not wide enough to discount. In the universe we have residual energies that do impact from a distance and they do have an affect on matter, with human beings being MATTER. Thus an aspect 9 to 10 degrees out can be felt and can be important. Just in case you try and discount my words understand with all truth I have studied under Robert Hand and Kenneth Bowser.. (google them if you wish) and I take my astrology seriously as a professional.

    I like what your doing, but from one astrologer to another, give more detailed descriptions when taking on a astrological subject. It sounded as though GEO was really seeking help, and he was delayed and given information that had to do more with personal opinion than accurate astrological interpretation.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hello Moon Child
      Thank you for your kind words.I appreciate your taking the time to write to me and with such a respectful tone. Thank you very much for that! I do not believe in past lives. As such, I do not consult using Karma as a concept with the charts. I do see Chiron in a different way than you. Good men can disagree and still be friends! I hope that Geo sees this and contacts you. I do not display e mails for privacy to the people who write on my Comment form but I will be most happy to give Geo your e mail so he may contact you, directly. I did refer him to Tameem Saaid, as I felt I was not the person to be consulting with him.Please, comment at any time. I greatly value your input.
      Warmest Regards

      1. amiannGeo

        Wow, all right, interesting. Well even if there isn’t past lives, I believe someone is more cut out to do something than other people are, so if someone has what it takes to do something, then they should have greater expectations than someone who is not fit for a job. I’m not talking about your job, I’m talking about the synastry between two people. When I first met her, she told me how crap her boyfriend was, that’s what she was confiding in me about, and I felt like I owed her something, because I did have the ability to see her problems and needs much better than anyone else. So if you see someone’s needs better than other people, there is a kind of responsibility in doing something about them, when you know there is no one else around to help.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      We disagree Geo, in fact strongly. I am with Tameem Saiid who is a very honest and direct Astrologer telling both good and bad in the charts. In current society, little is said straight out, for fear of political correctness. I like to call things in a straight forward manner. How could the charts be ALL good if life is not? How could the charts be all positive when it is clear that life is not?

      1. amiannGeo

        Well everything can be seen in a positive way, negative way, or a neutral way. It’s in everyone’s ability to make something they saw as negative into positive. Usually people’s lives are pretty balanced with positive, and negative, and neutral energies, that doesn’t mean people see the positive and negative things as the same all the time. If there was a school boy, he really hated school, because he hated learning, and liked playing around with his friends, outside of school. Though when he became twenty-nine, he loved learning, and he didn’t have any time for going out with his friends, because he wasn’t interested in it. That’s how the same thing has turned from negative, to positive, and one more thing from positive to negative. That’s why no aspect should be seen as inherently negative or positive.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Dear Geo
          I have this kind of argument with many in Astrology. I agree on one level and disagree on another. I DO think people can and do overcome. However, the Astrologer must lay out the good and bad parts of the chart for the client.If not, a chart reading becomes an undecipherable mush. I make it very clear how I do charts.I am not for everyone.If people want a PC(politically correct) reading, they need to go to someone else. Many current Astrologers do the charts in a PC way imho. I will tell you my role model, as an author as I never met him–Howard Sasportas. My role model as a current Astrologer is Tameem Saiid. He will tell it how it is. I do not want clients who will insist that I mince words. I turn people away. I am for a certain type of person, only.

    2. amiannAnna

      Hi Geo,

      Just curious to know how are you now and if you are still with her ? What are your feelings towards this person ?

      I would love to know your feedback as I have this very conjunction with someone .

      Love and light to you !

  17. amiannWow

    You are on point with this. My Chiron conj his NN with a 2 degree orb and he is constantly talking about the pain that comes with certain thoughts of me. We started out last year as good family friends. Won’t go into detail on that one, but we’ve migrated from this kinda lighthearted family friend relationship where we get together and only saw eachother in group settings to a business relationship that evolved at the same time as an intimate relationship. The intimacy didn’t continue, because we’ve gotten VERY close extremely fast. Typing this out, it’s just occurred to me that this conjunction is in Aries…so it makes sense. lol Point is that…everything I do or say that is born out of demonstrating a better/more evolved part of me brings him pain.

    He’s mature enough to recognize that the pain he actually feels has to do more with his existing wounds than it has to do with me. THESE are the conversations that keep our relationship growing at such a fast rate. The only issue that I have with it is that it’s so ambiguous. Tightly knit with a label of very close friends, but whenever we are around each other or in contact with one another, the behavior is that of a couple. Maybe this tone is there, because we are heterosexual man and woman. Maybe if we were two hetero men or two hetero women, this “couple like” interaction wouldn’t exist. I think that piece of it is also colored by the fact that I’m the much older Pi female…kinda set in my nurturing ways and he is a much younger Cap male asserting his dominance. So we instantly fall into step of the traditional male and female roles. THIS is the dangerous part of it, but as far as the basic Chiron / NN conjunction, I don’t think the danger is present. As moon child said, “It’s growth”. Yes, it is painful…from what he says…or what I hear coming from him…everything about the idea of losing me or me being in pain brings him pain…so I would have to say that your description from an astrological standpoint is correct…as a basis. However, I think that Moonchild is expanding that basic description by talking about the potential growth of such a karmic connection. Karma here meaning that which is meant to be and always was meant to be.

    I think it would also be misleading for me not to mention that his Chiron is conjuct my SN in Gemini with a much wider orb which is in sign, not an exact conjunction. Maybe this is where he is able due to his comfort level with me overall to admit that when that pain hits him…that it’s something that has more to do with him than it does with anything that I have done directly or indirectly. This is not something he admits immediately…but it’s like an awareness that hits him within either a few minutes or within 24 hours of the discussion. I only know this, because again…he expresses it with a moon in Gemini…which of course is about talking…constantly talking.

    As with all synastry aspects, maturity…demonstrated maturity is what determines how the 2 ppl handle it. I had an easy going, deep felt, trine filled connection with a Scorp who broke and destroyed it because he wasn’t mature enough to appreciate the easiness between us (which in reality RARELY exists between couples) and deal with the deep felt connection at the same time. I don’t care how easy or difficult the synastry….if two people are mature they will be able to weather the difficulties and if immature, won’t be able to appreciate the blessings of it all.

    God bless you both and thanks again for the insight.

  18. amianntara

    Hi Ami:

    I just found this article – and wonder if perhaps one way to look at a Chiron/NN Conjunction is also a potentially healing relationship? Chiron is our immortal wound, but it is also the healing gift we have for others, no?

    Would love to know your thoughts πŸ™‚

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      No, Tara, I don’t look at it that way. I will explain why. The one thing I will give you in this is that you CAN learn by horrible pain. However, why would you choose it? That is my personal experience and opinion <3

  19. amiannletitgo

    My chiron taurus sextile his cancer n.n @ 2.2.. its definaetly a large pill to swallow.. I am letting go letting the higher power handle it.. it was and is the most ****ed up time of my life.. I honestly wish I didn’t know what this LOVE was.. cause I am literally sitting at the bottom of a well hands tied with the the knowledge of what true love is and it would never be for me.. he is and I am beyond certain my twin half. However this life time I have katma sent that I must work through. Dark nights in the doldrum.. I have no other choice then to let go.. I must of been really bad in past life. But this one. I have truly learnt what I needed..

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Why don’t you come on my Forum and you can talk about it. It is free! I will study your post, here, and see what I can see, for the time being. Hope to see you there!

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      The Chiron sextile the NN at 2 degrees is not that strong, honestly. Your angst is, probably, something else. It sounds like Nessus/Dejanira to me. You can put your synastry up in my Personal Readings forum and I will take a look. If it is not Nessus/Dejanira, it is, probably, Moon/Pluto. the more I think about it, I bet anything it is

  20. amiannletitgo

    Aww thx i will join I have found a lot of helpful things. I will post synastry when I get a chance. Ihave a way with computers that I was get busted leaving info on it for others to find. So I use my phone. We have ineresting synastry. Like something beyond our control. Pluto is just lovely. I am working through that energy as well. But something tells me that this relationship is special to the point i almost did myself in. Also I am married..I even have chiron conjunct my husband sun..nothing will ever compare to this one person… its a very cruel joke..but I did learn what unconditional love..I don’t think even with having kids this person was the only one who could teach me this..

  21. amiannWow

    Back once again to maybe provide a little more detail about my Chiron conjunct his Aries NN experience. Things are still going and in the same way that they were last year. lol Labeled as “best friends” at this point in time, still intimate and more frequently so than ever before. The relationship vibe is still that of a couple and no one seems to be able to come in between us. We are stil are NOT a couple and have absolutely no plans to become a couple. However, we’ve made and stuck to plans that there again, are very couple-like. It’s scary and I admit, risky. Not just for one, but both of us. We both know and understand that the other can meet someone and develop a romantic relationship with that other person at any given moment. Yet, we choose to ignore this fact whenever we are together. Also, we both have met other people in the past year, but those people end up becoming comparisons. For me, the other guys just aren’t good enough. For him, he talked about me so much to one woman that she was pissed, had to meet me, and once she did…she talked about me so badly to him that he broke things off with her.

    However, I want to stick to the point here, the theme of pain. In the past year we have hurt eachother badly and not on purpose. It’s just something that “happens” due to humanity being frail and full of fault. The beautiful thing is this. A touch, a special touches heals all wounds. This also goes both ways. I recently was the offender in one of our heavily argumentative and hurtful conversations. I called him near the end of that night to say that as far as I was concerned, we were ok with one another. The next day, we saw eachother and I was a bit stiff which caused him much “pain”. I could feel it. All the next day I ruminated on that pain and decided that I needed to do something a bit out of the ordinary to try to ease that pain…let him know that I wanted him not to feel pain, because I’ve had so much pain in my own life (in earlier years) that I never want anyone close to me to feel pain if I can help it. He came back the very next day, although I’d caused him two days of pain. I hugged him tightly and refused to let him go until he relaxed in my arms. After that…we were back to the Frick and Frack show. Lol That’s all it took was a heart given really really loving hug with no words attached to help sooth both of us.

    At this point, I have to validate that between Moon Child’s assessment and Amiann’s technical aspect of it, you are both still right. lol But…this is where I theorize, is there any close relationship that doesn’t have the theme of pain? You share pain on some level with all of those who you love deeply. Right?

    As the Chiron in the relationship, I see how the pain that I’ve experienced earlier in life would DEFINITELY get in the way of this bond if I hadn’t worked on and out that pain prior to being involved with this Aries NN person. I also see how doing alot of work to heal from those past hurts helps me in knowing how to deal with him when he gets in a mode where pain COULD be the main theme for us that day. I think as the NN of the relationship that his soul will learn from me how to get past pain and live a life where he alone as an independent (Aries) person takes responsibility for personal happiness and spiritual peace.

    If I weren’t evolved, I don’t think that we would still be friends…not in a healthy manner. BTW…Amiann…not to fear, but he has talked recently of how our interactions, when sour, bring out the worse in him. He says that he doesn’t understand why even though we are only friends and not a couple, that when I make him angry, he gets angry enough to want to hurt me. I don’t fear this, because he is VERY aware of it to the point that he has said that if EVER he feels that the urge to hurt me is out of control, he would just walk away from everything. My response was, “Yes…if it ever gets to that point…walking away from it all is best.” He knows that he has my express permission (without me hating him) to leave me before he has any permission to act out with violent words OR actions. There’s absolutely NO room in our friendship/relationship for that. I have made the expectations clear and he gets it.

    In typing this out…I think I realize how the Chiron/NN conjunct plays out for us. The struggle he is facing moving from SN to NN right now brings with it a certain amount of pain where it challenges me in areas where I have experienced pain the most. Like…I have to choose between what type of pain from the past I’m willing to experience with him. Do I allow and encourage him to leave me or do I put up with abusive language/actions? Even though I pose it as a choice, I already have made my choice very clear. I think that facing pain from choosing the righteous path when it comes to the NN person is probably the lesson for the Chiron person.

    In other words, “how much are you willing to hurt to love yourself and how much are you willing to hurt to love the other.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would love to have you join my Forum where we could discuss this more. I don’t have time to read it with all the attention I would like, at the moment, so I will be back to study it!

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Let me say this, from my experience. The Chiron/NN will not REALLY play out until you get married. The NN seems to play out in marriage situations. You may have a foreshadowing of it now, but the pain will be much, much worse if/when marriage occurs. I hate to say things so straight but to me, truth is love. I crave truth and there is so little of it in our politically correct society that I try to act with as much honesty as I can to be very beloved clients and website friends. I may be wrong, but I will call it as I see it <3

  22. amiannNathalie

    In synastry, I have NN (22` Taurus) conjunct my mother`s Chiron (23` in taurus ) in my 4th house.
    The result is I feel like i am the mother at a very early age and still in her old age. I had to deal my mother`s pain…(I had to learn everything by myself) and I transform her pain into something positive – I do have a healing clininc where I am the cosmic mother. So much pain…
    I had to carry her hidden pain, wich she identifies very much.
    It is trine my ascendant (cap 20`) and trine my URANUS cunjunct Pluto in the 8th !

    Grand trine.. SInce the pain is in taurus, …Venus in my 6th Cancer (house of work) Cunjunct Mars Cunjunct Jupiter….and venus 9`cancer is opposite to my moon 9`capricorn in the 12th House (natural psychic, needs a lot of time alone…)

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I can feel your pain, Nathalie dear. My mothers Sun combust merc in Aqua is an exact conjunction with MY Chiron. I am sorry you went through this!

  23. amiannCleo

    I had this aspect with my one true love. And it was a double whammy! We both had mutual chiron north node conjunctions. The natal conjunctions were within a degree and over time my OTL’s north node retrograded to an exact conjunction to my Chiron, while my North Node progressed to an exact conjunction to his.
    Interestingly enough, this was a painful relationship (for me) to even try to consummate. It appeared to be easy for him to initiate. I would cry in joy and pain every time his lips even touch mine and then run for the hills. For some reason it was overwhelming for me to be intimate with him. I’m sure every time I back away this hurt him immensely. But he kept trying over time and eventually gave up. Funny thing is, I’ve never loved anyone more, probably never will.

  24. amiannjjj

    I have Chiron-NN/SN double whammy with someone… his Aqua Chiron conjuncts exactly my Aqua NN and my Aries Chiron makes a bit wider conjunction to his Aries SN (in declinations the CP tighter).
    After reading this thread GEOs comments made a lot of sense. We seem to be able to deal with each other only with open and sensitive heart, otherwise we start hurting each other. We have a Chiron-Venus DW (conjunction and square) as well. This is a forbidden attraction.

  25. amiann:)

    I had to comment… I have this exact in synastry with one of my submissives (in BDSM). She is Chiron, I am NN. Made me laugh. Pain is indeed the theme, but it is something we both really enjoy about our relationship. Just a reminder that things are not always as scary as they seem!

  26. amiann:3

    My Chiron (13deg. Taurus) was conjunct (0deg. orb) the SN of an online fling that progressed nearly to bridging hundreds of miles of distance to meet in person. We talked nearly every day on the phone for hours on end for over a month and I am the type to loathe conversations over the phone. She was, in fact, the first person I ever met online with which the connection progressed beyond public discourse on topics. We were both very comfortable sharing of our past pains, which happened to be something we both needed. Myself due to wounds inflicted upon myself through lapses of self-control and by others due to their unfaithfulness and deceit in love, and she due to wounds inflicted upon her by close family members through her childhood and through failed trust in friendships.

    We would unwittingly push-pull each other through activities that would re-open those wounds and help to put into perspective the lessons to be learned through them. I’ve never been as completely without judgmental thoughts towards another as I was with her, and I was able to share things that I feared would drive people running away from me that she accepted as simply part of who I am without any judgment at all.

    We’ve never even met in person and she knows more detail regarding the emotional wounds I have brought upon myself than any other.

    She desperately wanted to ignore all of the financial and practical issues that were abound to follow her heart but in the end decided to part ways.

    Prior to us coming together I had sealed my intent to stay as true a friend as I could and allow others to strike their own path without feeling hurt by their choices. I’ve burned myself by vesting too much emotionally into possible romances far too many times and am finally getting that leaf turned over πŸ™‚

    Her Juno was also conjunct my NN :'(

    I took a peek and saw that you have a section dedicated to Yods in your forum, which happens to be one of the configurations in my younger daughter’s chart I’m being pushed by intuition to seek out a better understanding of. Hopefully I should have time to register and post around some tomorrow πŸ™‚

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Lovely, Friend and Welcome
      I will look forward to seeing you there. Chiron conj the SN is interesting. The SN is very intimate and personal. I am a fan of it. I can see that it resulted in a deeply personal relationship with this person that seemed to be good for both of you. Who decided to part ways? Strong Chiron relationships seem to get very close and intimate as yours did and then break away, as yours did. I am not saying all of them will but I have seen that trend in charts that I do.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      GREAT comment on Chiron conj the SN. That would be super intimate. I can see how the relationship transpired! I would love you to come on my Forum. With the Yods, I will try to teach you to do your own because each Yod takes me several hours to do and then explain. It is really a process so I wanted to offer to teach others on here.

  27. amiannAnna

    Hi All,

    I have chiron conjunct north node with the person I loved the most in my life.

    It has started after a break up . It has started as an one night stand and we stayed together for 5 months and we were in love . Until he just out of the blue decided that we could not have sex anymore . It was not a shock . Actually he was becoming colder and colder and I could see it coming . I was sad but not in despair . After 1 month he became closer again as a friend . He s 7 years younger . He would come to my house every week , have dinner , sleep over but no sex. This has been going on for two years and I got used to it . It s almost like a child-mother relationship. Though I m still attracted to him and would welcome if it happens again between us.

    We even travel together on holidays. All weird.

    But about 3 weeks ago he found out he has to move to Mexico City for work , this is gonna happen in two days. I m into pieces . It s like a piece of my body has been chopped off.

    He stays with me every day , sleeps next to me, we re trying to stay close these last days .

    It s a big drama really .

    He sleeps with other girls , but told me something blocks him from sleeping with me . I never really understood .

    We also have venus conjunct pluto libra in my 12yj house ( I m pluto )

    Chiron Taurus ( i m chiron ) conjunct nn Taurus ( he s nn)

    He has his chiron Gemini in my 8th house

    I have cancer jupiter in his 8th house .

    I m sad . Trying to keep strong but it s cutting sharply through my soul.


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Anna
      You can come and put your chart up in my Personal Readings forum, if you want. That story is sad. Chiron is a really, really hard planet. I cringe when I see it come too close, in synastry xx

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Anna dear, Be sure to ask the questions you have and put up your original story from here so I can look with that in mind! I have so many charts floating around that I need the details on each one lol

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            Of course. My pleasure. I will look. You don’t have to be afraid of squares. If the synastry was all trines, it would feel like brother/sister lol

  28. amiannCat

    How does this manifest if the Chiron holder has a natal Chiron NN aspect? He has his Chiron Conjunct my NN exactly, but he also has his own natal Chiron Square his NN (it’s loosely Square his Venus, and Opp his Mars/Uranus Conjunction). Does this make him more likely to view a relationship as painful or to associate love with pain?

  29. amiannEvellyn

    Thank you for interesting information. I met a man, several weeks ago. It seems we like each other from the first moments. In synastry, there meets his Mars and Venus with my Sun, and his Mercury with mine and with mine Venus. Also my Lilith conjuncts his Moon (in Pisces; we also have tight aspects with Neptune). Moreover, his Chiron is at my NN. And, yes, I already feel the pain, which is somewhere in the background… What I need to write, he is at the wheelchair for several years (I normally walk). But it seems to me that his injury hurts me, somehow… (alhough he is already optimistic and does not suffer from his limitation).That is that pain which is in my opinion signed by that Chiron NN conjunction and also by Neptunic theme we share…

  30. amiannBM

    I have Chiron exact conjunct my Sun natally, also the IC nearby. (23 Taurus and 17 Taurus)
    I’m seeing someone whose North Node is exact on that 23 degree.
    How does my sun being there influence the situation. I feel the urge to heal and care for her. But should I be wary that it will bring pain?

    Also my North Node is conjunct their Midheaven in Cancer.

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