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Chiron in Hard Aspect to the Moon——-Pain With Feelings

yellow demon

I am always looking at the people in my life and their charts. I could eat, sleep and dream charts. One person haunts me. I don’t understand her, so I keep going back to the charts. She has Moon oppose Chiron, exact. Emotions seemed as if they had the power of electricity to wound and shock. It was as if they were her enemy.  I knew another person with Moon conjunct Chiron. If you got too close, she pushed you away.

I was thinking of this today when someone came to visit me and told me what I meant to him. At first, it felt uncomfortable. Then, I thought that I COULD receive it. I could take it into my heart and let it warm me. Then, I thought about the Moon oppose Chiron person. She could not let love warm her. She pushed it away as if it would burn her.

I think that Moon/ Chiron in hard aspect( and this includes the conjunction) does this.

What do you think?


19 thoughts on “Chiron in Hard Aspect to the Moon——-Pain With Feelings

  1. amiannhazel

    Yes, it is very much painful to recieve love. I have chiron conjunct my descendant at 14 degrees gemini square my moon in pisces at 13 degrees in the third house. I have a lot of acquaintances but find it difficult to be close to people. It hurts emotionally when people love me. I can never really explain the reason, it just hurts. I always retreat to heal for long periods of time.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Hazel!
      Thank you so much for your answer. It made my article worth so much more to me that you posted. You expressed what I was trying to say and I thank you for your honesty! xxx

  2. amiannhazel

    I also have uranus conjunct my ascendant square my moon. I used to often blame the pain from being close on the other person by accusing them (only in my own head, though. I never actually explained myself to anyone. Id just cut them off withought a word because i felt justified)f or trying to take away my freedom or control me. A friend of mine pointed this out to me once, however, and ever since then i’ve tried to decipher between my reactions of pain and my reactions towards “imagined” hinderances of freedom. Awareness is semi helpful, but only consciously. The pain still wins everytime.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Hazel
      You have helped me to understand a person who was a mystery to me and the reason for this article. Bless you, Friend. Would you like to come and put your chart up in my Forum and we can discuss it?

  3. amiannperson c

    yeah I think it is quite true. I have Saturn and chiron square my moon, venus, mars and Asteroid Child, and i get the message that “all forms of affirmation was supposed to be stripped right off you from the start” i got that message one day (probably from a divine source) when i was pondering about my life’s meaning. lol.

    for me i think that effect is less strong? because venus conjuncts my moon as well, so i tend to love emotions in general, but generally as a person i have always felt that i am highly unacceptable.
    these fears can get very intense, and because i have a pluto square ascendant, sometimes without my knowledge i tend to be a very strong “force-field”, making people feel intimidated without even knowing it, which is really not what i want. it’s a sort of instinctual self-protection i guess. in this crazy world.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome Person C. It would be wonderful to look at your chart as a whole. If you want to post it in my Forum, we can discuss it. Thank you for sharing so much from your heart! xx

      1. amiannMoonChild

        I have Moon (House 7 Ariess 5°48’24”) CONJ Chiron in Natal (House 7 Aries 12°53’46”).

        She has Moon (House 4 Capricon 16°22’19”) Squares Chiron (House 8 24°58’17″r) in Natal

        Her Moon (House 4 Capricon 16°22’19”) Squares my Chiron (House 7 Aries 12°53’46”) in Synastry.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Her Moon sq Chiron is kind of wide but could be felt to some degree. her Moon sq your Chiron could be felt. This may come into make a Chiron relationship but I am not sure. I deal with conjunctions only and do my own research, as there is nothing out there on it. At 4 degrees, I am not sure how this will play out. I would need you to keep me informed, Moonie dear.

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