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Chiron In the Astrological Charts

The planet Chiron shows the sphere of life in which we have a wound that will not heal. Some Astrologers say that it can heal but the myth of Chiron says otherwise. We can heal others, but we will never heal our original wound. Myths are very sad, oftentimes. They are very sad because they are true.

Deciphering Chiron in the natal(birth) chart is a very powerful process. If one can find one’s wound. one can begin to heal. I think a lot of healing can occur even if one cannot achieve total healing. If the myth holds true, healing will not be complete. However, we offer healing to others. I will talk about Chiron in synastry( the chart of a relationship) in another entry. This can be very strange.

One thought on “Chiron In the Astrological Charts

  1. Amiglittergirl

    I have chiron in aries conjunct his sun,mercury and mars
    and he has his chiron conjunct my north node. Again i’m not sure what the dynamics of this relationship will entail? Would appreciate any feedback.

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