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Why Chiron Relationships Fail?

white stairrs red gown girlI am my own laboratory. My relationships are my lab rats( said with affection). If you see yourself in this article, know that Chiron relationships just seem to blow up. Neither person is the good guy. Neither person is the bad guy. I think I found some insights on why they blow. Look at all your relationships which get close very quickly and have a very deep intimacy. If there is a strong Chiron in synastry, most likely, they will not last.

First of all, let me define a Chiron relationship. One person’s Chiron must conjunct a PERSONAL planet or angle in the other person’s charts. Chiron may conjunct asteroids, too.In these cases, it would be the bad asteroids. By bad, I mean asteroids like Sedna( severe betrayal by men), Medusa( destruction by women), Dejanira( the victim)  and Nessus( the abuser) I use the conjunction because it is the strongest aspect. In my research, I do not look at other aspects with Chiron. It is not because they do not count, just that the conjunction trumps all other aspects in intensity.

So, the Chiron relationship could be all manner of aspects. It could be Sun/Chiron, Moon/Chiron, Mercury/Chiron/ Mars/Chiron, Saturn/Chiron,Venus/Chiron, Ascendent/Chiron. MC/Chiron, IC/Chiron, DSC/Chiron or various asteroids conjunct Chiron. The conjunction must be close. It must be 2-3 degrees, tops, in my experience.

Now that we have defined a Chiron relationship, let me share about some of mine, how they started, progressed and failed. One of my most recent ones was with a woman. It got close fast. It felt the way best friends feel, warm and safe. It started going bad when I had  a very different philosophy on life. She did not agree. I stood firm. It got tense. She acted poorly to me. I stood up. However, in this case, we had an unusual outcome in that we were able to make a peace, not a friendship, but a peace. Once Chiron relationships break, they never go back to what they were. That is another defining trait.

However, when I looked more closely, I saw that she was reacting from pain of a mother whom she saw as rigid in  the same belief system I had. *I* was reacting from not being allowed to have a voice as a child. She was saying”Don’t be rigid like my mother”. I was saying, “I WILL have my voice and you are not going to stop me” Hence, the core pain of each person played out.  This is another trait of the Chiron relationship i.e the core pain will play out. Again, no one is the good one and no one is the bad one.

I will describe another recent Chiron relationship. This was Saturn/Chiron. I was the Saturn. This relationship got close very quickly. I felt as if we would be best friends forever. He did, too. I helped him when he was in a lot of pain. He  came to some profound spiritual insights. It was very exhausting for me as I gave a great deal of my primal energy. However, I was very happy.

The problem arose when he said that maybe he did NOT believe what he had accepted. I said that was fine but I did not want to hear about it. He said that he could say what he wanted. I said that I had a boundary and did not want to discuss this ONE point. He said that he did not want to talk to me anymore.

Again, no one is right and no one is wrong. It is a situation where pain comes out and  controls the outcome. His pain was that he could not say what he wanted. My pain was that I had a mother who I kept trying to show various  truths.. She would seem to see it and then after all my efforts would act like she saw nothing.

Please, don’t get lost in the details of this, look at the larger point of pain intersecting. I give the details, just to make it clearer about how pain intersects.

If I go back to my Venus/Chiron relationship that failed, I have some new insights. I was the Venus. She was the Chiron. I am not sure who comes to whom for healing, the planet person or the Chiron person. The planet person may be the one who learns the lessons more. At any rate, in this relationship, we got close fast. We felt like we were best friends. We shared all sorts of intimate details, some we never shared with others. I thought she dissed me but in retrospect, she didn’t. She needed space. She thought I violated her space but I did not.

She has Chiron in the 12th. She has hidden pain. I was bringing up her hidden pain. I don’t think she knew what exactly was happening. The person with Chiron in the 12th cannot put his finger on his pain as can the people with Chiron in the other houses. Hence, I brought out something in her and she exploded. The funny thing was that the incident was very, very small. This is classic for Chiron blow ups, too.


I hope you have learned something of value from this article. Please, share your experiences, Friends!


Ronnie Valentine, a wonderful Astrologer said these kind words to me. I put them up here with gratitude and humility( and because I need a little TLC 😀 )

Chiron brings madness to earth in a tantalizing way. I like how you translate it to relationships…You carry on tantalizing us all!


61 thoughts on “Why Chiron Relationships Fail?

  1. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    If his Chiron conjuncts my Dejanira exactly and my Chiron conjuncts his Ceres exactly, what kind of pain are we likely to bring each other?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    I tried to get Mr. Valentine’s “special message” that you told me about a few days ago.
    Do you have to be regestered on Facebook to get it?
    I tried Googling Mr. Valentine on Quick Links. I wrote, “Ronnie Valentine, Astrologer.”
    I came up with many “Ronnie Valentine’s, but not the real one.
    By the way, I found your Facebook site. Are you that very attractive woman with the
    waist high boots? Do you reside in Utah? That must be very pretty country.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The boots? No, I have boots sitting down on the chair with my dog but not waist high lol Ronnie Valentine is in one of my Astrology groups on FB. He just posted on here, today. You can see his comment under one of my articles. I would be honored if he would join the Forum. Then, you could talk to him, more.

  3. amiannShen

    With one man,
    His Chiron conjunct my Valentine/ my Pholus
    his Chiron is Pisces 14 degrees, and my Valentine is Pisces 16/ my pholus pisces 14 deg. (exactly conj)
    My Chiron conj. his Admetos
    My Chiron conj. his Sedna (he has admetos conj sedna)

      1. amiannShen

        Everything fast, from knewing each other till stop. Fasttt (Suppose his name Charles)

        Moreover, relate on bad asteroids:
        My sedna conj his fortuna (1 deg.)
        My medusa conj his apollo (1 deg)
        my medusa conj his juno (3 deg)
        My dejan conj his IC (2 degree)
        His medusa conj my pallas (1 deg.)
        his dejan conj my pallas (2 degree)
        (note: my sun/moon mp exactly conj my pallas as well)
        His nessus conj my Jupiter (orb 3)

        Pls clarify this. so curious to know. who plays a big role in this synastry? Who Control? and which one is victim?

        Thank you a lot for your devoted

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          The most powerful ones would be on PERSONAL points on your chart such as ASC, IC etc and personal planets. You have your deja conj his IC. You may abuse him. His Nessus con your Jupiter. He may abuse you. This would be a Nessus/Deja relationship imo
          Ok– both are victims and both are abusers. You are kind of equal here. Now, tell me about the relationship from start to finish, if you can!

          1. amiannShen

            My mom’s friend introduced me and Charles to know each other. I “like at the first sight”(not yet love) him (I guess he like me, too). His face is very familiar to me even we never met before, and I like his looking, his personality. Overall, I feel familiar him with no reasons.
            And I feel I’m open when talking (communication) with him. Generally, I’m quiet person when I first know a new person and still not close with them. But in case of Charles, it’s different.
            Then, he phoned me. We talked, but not everyday. We met only 2 times (include the first time we met). … Time passed, just about a few weeks, very short, huh
            Bang! one day, I faced some incident. I told him. He was not happy to hear that. He felt not good about it(an issue). After that, he’s gone. He didn’t call me again!!

          2. amiannShen

            In synastry, Uranus/ Moon/ Mercury play a big role. I think. Oh, I forgot Saturn as well.
            My sat conj his sun. my moon square his sat (it’s also trine his moon). His moon is in my 1st house and my moon is in his 10th house. His moon oppose my Asc. My sun/moon mp oppose his moon.
            His venus square my Uranus. My Dsc sextile his Uranus. His Vertex conj my Uranus. My Vertex conj his mercury. his mercury square my north node. My mercury conj his mars. His Asc conj my sun/moon mp (3 deg. Orb). ,…..
            His mars conj my 10th house cusp.
            One more thing, Lilith show itself here in synastry as well. But in real life, we never even touch hand.
            When I’m interested in astrology and study it. In my opinion, I think that me and him has many relevant in synastry. Just a few weeks, may not enough to learn each other. Probably it should be a longer time.
            Not know, venus square Uranus will end their task? It may effect again in “Love Return”? or up & down, or on – off relationship. I don’t know. I just guess if it happen. And from these astro details, Do u think it could happen?

          3. amiannamiann Post author

            I really, really need to see the charts to say, Shen dear. It is not fair to you to make a guess without the visual of the charts. I have a Forum and you can post your charts.

      2. amiannShen

        (Addition: My eros exactly conj his venus and conj his hekate. my Aphrodite conj his echo. my amor conj his alde.
        My anteros conj his cupido and his vesta.
        my asc conj His gal. (3 orb)
        his asc conj my orcus 2 deg. )

          1. amiannShen

            From checking its meaning, it’s “Love Return”, love revenge. (I wish the first meaning!)

            In real life, we never touch so I can’t say it out. (anyway, he’s older than me 10 years+

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          If his Galactic center conj your ASC, there will be a super attraction. You will both feel it and it will feel like you fell off the side of the earth. Is that how it felt? This is some powerful, powerful synastry all around, Shen. I am excited to hear the whole story, if you can.

          1. amiannShen

            and if, in natal chart, my Asc conj Gal. (2 degree Orb).
            that means I’m super powerful attract to others people?

  4. amiannmarion


    What about the ‘healing’ part of chiron? Most others articles i have read lean toward chiron grappling with own pain but being able to heal similar pain of others when contacted in synastry.

    Pardon me for saying this, but in another article you said you have a ‘victim mentality’ sometimes. Could it be why you have overlooked the healing side and focused only on the pain side of Chiron?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You can ask me anything, Marion! Know that. I think there IS healing but the relationship may not last. You will learn and you will heal but the relationship may not be able to go the distance. I don’t think it will, in my opinion and my experience, Marion.

  5. amiannLon Spector

    Am I right about you’re residing in Utah? It’s good if you are! That will probably be one
    of the last places to fall.
    I had thought you lived in or near Virginia, because you attended collage there.
    I lived one year of my life on the outskirts of Lynchburg Va. That was in 1969.
    Jerry Fawell was not nationally known at the time. I was only 11 and as fat as a house.
    But I did good in school because none of the other kids even bothered to do their homework.
    I could have gotten straight A’s, but I was under constant pressure from bullies so it
    affected my grades.
    It was a case of “The Road Not Travelled.”

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t say where I live. I get hate mail and I don’t want danger coming to my family( or me :D) Aww, so sad about bullies. Are you sure your time of birth is right. In what house is your Chiron? You feel like you have a first house Chiron to me and conj the ASC.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t say where I live. I get hate mail and I don’t want danger coming to my family( or me :D) Aww, so sad about bullies. Are you sure your time of birth is right. In what house is your Chiron? You feel like you have a first house Chiron to me and conj the ASC.

  6. amiannShen

    Can’t forget more about Chiron,

    His Chiron inconjunct my mars, venus, Saturn. And square my Neptune.
    My Chiron: conj his admetos, square his venus. And my Chiron inconjunct his juno, his ceres, his mars.

    My valentine and my pholus conj his Chiron.
    My Chiron conj his sedna (2 deg.), and conj his fortuna (3 deg.)

    Does these bring “pain” to both of us?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I really need to see the charts when I get long lists of things. I don’t like to give fast answers because the questions are very important. I can’t really tell from this list what Chiron does, exactly. Shen dear.

  7. amiannLon Spector

    I guess you see so many charts daily, that you must have forgotten that you DID do
    mine once. I have Chiron in the 7th house, which explains among other things, why I
    am fated to die alone!

    1. amiannMoonChild

      The moment you understand the pattern of the lesson, you can overcome it and let go from Chiron negative energies, Chrion is also very powerful once we get past that painful wound, and convert it to an amazing experience.

  8. amiannLon Spector

    Could you tell me what an absence of planets in the first house means?
    Suppose a person has nothing in their first house, and also has NOTHING in their
    12 and 2nd houses? How would the world view such a person? How would the person
    view themselves? Would it be mass confusion?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Nothing in the 12th is good. The 12th is the House if Undoing. It is very hard. The hardest part of any chart is 12th House planets. No one wants them, really, if they are being honest, but one has to deal with them, of course.

  9. amiannKaia

    But wait, I’m confused, doesn’t the Galactic Center only change by one degree every one hundred years or so? How does that make it significant in synastry if everyone’s Galactic Center is exactly the same?

  10. amiannKat

    What do you think of a double whammy of Valentine Opp Chiron in synastry? One person has Valentine at 12 degrees Opp Gemini Chiron at 11 degrees, and the other side of it is my Valentine at 17 degrees Opp his Chiron at 16 degrees. Thanks!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I think this is a rather small aspect, in terms of the larger chart, Kat. You should look at Moons first and if Moons are excellent, this would be much lesser in the scheme of things, my Friend.

  11. amiannCindy Crane

    Hi, I am wondering why a past relationship blew up until I read this article, yet it didn’t address Chiron/Chiron conjunctions. Does that mean his pain is the same as mine and we just couldn’t handle it? The conjunction is 28/29 degrees in Capricorn, where my moon conjunction. I am thinking we found each other too cold and distant? The relationship fell apart after intense attraction, then a long distance didn’t hold it up.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, Chiron follows a weird path. Meghan and Harry have it and I cannot see them lasting. I am gonna write an article on it tonight. Chiron just follows its own path of getting really close really fast and then falling apart without hope of getting back,CC. I am so glad you are here and Welcome! xoxo

  12. amiannlovely Jane

    His Chiron and my ASC are about two degrees apart for opposition. What kind of relationship is this? Will we both end up hurting? So, who is more likely to be hurt? I’ll wait for your reply! Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. amiannlovely Jane

      His Chiron and my ASC are about two degrees apart for opposition. What kind of relationship is this? Will we both end up hurting? So, who is more likely to be hurt? I’ll wait for your reply! Thanks in advance! 🙂

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      The opposition weakens it and the ASC is not as important as planets when it comes to CHiron, so I am not sure it will be a huge factor, Love.

  13. amiannRaven Green

    My Chiron 8°(rx) conjunct Partner’s Chiron 9° in Gemini 12th house. Is this placement in synastry considered a Chiron relationship? Any potential of a lasting relationship after pain is subconsciously identified and healed? Or is it just some karma he and I have to settle this lifetime?

  14. amiannmira

    What would you say about a relationship where:
    Her natal Nessus conjuncts her MC. (1 degree orb)
    His Chiron conjunct her IC opposite her Nessus and MC. (1 degree orb)
    Her natal Mars conjunct her DC conjunct her Medusa. (1 and 2 degree orb) opposite his Jupiter. (1 degree orb)
    His Medusa conjunct her Sun and Venus in the 7th house.(both of them – he is Aries AC and she is Pisces AC) Opposite her Saturn. (0 degree orb) [If not for Medusa, Venus is otherwise void]
    Her Sedna opposite his Venus. (1 degree orb)
    His Nessus conjunct her NN. (2 degree orb)
    His Pluto conjunct her Sun. (4 degree orb)
    Her Moon conjunct his Uranus. (2 degree orb)
    His Saturn conjunct her Pluto. (2 degree orb)
    His Mars conjunct her Dejanira. (4 degree orb) [If orb is too wide, Mars is void otherwise]

    I did some research on my own, but I’d like to hear your opinion. 🙂

  15. amiannAqua Lady

    How about… this guy and i have :

    – (loose: 6-7°) sun-moon DW and (close1-2°) venus-mars DW (not the same aspect, though, in each case one of them is a conjunction, others are a semisextile and trine),
    – close sun-sun conjunction,
    – close moon trine saturn,
    – exact venus-venus sextile,
    – close AC-AC, IC-IC and MC-MC conjunctions,
    – close jupiter trine moon DW
    – close venus-pluto DW (square and bQ), and other pluto aspects
    – close vesta-ceres DW (conjunction and semi-sextile), and many other aspects from angles and personal planets to ceres
    – all kinds of close lilith aspects to angles, luminaries and personal planets (both ways, but no DW)

    Would that make up for our (close) chiron-pluto DW and (one close, one lose) chiron-MC DW, with a strong aspect each time, but no conjunction – and his moon, personal planets and angles being all over my chiron ???

    We both have rather plutonian individual charts (especially him), and this killjoy’s even more saturnian than plutonian, with almost all his important planets in hard aspect to saturn (moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, as well as his BML, POF and midheaven)… His venus is in pisces and chiron in aries, both in the 12th house… Yeah, i know!
    I’m more of a chiron person: it’s in my 1st house, aspecting mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn, NN, ascendant and midheaven…

    Sorry i’m being so specific (though i left out many of our aspects), but i really feel this connection and benevolence towards this guy. But even though i know he likes me – never felt such intensity when a guy’s looking – sorry, STARING – at me (or else he just looks down), things have been going very slow for now, as i wasn’t emotionally available when he was trying to reach me, and he’s gone back and forth between really sweet and very withdrawn since then, even after i felt bad and gave him clues i like him. He’s very, VERY busy, which looks kind of an excuse for just answering me now instead of initiating conversation or asking me out again, and i’m kind of tired to think about him without having a clue as to whether or not we might have some kind of future together.

    Not asking you for interpretation on every aspect, i’d just like to know if you think we can ever be good together if we honestly talk about our feelings. I’m bold enough to initiate that conversation if i think it’ll be good for us, and believe he’ll get over his shyness and be honest if i open up first, but don’t wish to if it’s pointless. Cause even though i’ve been patient for several months (and patience really isn’t my thing at all), my pluto is kind of getting annoyed so i’ve been thinking about cutting him off to either just manipulate him into being sweet again, or at least get payback for his own withdrawal by hurting him – which i know is not the right path, as all i truly want is to love and nurture him.

    Sorry about the length of my post, it’s the first time i’ve talked about about it and it’s really been driving me nuts lately.

  16. amiannC

    I don’t see Chiron the way most people see it. I have my sun conjunct Chiron in the 8th house and I notice that every relationship I have brings some sort of healing to the other person. I don’t really like commitment (I could blame that on strong Uranus and Lilith in my chart) but the other party never want to let me go. My current relationship and the most karmic soul connection I have (isis conjunct orisis, psyche conjunct Eros, Venus conjunct Pluto, asc conjunct Pluto, sun conjunct my asc, his vertex conjunct my isis) my Chiron and sun are exactly in his ic) we’ve been on it for 5 years and broken up like 7 times but somehow we always get back together and stronger. This time around it’s so perfect and intense. There is so much healing and soothing feeling. We are so comfortable together but someone want to do better to make the next person proud.

  17. amiannJJ

    natal Chiron conjunct SN in 10th house? what does that mean, what do I do about it?
    and what about a planets conjunct GC article e.g. moon? No idea what it means for synastry either. There’s little GC info out there.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      SN/Chiron is a person who is comfortable with pain and maybe being left out of society, in terms of not really fitting in. GC/Moon is a person who really thinks out of the box. I did it for natal. Is this question synastry?

  18. amiannDC

    What about parent/child relationships? Are they destined to last longer, or also fated to end at some point? There is someone I know whose MC is conjunct their mother’s Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, with the IC conjunct the mother’s Chiron-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. With less than 1 degree for all. She seems to be used as ammunition for the mother’s unresolved wounds and vendetta’s and her ego seems to feed off of this. Also lots of trines in the daughters chart to the MC. My feeling is to stay the heck away because it seems like an almighty, though toxic, alliance.

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