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pink flowerI want to tell you about some of the kinds of e mails I get. People see the name Christian Psychic. They may not understand how I work, so I will describe it here. People find me from all sorts of sources. Google is a major one. I am Number Two in the heading of Christian Psychics. People google the terms  Christian Psychic, Christian Psychics or Christian Psychic Readings.  I am number Two in all of these, as well.

I have looked up other Christian Psychics and they seem different than I. To me, I am the one most based in the Bible but that is my personal opinion. I do not veer from the Bible. It is God’s letter to man. Man needs it lol

It seems that many Christian Psychics do not revere the Bible as I do. They may delve into the Dark Arts. I do not delve into anything that is dark, according to the Bible. Astrology is a science. It is not a spiritual discipline, one way or the other. It is like Astronomy, which one would not call spiritual. It is a pure science. Astrology is the same way, in my opinion.

Some of my clients are Christians. Many are not. I do not preach to anyone. People can ask me questions and it is my joy to answer. However, I do not push God on anyone. God is too precious to use as a stick to bat someone on the head lol

I got the name My Christian Psychic from my first web designer. He picked it and I felt it was supposed to be me. I do have to explain to people how I use the term Christian Psychic on a regular basis. I guess that is why I am writing these articles.

I will get back to how I do the e mails. I look at one situation per e mail but your situation may take ten return emails or just a few. My clients mean the world to me and I want each person to feel he got much more than he was expecting. That is my goal with every client I have the honor to serve.  Hence, I will help you with your situation until you feel there is closure. If you had a totally new situation, I would ask you to get a new e mail. Some of my clients are e mail clients, only. Many start as e mail clients and then get other kinds of Christian Psychic Readings, as well as Astrology Readings. The e mail is priced low, so someone can see if they like me and how I work. That is one reason I put that option in.

For myself, I can feel what is going on in an e mail the same way I can with a live chat or a phone reading. I enjoy the e mails a great deal because I can meditate on it and get back to you. That gives me unlimited time on which to think about your situation.

My goal is always client satisfaction. If my client is happy, I have had a good day 😀





I will be back

One thought on “Christian Psychic E Mails

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Well Ami, you have to understand that most “Christians” have been
    brainwashed by the “Bible Belt” evangalecals. Since they have co- opted the
    airwaves with their inflexable “my-way-or-the-highway” viewpoints, Christians
    are easy to label as hate-filled and intolorant.
    People are like copying machines. So if they are given errounous information
    all they can do is repeat it. If you don’t get with their programs, they will bar you,
    or they will kill you.
    That’s what they did to the first Christians. They barred them, and when that
    didn’t work, they KILLED them.
    So you will be attacked by misinformed hyporacites who believe that thier
    salvation is dependant upon destroying you.
    But what are the “fruits” of these men? Embezzlement, sexual impropriety, and
    deciet designed to keep people out of the Kingdom of Heaven, with the idea
    that THEY hold the keys to the Kingdom! They do not! Only Jesus does!

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