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Christianity Versus Every Other Religion

Christianity is different from any religion. It is different in many ways. For one, Christianity is the only religion where good works don’t get you to God. Christianity is the only religion where God became a Servant to man. Man cannot work for God’s Favor.This fact is unique to Christianity. To be a Christian, one must accept that God did it all. In every other religion man has to work to get to God.Christianity is the only religion, bar none, where God did all the work FOR man.It is a strange concept, I know.Man does not quite know what to make of a God who is so so humble and so awesome.Man’s mind cannot really comprehend the Christian God. It is outside of man’s limited experience which is ego based. Man cannot understand the level of God’s love. The closest we can come to understanding God’s Love is to become Born Again. Then, we have God’s literal Spirit exchanged for our earthy one. We can feel God’s Love when we can love people who hate us. That is the closest a human can come to understand the nature of God. God is love. That verse is in the Bible. The best of men are ego driven. That is the nature of the human being . However, the Born Again experience is a birth of the spiritual part of man.Man is three parts according to the Bible—–spirit, soul and body.One’s spirit is changed in the Divine Exchange.One’s soul(personality and feelings) and one’s body remain the same. We cannot feel our spirits. We cannot see our spirits. We take the Divine exchange by faith. We have to have faith that it happened.We have to have faith that it is not all made up or bogus. God gives us authenticity imprints in the Bible.They are the Prophecies. That is the place for the beginner to start, in my opinion.




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