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Darkness and the Chart

If a child is sexually abused, darkness enters the child’s soul. The chart shows this. For the first time, a person may have his reality verified. Sexual abuse is hidden. The abuser will lie about what he did, more often than not. That leaves the child doubting his reality.Often, the child has to stand alone and watch his family deny his reality. He may have no family, as he must choose between his own sanity and belonging. The astrologer can bring light to the person, in that everything shows in the chart. Sexual abuse shows, quite clearly. There are a group of what I call “dark asteroids”. There are more, I am sure. The astrologer is on a continual quest to study asteroids, as there are thousands. However, the ones I use are Nessus, Dejaneria, Hekate, Eros,Sappho, Kaali, Ixiion, Sedna,Pholus, Medusa, Lilith,Child and Chiron. Some of these are not dark, per se. However, if they combine with dark ones, there can be great pain, resulting.

I will do a quick run down of these asteroids.

Nessus–the abuser, wanting to abuse

Dejaneria–the victim, wanting to give up and let oneself be abused

Sedna–betrayal by men, betrayal by the father

Medusa—jealousy by woman for Medusa’s beauty resulting in a betrayal by another woman and loss of much, to the native. As a result, the native may live with the effects for a lifetime. A protective strength will develop, but it is based on rage. Her rage toward woman seems to be directed toward men. She becomes very strong as a result of this core of anger.

Ixiion–lawlessness without any care for the consequences

Chiron–the wound which never heals, but from which one can heal others

Eros– one’s erotic nature

Sappho–one’s erotic nature combined with a love of literature,music and art to produce an eroticism that is wedded to the arts

Hekate–one’s shadow self

Kaali–one’s basic energy

Pholus— where one explodes in a tantrum like way. Pholus explodes what it touches. If it touches Chiron, one’s pain explodes.

Child–ones inner child, what one experienced as a child


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