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Dejanira conjunct the Moon or the Child Asteroid

When I see Deja conjunct the Moon or the Child Asteroid, I see BPD or someone who came close. I see a fractured self. At best,it is a person holding herself together with safety pins. Deja conjunct the Moon seems much worse than Deja conjunct the Child Asteroid.I suppose the moon is more interior than any asteroid. When Deja conjuncts the moon, I see BPD. I see sexual abuse, usually. The Child Asteroid is not as sensitive as the Moon. I wonder why? Why? Why are children abused? Why does it show in the charts? What does that say about God and Divine Order? The Bible says that we see through a glass darkly.We can’t answer these questions with a man’s mind.Deja conjunct the moon is a shattered self.The child may have been sexually abused for her entire childhood. She fractured. God provides a means for the child to continue living, even though she is a shell. This song is the pain of a fractured self. It goes out to Deja conjunct the Moon. Bless you.




Listen to the song “Good Enough” Look it up on U Tube. It is by Evernesence.


19 thoughts on “Dejanira conjunct the Moon or the Child Asteroid

  1. amiannJim

    Ami i know ive asked you about these asteroids before , but i came with a question, im sorry if it sounds silly but in snastry , whhats happens when both person’s dejanira are conjunct each other, as well in a conjunction between dejanira and moon in synastry.
    Would it mean that the Dejanira person is victimized by the other person moon(emotions)?

    And how would aspects such as trines or squares betwen nessus and dejanira person play, would you still count them, but as a less strong way than in a conjunction?

    I have this idea to relate nessus and the planet it touches like , i would think nessus conjunct moon in synastry, would abuse the other person emotions, or abuse mercury would abuse their way of thinking , communication, but what would happen on nesus conjunct pluto?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have this idea to relate nessus and the planet it touches like , i would think nessus conjunct moon in synastry, would abuse the other person emotions, or abuse mercury would abuse their way of thinking , communication

      Yes, this is right.

      With the Dejaniras conjunct, if you were born close in time, they would be. Were you?

      Deja conj the Moon. The Deja person would be the victim but make himself the victim. The conjunction is the strongest. Asteroids don’t go beyond a 2 degree orb. I will cheat with a 3 , once in a while in a conjunction. With the trines, squares etc, you need a really small orb, exact to 2 degrees, tops imo

      Nessus conj Pluto–the Pluto person would be stronger than the Nessus person I think. Pluto is a more powerful body that Nessus

      No question is stupid, Jim dear! xx

  2. amiannJim

    Well we were not born close but we have it dejanira conjunct dejanira in a tigth aspect too its 1.
    oh and what i meant with the trines squares would be, would it relate the planets in a victim/abuser kind of way ? or in a trine since its a good aspect would the victim/abusive tendency be dimmed ?

  3. amiannLee


    if i may ask for the composite chart what would dejanira conjunct moon(in pisces) mean? i have this fascination with a woman (hit me like a ton of bricks), our synastry showing some scary stuff….my dejan conjuncts her sun, my natal venus conjuncts saturn on my IC, and her nessu is sitting right on it!….also her natal moon opposes pluto and T-squares my venus conjunct saturn IC….should i run for the hills?

    appreciate your time on this

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I cannot “tell” to run for the hills, as I can just give my opinion of what *I* would do. Deja conj Moon in the Comp would mean that the subject of victimization would be at the heart of the relationship. From the synastry with YOUR Deja conjunct everything, I would think that you would be the victim. Her Nessus conj your various planets adds to my thinking that you would be the victim. I would not marry someone with a chart such as this. It does seem like people have to learn lessons from these kinds of relationships. Most of the time, with the heady pull of a Nessus/Deja relationship, people will not listen to advice. One seems to have to learn these lessons by experience. However, I have had the experience to the point that *I* would run. You can come and put your charts up in my Forum, if you want!

  4. amiannJL

    What do you think about Dejanira @11GEM conjunct Venus 12GEM and Moon 4GEM? Would the orb still be considered close enough? How do you know if you have BPD? My emotions run like a roller coaster.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The Moon is way too far away. Deja conj Venus is close and would be almost exact. I suspect that when you are in love, the victim part of yourself comes out and you can’t help it. Did you have sexual abuse?

  5. amiannsweetheart

    hi there,

    i have dejanira conjunct moon and aspecting alot of my other planets as well. I was definitely a victim. I do not know how, but i know i was. I have probably severe BPD, and although i am quite charismatic and highly creative, i struggle in knowing myself. there is someone very broken inside of me. i also have osiris conjunct these. my moon is in the 10H conj. pluto/psyche in scorpio. life gets rough. lol i wish i knew more…any thoughts?

  6. amiannsweetheart


    dejanira is at 21 degrees scorpio/ 24 degrees scorpio for my moon/pluto(25). psyche at 23 degrees scorpio. deja squares my chiron (4deg), sextile uranus/neptune (exact), trine mars and mercury (exact), and a few other minor aspects… if nessus (6 degrees scorpio) has any factor in this, it is conj. my MC, sextile my ascendant. How does this configure?

    Thank you for your reply 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are very welcome, Sweetheart. I appreciate comments a great deal. With asteroids, we can use up to 3 degrees for a conjunction but that is pushing it. With any other apsect such as a square, i would only go to 2 degrees, so the 4 degree one would not count, in my opinion.

      I would say that your Moon does conjunct dejanira but you are fortunate that it is not close. The effects would be more ambient, yet felt. If deja trines your Mars and mercury, you can use Deja in a good way. You may write about it or talk about it. When it trines Mars, you may help people who are victimized. Are you a male or a female?

      Tell me about the Nessus placements with the orbs.

  7. amiannsweetheart

    I am a female. My nessus placements as shown through the astrodienst natal chart, include a sextile to my cappy ascendant (3degree orb), and a conjunction to my MC in scorpio also at a 3 degree orb.

  8. amiannsweetheart

    Abusing the power that comes with such strong placements in my chart, yes… 😛 my societal stance as well – totally. Definitely an extroverted temperament and inclined to fight (dispute) haha.

  9. amiannShen

    Hi, Ami
    BPD? stands for?
    my 1st bf, he has dejan conj his moon.
    (I disappeared here for a while, i was dealing with him and some confuse about him. it disturb my mind although it was a long time ago.

  10. amiannmary-ann

    After reading this, I looked up Dejanira asteroid in my chart and wasn’t entirely surprised to find that it is conjunct my Moon exactly at 24 degrees Gemini, Child at 15 degrees Gemini (all in the 8th house), and Chiron at 28 degrees Gemini. I used attribute a lot of my pain and trauma to Moon conjunct Chiron alone but this adds another piece to the puzzle. I have always wondered if I have BPD or Dissociative disorder because I have many of the symptoms but I have never been to see a professional to get diagnosed. I very much relate to feeling like I am held together only delicately with safety pins. I wasn’t sexually abused as a child (that I can remember) but there was a lot of verbal, mental, emotional abuse and manipulation growing up that has had devastating effects on my self-esteem. I feel the inner me is very fragile, but somehow I hide it well .I also see the strength in me because I manage to live a decent life and survive. I have Moon sextile Jupiter as well, I believe this Jupiter aspect is like a guardian angel that has protected me from the brink.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Mary Ann. Welcome and I so understand your situation. I hope you will continue to come and comment and let his website be a kind of home for you. You can post your charts on my Forum or just come and talk here or on there when you want xxx

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