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Dejanira: The Victim Asteroid

Dejanira is a fascinating Asteroid, as is Nessus, it’s pair. In relationships which feel obsessive, you can be sure to find these Asteroids in a prominent place.

I can feel a Nessus/ Deja relationship just from talking to a person. It has a certain intensity, a do or die feeling. It seems that you do not have many of these relationships, but you remember the few, very well.

The person who has his Nessus touching the other person’s crucial planets wants to abuse. He does not have to do so, necessarily, and hopefully not, but he feels the urge. The Deja person feels the urge to submit. These relationships have the darkest parts of human nature to deal with. The opportunity for huge transformation exists. The possibility for abuse is there, also, so one must be very wise when one finds oneself in such a relationship.

4 thoughts on “Dejanira: The Victim Asteroid

  1. AmiSummer

    My moon is conjunct Algol at 26* Taurus. An entire generation of men 5-10 yrs older than I am have Nessus at 24-26* Taurus. I wish I had known that before my third horribly abusive relationship.

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