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Dejanira(Victim Asteroid) In The Chart

girl black and white bath tubHow do I make sense of the Dejanira Asteroid in my chart?

This is a reader’s question and a great one.. Dejanira is the asteroid of the victim. Each person has each and every asteroid. The difference is in the prominence. A prominent Dejanira will make for abuse. People get angry when I am so definite? What do you want me to do, cloud everything until my article becomes the kind of mush that dominates the field of Astrology? Not me, I will call it as I see it. The reader is free to read or not, but I will not succumb to political correctness.

With that out of the way, let’s get started. Dejanira is Asteroid Number 157. One can find it by adding the number 157 under the extended chart option on There are many ways to derive information from the placement of Dejanira. First of all, any asteroid that touches PERSONAL parts of the chart is personal. This may seem self explanatory. The personal parts of the chart are as follow—The Ascendent, Descendent, MC, IC, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron are not considered personal planets, so I would put them on a secondary level. Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are generational planets, so would be on a tertiary level. Hence, if Dejanira conjuncts any personal part of the chart at 3 degrees or less, one has a prominent Dejanira. I will add something else here. The Child Asteroid(Number 4580) seems to be a powerful indicator of one’s childhood. When Dejanira conjuncts the Child Asteroid, abuse, always, seems to occur.

So, one must ascertain the location of the Dejanira Asteroid with respect to one’s personal planets. Dejanira seems to make for more of a victim when it touches passive planets such as the Moon and Venus. The Ascendent seems to be a  particularly hard placement for Dejanira, as well.  I would rank the Dejanira placements, in terms of difficulty as follows. The hardest placement is Dejanira conjunct the Moon. Second would be Dejanira conjunct the Ascendent. Third may be Dejanira conjunct Venus. In the case of Dejanira conjunct the Moon, I have seen Borderline Personality Disorder in almost all cases. If one does not have BPD, one has sustained severe childhood abuse, usually sexual. This is my experience working with hundreds of charts.

Dejanira conjunct the Sun seems to bode for a life of being a victim but it does not seem to cut as deeply as the above placements. The same seems to hold true for Mars and Mercury. The Sun and Mars are what is called active planets. This is what the Chinese call yang planets. Hence, the person does not seem to take the victim mentality as deeply. However, Dejanira conjunct any personal planet may set the native down the path of victim hood through no fault of her  or his own. One must remember that when dealing with Dejanira or any other astrological placement. The person did not choose his chart. He has the power to respond, only. All charts can be overcome by God, too.

Back to Dejanira. I don’t look too closely at Dejanira by House. This is due to the fact that asteroids assume prominence when in exact conjunctions and other aspects such as trines and square, but less so than the  conjunctions. Conjunctions are always the strongest aspects. Let’s look, a bit, at Dejanira by house. The 1st house may bode for one to be a victim more than any other house. The reason is that we wear our 1st house on our sleeve. Any planet or asteroid that resides in the 1st house will be part of our outer apparel. Hence, with Dejanira in the 1st house, one may have the air of being a victim.Dejanira in the 12th House would, likely, be a person who hides the victim part of himself. This native may even victimize others because he is suppressing his own victim nature.  Dejanira in the 7th may be a person who is victimized in marriage. Dejanira in the 10th may be  a person who is victimized in his job or by society, in general. Dejanira in the 11th may be a person who is victimized in groups. This is not a look at every house but just an idea of how Dejanira may behave in the houses.

Dejanira would, also, play a large role if conjunct the North Node. In fact, I should have added this to the personal placements because it is one of the most personal. The NN is one”s purpose. Hence, any asteroid which conjuncts the NN will show one’s purpose. With Dejanira, one will learn the lessons of being a victim. Hopefully, one can transmute the lessons into helping others. However, this will not happen until one masters them on one’s own.

Dejanira conjunct the Vertex and the Anti-vertex are prominent points, also. Dejanira conjunct the Vertex means that victims will come to you. Dejanira conjunct the Anti-Vertex means that you will come to others as a victim.

Once again, I know I have not covered everything but will stop here, so the article  does not get too long.

I await your Comments, as always.


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  1. amiannKelly

    Wow this was great! There is so much more information that you delve into that I’ve never heard of and I have a huge library of books on astrology. I’m with Mike, I can only imagine how in depth a book would be if you were to write one…love your posts!

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