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10 Placements Which Can Show Depression in the Natal Chart

1, Saturn conjunct the Sun–degrees are very important here. An exact conjunction is very much harder than a 5 degree conjunction. One’s father may have been very demeaning. The person may feel as if he never measures up because he could never measure up to his father. One may struggle to feel as if he is good enough to make it in a career or in soceity.

2. Moon conjunct Saturn–The above situation exists except it is with the mother. This aspect hits one’s heart more than one’s career. One feels a generalized sense of unworthiness. It goes deep into the core of the person.

3. Neptune in the 12th House–This is a classic aspect for depression.

4. Moon in the 12th House–One feels as if one cannot express one’s emotions. It is like a tongue tied of the heart. This can lead to depression because the person has so many emotions( as we all do) but he feels as if they are locked within a prison inside him and he can’t get to them to let them out.

5. Mars in the 12th house-Mars in the 12th house makes for a person who is afraid to act. He is afraid he will look stupid and then be humiliated. Hence, he keeps his passions pent up. Passions cannot stay pent up forever. He,often, foes into a depression from the sheer pain of wanting to access his passions( as we all do) but not knowing how.

6. Saturn in the 12th house–I call this placement “The Child who Sits on the Sidelines but Wants to Enter the Group so badly but is afraid of humiliation” Saturn in the 12th feels left out. He feels that he does not fit in any group. He feels that other people are doing it to him( as we all do when we have certain Astrological aspects such as this) However, he is imprinting himself on the world and it responds in kind. However, all this doesn’t matter because he feels left out and this can lead to depression.

7.Chiron conjunct the ASC—This is severe bullying which can make a lifelong imprint on a person and lead to depression.

8. Chiron in the 10th House–This person feels as if he does not fit into society. He sees other people get ahead but feels like he can’t . He feels cursed in a sense. Usually, his father took away his confidence and hence, he feels he can never overcome this and be a success.

9. Mercury conjunct Uranus–This makes the mind race like one is on the Indy 500. It is not an easy aspect. It makes for brilliance but brilliance has a down side and this is madness. This aspect wreaks havoc with the gentle Mercury, which is one’s mind. It sends it buzzing. The native may feel as if he dances to the beat of a different tune. This can be scary and isolating and can lead to depression.

10. Mercury Square Uranus–the above situation occurs. However, it may feel even more locked in as the native cannot figure out how to stop his racing mind. These two aspects are very hard and my heart goes out to people with them.

5 thoughts on “10 Placements Which Can Show Depression in the Natal Chart

      1. amiannTarek

        A restriction on movement, And for a Gemini Sun…. movement is essential for well being.
        So… If there is no enough support to this poor Mercury, or if it is also in a fixed sign.
        Depression may occur.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks Jane. Your wish is my command. I am in the process of studying, asking other friends and getting ready to write it! Thanks for being a part of my website.

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