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Did a Nuclear Bomb Just Explode in My Life ……..or Was That YOU?

Have you been a nuclear bomb in someone’s life? Has someone been such to you? Check your vertex point. I Memorize that point. When someone lands in your life as a nuclear explosion, check his vertex. The vertex is a fated point. Some relationships are so very strange that they must be fated. After the dust clears, one does not know what has hit one. Go directly to the vertex points in both natal charts. See which planet hits each vertex. The nature of the planet hitting your vertex will TELL you what the person brought to you. Did they bring you God? That would be Neptune. Did they bring you power? That would be Pluto. Did they bring you love? That would be Venus? Did they bring you drive and the ability to be more assertive? That would be Mars. Did they bring you creative “out of the box” ideas? That would be Uranus. Did they bring you excellent communication and a sort of mind meld? That would be Mercury. Did they bring you a stronger sense of self and more confidence? That would be the Sun. Did they bring you deep emotions and intimacy? That would be the Moon. We have not scratched the surface of Asteroids yet. Asteroids promise to open up a whole new vista. I will address asteroids hitting the Vertex point in another article.


9 thoughts on “Did a Nuclear Bomb Just Explode in My Life ……..or Was That YOU?

  1. amiann?lena

    Uranus..It was a love at first sight, in general i’m explosive, so often feel pity for him)) once he said i could be a fine hero of Muppet show )

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