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Do You Want To Abuse Someone?

It would be nice if life were all sunshine and light. However, we all, have a Nessus asteroid. Nessus is the abuser’s asteroid. My experience is that if someone’s Nessus conjuncts your Sun or moon, they will have a strong desire to abuse you. Conversely, if your Nessus conjuncts someone’s Sun or Moon, you will have a strong desire to abuse them. This is a fine state of affairs, you may say. I suppose it is, but it is true. In the context of a romantic relationship, it can feel like a fatal attraction. In the case a of platonic relationship, you may just want to run, as it feels very uncomfortable. You feel that the person cannot stand you, for reasons which are not explicable. Grab the chart and you may find your answer.

4 thoughts on “Do You Want To Abuse Someone?

  1. amiannJim

    Ami i have an odd question , i dont know if you will agree, i read in some other site someone else article that the sign in wich we have nessus or dejanira is usually a sign that is prone to abuse us or like hurt us.
    The article explained that usually in a mans chart you would look for dejanira and by example if it is in leo, that man would not be able to resist Strong leo influenced woman but they would usually harm him or hurt him.

    Same with women charts, but you would look at the nessus instead of dejanira.
    I would love to hear what you think.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I have not had it played out with myself and I can speak the best from my own experience but you should put it out there on a thread in my Forum and see what people think. That is how I from my theories. I pick people’s brains 😀

  2. amiannJim

    Well i usually learn from what others have learned, and to be honest im being pretty biased since i always find myself attracted to scorpio guys, and well i know im meant to be looking for my dejanira but since i like guys i look at nessus lol( i guess that’s correct for me to look at my nessus i believe) and well it fits, It always seems that i cannot keep a friendship with any scorpio regardless if i like them or not.

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