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Does He “Neptune” You( or vice versa)

Neptune can be very powerful ,such that it is thought to be one warning sign of an abusive relationship. Let me explain, if there are many signs of an abusive relationship( which I will go into in another article), Neptune can make it so that you do not SEE the abuse. Neptune fogs what it touches. This can be good or bad. It is wonderful for dreamy literature, art or music. It is not so good when you have a gorgeous man, in front of you, whom everyone can see is abusive, except for you. Truth be told, we have all been there. All your friends look aghast, while you ride off in to the sunset with the man, I mean”image” of your dreams. Neptune is just so bad about painting things in the warm glow of rose. Once our proverbial damsel wakes up, the wolf may not have just been at her door. He may have eaten her alive. Chart wise, one would look for a man’s Neptune blinding your ASC, Moon, Sun or Venus. If you have a man’s Neptune conjunct or a close opposition or square to any of these AND all your friends have stopped taking your calls, call an Astrologer, for Goodness Sake.

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