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Easy, Easy Things Anyone Can Tell From a Chart?

A chart can look like a foreign language. To the very beginner, there are some easy things anyone can pick up right away. I will list some, so you can feel you have some mastery of the charts

1. Planets in the Upper or Lower halves of the Chart–If we divide the chart in half into upper and lower parts, we can get some cursory information.If the majority of planets are in the top half, this is an extroverted person. If most of the planets are in the bottom half, this would be an introverted person.

2. The ASC/DSC–The Ascendant is the cusp of the first house. The Descendant is the cusp of the seventh house. These are categorized in several ways. One is by quadriplicity which is Cardinal, fixed or Mutable. Cardinal is a leader. Fixed is stubborn. Mutable is more easy going and can adapt change with the most flexibility. To make it simple. Mutable can be led by a strong leader. Cardinal would BE the leader. Fixed would dig his heels in and not move. The ASC is the outer part of one that people meet at a party. The ASC is exactly opposite to the DSC by opposite sign and opposite house. The DSC is the qualities to which we are attracted. We are attracted to the qualities, not necessarily the exact sign.

3. The House in which the Sun Resides–This House will be a big theme in the life of the person. Find out what each house indicates. The house in which your Sun resides will be a big focus in your life.

4. The House in which the Moon Resides–The same thing as above holds true for the house in which the moon resides.

5. The House in which Venus Resides–You will love the area of life represented by the House in which Venus resides.

6. There is a little graph on the bottom of the chart. This will show which elements are the strongest. This will show quadriplicities. The more planets you have in Cardinal signs, the more of a leader you will be. The more planets you have in fixed signs, the more stubborn you will be. The more planets you have in mutable signs, the more easily led you will be. However, this is not being led in a negative sense.It is more of a “roll with the punches” kind of person.

7. If you are strong in fire, you will have passion, optimism and natural confidence. If you are high in air, you will be intellectual. If you are high in water, you will be sensitive. If you are high in earth, you will be practical and good with the details of life on the earth.

8. If there are NO planets in an element, you have an elemental void. You are lacking this element. Hence, the above mentioned traits will be hard for you.

9. If you have one or more planets in the 12th House, you will be forced to develop spiritual depth. If you do not, some form of addiction may take you down.

10. If you have 3 or more planets in the 7th House, marriage will be very important to you.

11. If you have 3 or more planets in the 9th House, intellectual pursuits will be very important to you.

12. Three or more planets are a stellium. The House with the stellium will pull at you until you satisfy it.

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