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Echo Asteroid—Scream Your Voice

If you have a strong Echo placement, such as conjunct the Sun, Moon or ASC, you may be a little mouse, inside. You may not want to look at this truth, but Echo renders us voiceless. As such, we get depressed because depression is lack of personal expression, in my opinion. How does one deal with the Echo asteroid? One must scream one’s voice, not literally, of course. However, one must make oneself large, heard and center stage. I am thinking that the sign Leo is what the Echo person needs. Leo rules the fifth house, which is the house of the the self. Leo rules the stage of life when the child dances around the room and says “Look at me.” There is profound joy in the child’s discovery that he,indeed, has power to do and power to be. Echo renders that power impotent. Echo’s inner child hides in the corner, yearning to dance in the middle . The Sign of Leo is the proud lion. He may roar and show his power, but it is not with malicious intent. It is with a child- like embracing of life and his part in it.



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