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Out of the Box Brilliance—–Quoar

155330_414372155283214_943732998_nQuoar(50,000) is not the nerd with his slide ruler. Quoar is not the pre med student cramming for his organic Chem quiz. There is nothing wrong with these people. These people are smart but they are not Quoar. Quoar follows no one. He leads. He goes places others will not and can not. Quoar lives outside the box and that is what makes him brilliant in a jaw dropping, gasping way.

The classic example is Paul McCartney, who has Quoar conjunct Mercury, exact. Quoar seems very degree dependent in that every degree makes a difference in the level of brilliance. Albert Einstein had Quoar conjunct the ASC, exact. If you listen to McCartney’s songs and his words, there is nothing to call him but pure genius, out of the box genius. He created what no one had created up to that point or ever will. That is Quoar. It lives on into eternity as these two men will.

Quoar can be conjunct Mars in great athletes. Cassius Clay who later became Mohammud Ali has Quoar conjunct Mars, the planet of sports and aggression The chart never lies. I need to research Quoar more in the charts.. It is funny but as you suspect, it is rare to find Quoar conjunct personal points . How many out of the box genius people can we have? 😛

Check your Quoar and Comment on my Comment Form. This should be fun!

75 thoughts on “Out of the Box Brilliance—–Quoar

      1. amiannLiz

        Ooops again……. I responded to this below on the Jupiter one. My apologies Ami, if I’ve created confusion on your thread. (Maybe I need to go and bury my head under the covers today… dealing wih challenging transits. lol)

        Why would you see this as a POWERUL placement? Thanks.

  1. amiannLiz

    Hi Again Ami, Intresting article….. I see also that it is Sextile to my Jupiter LT 1 degree. What is your perspective of the energy from that? Thank You.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Liz!
      Well, I am not sure about that, Liz. Jupiter is not a personal planet so it’s effects would not be as pronounced as a personal planet or angle. As to what it does in that sextile, I am not sure. Do you have any ideas?

      1. amiannLiz

        Thank you Ami! That makes sense. I not sure how the sextile to jupiter would express itself…. A logical guess would be that it would be a support and maybe add a little luck & expansion possibilities to Quaoa with a little effort to figure out how to work with it. (newbie perspective)
        I can see that the Sextile is less than 1 degree, but I’m not sure how to calculate the exact orb. Mmmmmm…. I can see that Jupiter is at 27.38 Quaoa is at 27.03, would that make the difference .35?

        As for the SN conj. Quaoa, the person is me, but I don’t think I’ve learned to tap into it yet, if that is the case. Do you think maybe it is connected with past life? (Do you believe in past lives, Ami?)
        Maybe it isn’t as strong, if it is not exact:
        SN/Libra/H9/27.56 orb & Quaoa/Libra/H9/27.03 orb. Libra is an intercepted sign for me a well, so maybe that brings in the challenge of tapping into it.

        Thanks for sharing Ami. Really quite interesting….

  2. amiannLaura

    Hi 🙂
    Well… I have it conjunct my Uranus in my 6th. Would you like my autograph now already? Lol.
    What would it mean to have it conjunct Uranus?

      1. amiannLaura

        Aah, yes, with Uranus. Wouldn’t that also go for having it conjunct my NN?
        No autographs then, sigh 😉
        I don’t know how to explain the creative process. It’s in relation to writing & concepts & processing information mostly. I tumble over the amount of ideas I have daily which click in & connect with each other & I’m best at making sense of what sounds abstract & illogical to others (like analysing dreams. They speak to me). However I’m truly terrible with anything mundane. Structure, planning & even something as simple as making a grocery list is difficult somehow. It’s like I don’t understand common structure, lol.
        In work I was always way ahead with my ideas. I saw a ‘trend’/’zeitgeist’, but I notice it way before it’s mainstream (so the ideas mostly get blown of when I suggest them (way too far out of the box!! Good & inspiring work though! Thank you & bye bye), only to see them everywhere a year later).
        I have my MC in Aquarius though & it is the ‘missing leg’ of a T-square.
        Hope this made some sense & was what you meant 🙂
        I really love you website by the way 🙂

        1. amiannLaura

          Ps, part 2: It’s also conjunct my Vertex (large orb of 8). Does this mean anything at all? So I have Quaoar, conjunct NN, Uranus & Vertex.

          1. amiannLaura

            🙂 The articles are really inspiring & they always make me look in my own chart.
            The NN conjunction to the node says 0 (both in 6 Scorpio).

  3. amiannLiz

    I know somene who has Quaoa/Libra/20.49 Conj. Mercury/Libra/20.30 I really enjoy interacting with this individual. I do feel pain in their heart, though. They have NessusRx & Dejanira Conj. their Gemini Moon. ;(

  4. amiannJL

    Interesting! I’ve looked at Quaoar before and didn’t think it really applied.

    I have it at 10SCO, in my 4th house, not angular (as IC is 27LIB) — this is is how it is aspected
    widely conjunct my Uranus at 17SCO (FWIW: Uranus trines my Mercury/POF Cancer in the 12th)
    opposes Chiron 12TAU in the 10th.
    sextiles Saturn/NN 8/11VIR in the 2nd
    trines SN 11PIS 8th house
    quincunx Venus 12GEM 11th house

    Not sure if it is applicable but I have massive ADHD. I have thought up many inventions going back to my childhood –some of which were eventually made real success by others. And even in my adulthood, many more inventions. I can’t seem to make my ideas a reality though. Maybe it is that Chiron opposition in the 10th (setbacks in career) Eventually –I won’t quit. The idea will strike one day!!! (MC on Aries, Mars in the 10th)

    I do, however, have a friend who has Sun/Mercury conjunct Quaoar (all in 3rd house) in tight orb. They are ridiculously brilliant and enterprising but extremely humble. They take nothing at face value –want concrete evidence before accepting a new idea. 😀

      1. amiannKayla

        Well, it’s in my 4th house. Quoar is also trine Jupiter and sextile saturn….I think maybe I’m still trying to figure it out. 🙁

  5. amiannJenny

    Accidentally found that Miley Cyrus has Quoar 28 16′ Sco conjunct her mercury 27 43′ Sco with her Moon, POF, Pluto, Sun, Vesta stellium.
    Birth time was from Astro DataBank with a C rating.

    Was originally checking her Chiron after hearing her Wreaking Ball, it is at 23 25′ Leo, square her moon and mercury. Listening to the song hurts.

          1. amiannkiki

            As far as iq not so sure… but good cognitive skills and was rather and still am very artistic and love to create. I actually dropped out of high school beginning of 11th grade… but do not feel at all inferior to the notion of one’s intelligence till this day.

          2. amiannkiki h. tran

            I looked up meaning for further insight… it mentions much of this being a spiritual entity. shamanic like, very much in-tuned with earth and mother nature. rituals and love of rhythm and dance.

            funny because I am quite spiritual in my philosophies and artistic creations, and do have a natural gift for physical dance art form. very cool. I’m thinking this because of trine to venus <3

  6. amiannLesley

    Hi AmiAnn,
    I have Quoar conjuct my Moon in Libra in the first house with a 5deg orb. What would this mean, or is the orb too great.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi B
      The 3 degrees is prolly too wide in an opposition. would allow it in a conjunction, only. That is my little rule of thumb but not written in stone lol The 1 degree square ti the ASC would count but I really don’t know how Quoar functions in hard aspect as I have not really seen it in the charts.

  7. amiannThora

    Hi Ami,
    I just learned that I have Quoar 14′ Scorpio, conjunct Venus at 15′ Scorpio, and opposite Chiron at 14′ Taurus. Venus and Quoar in the 12th house within 5 degrees of the Ascendant, and Chiron in the 6th house.

    Do you have any insight into what this could mean for me?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      It would be easier to see your chart. Do you want to put it up in my Forum. If not, I will be back and try to think about this. My mind needs a little break! lol

    2. amiannThora

      Hi again, and thanks for your response! 🙂 And yes, you can put my chart up:

      Birth data is:
      December 6th, 1980, 6:48am, Stavanger Norway

      1. amiannamiann Post author

        Sweetheart, you will have to generate the chart and put it up yourself, if you would like to discuss it. I am doing it as a service to you, not for myself. <3

  8. amiannThora

    Also, with all due respect – when it comes to orbs, shouldn’t we also consider whether the aspect is applying or separating? For example, the lady who mentioned Quoar conjunct the Moon at 5 degrees; if the Moon is coming towards Quoar, than it might apply after all, depending on how open she is to receiving influences from the outside. The Moon is very sensitive, as we all know, and I always allow wider orbs for applying Moon aspects than I do other planets.

    However, if Moon has passed Quoar by 5 degrees, it’s a different story and I would think that Quoar didn’t have any great influence on her Moon anymore.

    Just my two cents, hope you don’t mind? 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great point, Thora. Thank you so much and you are so very right. The 5 degrees would be too wide but for other situations, I think I have been missing an important point and appreciate your insight!!

  9. amiannVeronika

    Hi Liz!

    So good to see someone having some expertise on Quoar!

    This is very scary for me. But I have exactly the same aspects as Albert Einstein….
    My Quoar is in Scorpio conjunct my Ascendant in Scorpio in the 12th house (yeah… INTENSE much??!) And my pluto is also in scorpio in the 12th house… even MORE intense… and here comes the other aspects that I also share with Albert…. 28978 Ixion in Scorpio in the 12th house. I have known since I was little (7 years old) I have an extraordinary destiny… a demon haunted me for 7 years and I had prophetic dreams every night for that 7 years… although I gave my heart to God when I was 13 and since then God protected me from all evil forces. An angel also appeared and spoke to me in the form of a beggar out of nowhere 2 years ago telling me how much God loves me… I know this sounds ‘insane’ to some people… but it’s not.. to me it’s normal. I also have a dominant 9th house and my Fortune is also in my 9th house. I can’t stop learning (even if I try!) about all subjects relating to philosophy, religion, politics, astrology, occultism, mysticism, gematria, numerology, history, genealogy, physics and I also write genius symbolic poetry (get inspiration out of the blue). I have been gifted since I was young… I tried to be ‘normal’ but failed immensely and had no choice than to give up to the powers of God he uses through the Universe to force you on your destined path… I have an extremely ‘fated’ feeling every day of my life. I am learning everything God put’s in my heart to learn (I study 24/7 without help from anyone.. I teach myself)… I know I have to prepare for an extraordinary destiny… I also forgot to mention that I have a Star of David in my chart (2 grand trines). I love the fact that you are a Christian astrologer! I am an aspiring one! Feel free to look at my chart… I was born on 02 June 1991 at 16h44 pm at Vanderbijlpark, Sout Africa. I am female. I am born from a crazy mother (and strangely enough my mother looks like Marilyn Monroe’s mother and I look a lot like my Marilyn… I can send you a picture and you can compare…) my mother is so intelligent that she is mentally ill… We sent her for a test at a psychologist… she has 100% in ALL areas… she has the potential to be more intelligent than Einstein… I promise I’m not crazy though… I made sure of that!!!

    Thank you for doing Christian Astrology… it’s rare… and most Christians are skeptical about it not realizing how much they need it in their lives… it’s how God communicates with us… it’s how God communicated with the 3 wise Magi men when Jesus was born… and the star of Bethlehem appeared above the shed Jesus was born in in the form of a Seal of Solomon! The more I study… the more I am in AWE about how AMAZING and POWERFUL God is!

    Much Love!


    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Veronika dear
      Astrology really builds my faith. God is the only one who could make this kind of Divine Order. I am a Bible believer and sold out to Jesus. I believe He gave me this ministry, which it really is, to me.

  10. amiannVeronika

    I’m glad to hear! People are really blind to the real truth about God’s order of the Universe… I have analyzed people since I was young and know the human nature like the palm of my hand… I can see all the signs and understand them without researching it that most humans can’t see (I see all the hidden signs satan uses in music videos and can hear all the hidden vibrations in the music made by celebrities possessed by demons). Now stronger than ever. I can feel supernatural energy touching my skin (I believe it’s God’s Angels protecting me because I know God won’t allow a demon to come that near to me) and 2 months ago I couldn’t sleep, so I took a sleeping pill… and after 3 am (the 3am theory is REALLY true!) I heard loud anc clear a demon laughing in my subconscious… and at that momemnt my dog went CRAZY and started chasing outside through the doggy door… after, well… nothing. But I know my Dog chased the demon. They can’t come inside my house because God protects me.. but they lurke outside my house after 3 am. I got a dog because a dog has the same aura as a saint… a Gold aura… (Jesus had a Gold aura) so my dog can warn me of bad vibrations coming from demons… I give him treats after he chases the demons away… it happens a lot! (I sound crazy, normal people give their dog treats for normal reasons! haha!). When mediums walk past me… they tell me: “I LOVE your aura”. I never asked them what color it is… at that time I was trying to be a normal human being and thought I was crazy! I know for sure there is a LOT of ancient biblical knowledge relating to the truth of the supernatural and history of the biblical times I’m seeking and everything I’m researching that the higher order of the human race are keeping hidden. I am careful what mediums I communicate with… because most mediums are mediums for demons… But I have a strong sixth sense and can feel evil instantly and back away when my sixth sense starts talking! I am going to find God’s truth… maybe that’s my destiny… but I can only speculate. Only God know my and your destiny! I can just stare at space for hours talking to God… it’s just AMAZING how He created his order! He always saves me from the hands of Satan! 🙂

  11. amiannVeronika

    Hi Liz!

    I have e-mailed the pictures to you and posted on your forum…:) I love your site! Will I be able to order a full detailed natal chart and report (including all fixed stars, asteroids and Arabic parts including the meaning of the aspects they make) from you? If you will be able to create my chart in so much detail how much would you ask me? I am struggling to find information regarding aspects stars and the part of fortunes make and their meanings on the WWW.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I answered! Thanks for your lovely words about my site, V.I would love to do your chart. I don’t use every Fixed Star or the Parts of Fortune but I will research them for you and find the answers to the best of my ability! if you don’t decide to do a professional chart now, you can post your chart on my Personal Readings Forum and there is no charge!

      1. amiannVeronika

        Thank you! I will order the chart as soon as I’m ready! For now I will post my chart on your personal readings forum! I hope I say your name right? It is Liz right?

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          No, my name is Ami. Yes, please post your chart. I will see what I can see and then you can ask questions or ask to talk about the topics that interest you. I am excited!

  12. amiannCharlize

    Hello, due to the polemic Quoar I found it interesting to share with you.
    Quoar in Scorpio on 8th house/conj Ixion/conj pallas/ trine lilith/ opposition Pholus and some some more minimal aspects as well.
    Idk if that makes you smarter or whatever.. I speak 3 languages.. I was diagnosed with some mental disorder early on my life like schizophrenia, depression, eating disorders, ADHD.. I just started to take medication now because its started to be tougher.
    Thank you for the brilliant work!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am so touched Charlie. Thank YOU for writing. Come and put your chart up in my Personal Readings Forum. I bet we will be able to get many insights into your chart, Charlie dear!

  13. amiannYellowDuck

    My Quaoar is on 5 degrees Saggi conj Pluto and Mars. If my Venus is on 18 degrees Leo and my north Node is 12 degrees Leo, does it make some aspect? Also, my Uranus is on 13 degrees Aquarius and Neptune on 1 degree Aquarius, same question.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are welcome to put your chart in my Forum, YD and Welcome 😀

      With quoar, the orb would have to be 2 degrees or less. 6 degrees for a venus/NN may be felt. It is wide but would be ambient. 13 degrees to 1 degree is too wide, my Friend.

  14. amiannYellowDuck

    Lol, I meant between Quaoar and those four planets. I am too lazy to calculate orbs and I am not really good at math, since I am more artistic person. But can you do it for me? Please please 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I will do it for you if you list EACH planet and Quoar in a simple to read list lol
      Like this. I will do my Sun

      Gemini Sun at 28 degrees Gemini
      Gemini Mercury at 21 degrees Gemini

      This makes a 7 degree orb. I will be happy to help you with the orbs if there is an easy to read list like this, my Friend! xx

  15. amiannYellowDuck

    Lol, I ment does Quaoar makes any aspects with those four planets. I always get confused when I calculate aspects, so I though that you can help me with this. 🙂

  16. amiannYellowDuck

    I understand why you thought that I asked the aspects between Uranus and Neptune and Venus and Node. Now gen I red 1st comment, I see it’s confusing and ambiguous.

  17. amiannYellowDuck

    Sure 🙂
    Uranus 13 degrees Aquarius
    Neptune 1 degree Aquarius
    NN 12 Degrees Leo
    Venus 18 Degrees Leo
    Qauoar 5 Degrees Saggi

    Is this how you wanted it?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, perfect!

      You have NN conj Uranus which would make it your purpose to find your our of the box self. The Venus conj is too wide to do much. Quoar is not really conj anything that is in this list anyone, YD.

  18. amiannYellowDuck

    Thank you.but how can my North Node conj Uranus, when one’s in Leo and other in Aquarius? My south node may conj Uranus, but about NN ~ it’s impossible. Maybe you saw it one bellow each other and got confused. Lol, I just suppose so.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Your closest thing is NN conj Venus which is quite wide but you may feel it. Your goal would be to have a life filled with love and beauty. Not too shabby 😀

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