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Elemental Voids——Earth Void, Fire Void, Water Void or Air Void

When one piece of the puzzle is missing, you have a fascinating puzzle. Such is the case with elemental voids. There are all kinds of voids such as squares voids,oppositions voids, no planets in the lower half of the chart, no planets in the upper etc. Other voids, I will address later. There can be many possibilities of things that are “not there” . I am an earth void so can speak about this subject, first hand. First of all, lets talk about the elements. There are four elements which make up the chart and hence are the building blocks for any given person—-air, water, fire and earth. If one looks at people , one can observe voids, fairly simply. Some people do not do well with earthly things such as organization. Some people have little get up and go, and must push excessively to get things done. Perhaps, someone cannot communicate well and stumbles over himself express his thoughts. Perhaps, someone is insensitive to others feelings. These could be earth, fire, air and water voids, respectively. If one understands one’s void, one understands why one is as one is. Strangely enough, some people excel in their void area because they strive so hard to overcome the void, that they become a superstar.

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