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Empathy——Jupiter’s Domain—-Is Your Empathy Easily Acessed or Not?

As I do charts I have certain questions in the back of mind. What is empathy and how does it show in the chart? One woman was raised by a sociopath mother but retained empathy although she did go into a shell. She has one Jupiter square with Neptune. Jupiter is in the 10th house and Neptune is in the 1st. Neptune may fog her ability to see herself clearly Jupiter in the 10th would show good fortune with career and society which is true. However, the square could show that she could not see herself .The square my make her lack of a solid identity interfere with the good fortune she could access in career if she had a stronger sense of self. That would be one way to look at this square.

Back to empathy, this woman retained empathy. She has a water moon. Water is a natural sensitivity. For those with a Cancer or a Pisces moon it would be hard for them not to have empathy. They were born to feel. The moon is the planet of the deepest heart.Cancer is the best place for the moon. Pisces is a very sensitive moon.It’s problem is that it is too sensitive. These natives feel too much, as if they live with a permanently itchy sweater. I am not very familiar with Scorpio moon, as I have my first two Scorpio Moon friends now. Scorpio moon feels a tremendous amount.It is very very intuitive.However, it may be able to shut it off and armor himself. As such, he may be able to shut off the natural empathy of the water moon. I need to study this one, as I am not sure.

Back to Jupiter. The sociopath mother has 4 hard aspects to Jupiter. The hard aspects are in red. The easy aspects are in blue. The mother has Jupiter opposite Uranus. Uranus loves to shock. The mother loved to shock. One has to be careful with Uranus. One primary aspect for mental illness is Uranus in hard aspect to Mercury, in my opinion. The person may be a genius. The person often is. However, the price is high. Uranus conjunct Mercury is an example of a conjunction being a hard aspect. I know a totally brilliant man with this but the price on his mental health is not worth the genius. Mercury square Uranus is very hard on one’s mind. One is brilliant but can lose hold of one’s mind as Uranus is THE wild card of the Zodiac. Picture the Joker in Batman. Think of how unpredictable he was. That is Uranus.One minute, he is charming.The next, he has a knife to someone’s throat. Mercury is one’s thinking. You can see the dilemma when the planet of eccentricity is next to the planet of the mind. A person with hard Uranus/Mercury aspects needs to be forewarned of this. That is the best antidote.

Back to my question. A person with little empathy would need a very stressed Jupiter plus other aspects for struggles with mental health such as hard Uranus/mercury aspects in order to actually act out his lack of conscience. Another primary aspect for struggles with emotional and mental health is Neptune in hard aspect to Mercury and the Sun. Neptune dissolves what it touches. This can produce great creativity. However, it can show a weakening of one’s hold on reality. Neptune in hard aspect to the Sun is classic for addictions. Neptune in hard aspect to Mercury is classic for the mind going outside of normal boundaries. This can produce creative genius or a loosening of the grips on reality. Hence, when looking at Jupiter and how a blunted empathy may play out, one must include Neptune/Mercury/Sun. I humbly put this forth as some of my ideas from working on charts.It is not a doctrine. I am young to Astrology. I have studied for almost three years.Please , keep that in mind when I write about very sensitive subjects such as mental and emotional health.

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