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Everyone Has a Way Out of a Bad Chart

578836_10151150325969574_2144157845_nI did a chart for a friend of mine who is a sociopath. Both of his parents were sociopaths. His Jupiter hashard aspects to it( squares and oppositions) from every planet except Neptune. His Neptune was left alone like a pristine island. He is a photographer. His photos are magical. Jupiter seems to be the planet of conscience.The Moon would weigh in, as a second factor but it would be secondary, in my opinion. I have never seen a Jupiter with so many struggles as the Jupiter in this man’s chart. It was as if his whole chart conspired to hit Jupiter. When he and I became friends, he told me that he was a true sociopath. If I( or anyone) did anything against him, he would hunt them down. He told me not to worry because he didn’t see me doing anything bad to him lol It was funny that my Mercury was an exact conjunction to his Jupiter. However, his chart clearly showed that there is a way out of even the hardest chart. His way out is art. He loves art.

To me, God can overcome any chart. I have said that many times, I know. The reason I believe that is because the charts are from the material world. God is from the spiritual world. The spiritual world MADE the material world. It is the PARENT of the material world. Hence, it trumps it. That is how faith healing works. In the material world, the person may have cancer. However, in the spiritual world, he is whole and well. If the person can bring the spiritual world into the material world, he can be healed.

I have done charts for two more people who say they are sociopaths. In one, the Jupiter had 3-4 hard aspects but she had a Scorpio Moon. I think that a moderately afflicted Jupiter( such as in this case) had to combine with a Moon in the Fall to produce her lack of conscience. When the Jupiter has moderate afflictions, one would need to look to the Moon for more information. Scorpio Moon is the most vindictive Moon. It’s Fall position makes for too much intensity for the delicate Moon. This person will always be some sort of a pressure cooker. This woman has an Unaspected Pluto conjunct the MC. She is very intelligent and rose to the top of her professional field. She has never done anything criminal but says she has no conscience. Her intelligence and her ability to wield power( Unaspected Pluto) makes her very successful in her field. She is an artist, too, and very successful.

My third friend, who is a sociopath, is the closest of the three, to me. She let me pick her brain. I let her pick mine. We learned about each other and it was quite beautiful. She had a real heart for me. Her Ceres was an exact conjunction to my Gemini stellium. Ceres is unconditional love. She told me she could kill someone and feel nothing. She had to learn to mirror people’s emotions in order to not stand out. She had to practice, in front of a mirror, to try to learn to act like a “normal” person would. She had to teach herself to cry, on cue. She had to teach herself to express sorrow when she felt none. A sociopath can be born or made. She says that she was born a sociopath. She has been this way her whole life. Some people can become a sociopath from abuse. It could be the result of shutting down.

I woke up this morning thinking about overcoming bad charts. For myself, I had to overcome childhood abuse. I see how my chart gave me an edge. I have Gemini Mercury conjunct the Sun, but not combust. Mercury conjunct the Sun is a keen intelligence. Mercury combust the Sun is one factor of mental illness, in my opinion. My opinion is based on doing charts. I think having a very logical Mercury with good aspects helped me to detach from abuse. I was not unscathed by any means. I was very scathed but I think God gave a way out, which is the subject of this article. God made me very logical. That was one of my ways out. I have an extroverted chart( planets in the upper half) When my family life was bad, I attached myself to other people’s families. I needed an outgoing personality to be accepted.

I can see many factors in my chart which provided a way out of my particular struggles. The last one I will tell you is Pluto conjunct Dejanira. I never let myself be bullied. I would see kids getting bullied and think how stupid it was for them to be bullied when they could just stand up. Someone who has childhood abuse can be a target from other kids but I never was. Pluto is primal power. Dejanira is the victim. Pluto’s primal power would shield Dejanira because when the person was bullied, the person would fight back. Bullies will go away if you stand up. They are cowards. Bullies grow up into adulthood and still try to bully. The Malignant Narcissist woman I wrote about in my article on Gaslighting thought she could bully me. She found out otherwise. She has bullied other people who ran away. I, almost did, but it was because she was trying to trap me with Gaslighting which is a whole other story.

At any rate, I wonder if you have Saving Graces in your chart. I should have titled this article “Saving Graces” because that is what they are. I hope to hear from you on my Comment Form. I seem to be getting more comments and I love them. They are like little, unexpected gifts. Keep them coming 😀





8 thoughts on “Everyone Has a Way Out of a Bad Chart

  1. amiannmarion

    Hi Ami,

    Wonderful article as always….I have mars tightly conjunct pluto exactly opposite Dejanira. I too faced childhood abuse, but rose above it as an adult. I worked as a project manager for a counselling project centered on abused kids. I was more than a manager there. I really was able to empathise with those kids and work alongside the one-on-one therapists. Is this pluto working opposite Dejanira? This dejanira is also on the so called Pluto Polarity Point advocated by evolutionary astrologers.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Marion xx
      I don’t work with evolution as I do not believe in it as a Born Again Christian. Mars conj Pluto gives you a great inner strength. That is prolly one big reason you rose above childhood abuse. Yes, Pluto will give strength to Dejanira. Thank Goodness for it! Let me ask you a question. Do you get into abusive relationships which mirror your childhood abuse?

  2. amiannLon Spector

    The one and only “saving Grace” is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    The only problem is that no one can come to Christ ACCEPT the Father CALL him.
    Looking at the world, we can see that few people have been called.

  3. amiannmarion

    I was tempted to add these thoughts. Someone analysed lord Buddha’s chart and said that it is a very ‘unfortunate’ chart from a worldly perspective. Of course he was born a prince but died a begger, by choice. The same analyst concluded that charts showing material misfortune are supposed to, sometimes, indicate exponential spiritual growth.

    I guess the same goes for bad planets/placements. Once the bad energy is overcome/spent/channelled, it can be converted into service/healing. I am thinking Chiron wounding vs healing!

  4. amiannmarion

    Thanks Ami for the response to my first comment.

    No i dont get into relationships that exactly simulate the abusive situation. But somehow i seem to gravitate toward relationships that have some glitch or the other. I find normal guys with good profiles…..boring. It could even be my 5th house stellium looking for drama…:) However, most partners i have had so far have their Chiron near my Dejanira. What could that mean?

    BTW my relationship with my mother is not good at all. I could say she emotionally abused/neglected me as well as my siblings. My Moon is conjunct Neptune on one side and NN on the other side both by 4 degrees. So my bad relationship with the mother is really the thorn on my side.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, I wonder if many people of your age group have their Chiron near your Deja. I think it changes signs every two years, but I am not sure about that. A chiron near your deja would be one of the worse things you could have with someone. You might be better off with someone of a different age, maybe. You can check and see how fast Chiron moves, Marion. Well, finding the nice guys boring was what I was getting at. When one is abused one looks for “excitement” which often ends up to be abuse lol

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