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FICTION: My First Kiss and the Horn Player

A color eye make up

You know the horn player would have soft lips. He had bright blue eyes and dark hair, wavy, touching his shoulders. He had a deep voice, although he was only 13. He looked like a wild horse. We had a house on the beach. I, still, had the firewall.I thought I could keep it forever but one day I was naked, like Adam and Eve.

I was catapulted, inadvertently, into the next dimension but that is for later. For now, I want to tell you about my first kiss.

It was the morning. I was in one of my nightgowns, probably an old one. So many wonderful things have happened to me when I was in my nightgown. He rang the doorbell. He wanted to say goodbye because the summer was over. He said a few words and moved his mouth toward mine. I closed my eyes and felt his lips. He told me he would call me and he left.

He called me and asked me on my first date. I had little girl shoes, black patent leather and a little girl dress, bright red. I thought I looked pretty when I looked in the mirror but my stomach was churning like a tsunami. My father drove me to the boy’s house and his father drove us to the dance. It was his school dance.

I was with the best boy there, in my opinion, but I could not speak. He started looking at me as if something was wrong but I still could not talk. He asked me if I wanted to see where he wrestled. He was on the wrestling team. He took me outside and we walked to the gym. After he showed me the lockers and the mats, we went to sit on the steps. He put his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t know anything about tongues in mouths. I froze in an eternal pose like an ice sculpture in the Tundra.

I think what happened is that he kissed one person in the shabby nightgown and another on the gym steps. He didn’t like the one on the gym steps. How did he know that he had to reach his hand down into some hole and pick out road kill? I looked the same.

I followed his progress to his becoming a well known musician. He would know who he was if he read this.

He could have been Joe Schmo or Joe Blow.I mean, it wasn’t him. I just morphed was the point. I couldn’t fight it like when a big wave comes over you and gets in your mouth. For a minute, you think you have drowned but then you get your breath.

After the school dance, I started covering up. I needed a sweater or jacket over my shirts.I found other boys and other men but I could never find the girl in the shabby nightgown who was kissed by the horn player on the last day of summer.









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