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Fiction: The Day I Became Bad

A longe chair I can be tenacious when I want. Ask the few people who have worked me up to the point that they beg  mercy for me to let them go.

They wish they never started the game, if you could call it that. However, once you get me going to that degree, you made your bed and you lie in it That is my mother’s favorite saying. She said it when I fell down or made a mistake.The point was that I should suffer to my grave and she would be happy for it.

If I get off on my missteps, it will be a whole other story. For now, I am trying to tell you how I became bad. First of all, I stayed good for a long time. It was pure tensile strength.  I was normal. What is normal? It is accepting what is without putting a lot of fluff on it. By that standard, I was normal However, I despised my mother.I could never despise her in peace because I pitied and I loved her, too.

My mother looked goofy. She was too tall. She wore weird stretch pants. Her feet were huge but in all her goofiness, I loved her. I was her doll. She doted on me but she hated that I was her doll, too.

My love for her was like that for an animal who bites you but you can’t get rid of him. People tell you to take it to the pound  but you don’t.I was like the victim of  flesh eating bacteria. I  lost fingers and toes and then limbs.  Finally, I was  just  a torso like the person who is born a monster.

I raised my hand to the sky and begged God to  show me  reality but nothing happened so, I decided I must  be crazy.  I threw myself away the way you would a bad set of clothes that got so dirty in some unseemly way that you throw  them out the car window or into a  dumpster behind a restaurant.

I became  the sanitized version of myself like  a smutty song that they want to peddle to kids.  Likewise, my life became grey. I could never make the grey go away no matter what I did. I tried everything from bad things to good things from the nun version to the wicked version but the grey remained.

With it came a cloying sadness that mixed with the grey and made mud that surrounded me like Pig Pen’s cloud.  It was  indelible mud, such that  it sticks to your soul.

I slunk around like an animal who hides during the day and comes out at night  to gorge.  I held on for dear life because the abyss was opening and grinning.  I fought it because I was loved once, a long time ago.

My grandmother died when I was pregnant with my first child. I was  six weeks pregnant when I went to her funeral. I was sick from the baby but did not know, so thought that my heart was just broken and it broke my body,  too.My grandmother loved me.. That love  was in my heart like indelible ink, the kind used for  a tattoo on your chest  of your  girlfriend  or your mother. At her funeral, the casket was so small. How had she become so thin?

She must be the Saturn trine Moon in my chart. I am an earth void, so walk never being able to  touch the ground, but love  kissed me with a kiss that lasted through the ages. Love will do that. Don’t forget it.







11 thoughts on “Fiction: The Day I Became Bad

  1. amiannLon Spector

    It says about the Moon in Cancer person: “They can never get over what their
    mothers did or didn’t do for them.” A person can have a “good” or a “bad” relationship
    with their mother, but no one has a “normal” relationship with their mother.
    Motherhood is a tough and thankless role. Innocent are not. they get blamed for most
    everything. We are taught to hold them in high esteem no matter what.
    They are the guilt feelers and the guilt givers. I’m sure you must have thought, “Am I to
    blame? Could I have done a better job?”
    Don’t beat yourself up. God knows your heart, intentions, and full extent of your ablities.
    God knows you tried your best. There is a large Manson waiting for you in Christ’s
    Kingdom. You will entertain both your sons there.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    You seem to be very harried. You haven’t written anything new of late, and since the
    “change” that you mentioned a few days ago it’s harder to acess the site. Everything
    operates at a much slower pace. It seems whatever system you had in place before was
    more efficent.
    Also, the statement, “This posting will be moderated,” insn’t very encouraging.
    People believe when they read that, that their postings might not appear at all.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      What happened is that I changed web companies and so for a few days, it will be slow. I will send your comment to the web guy so he knows for sure. Where does it say”your posting will be moderated, Lon? I think this just means that if people swear at me etc, I can delete it. It is not related to normal comments or even hateful ones, just pornographic kinds of ones or slurs against someone’s religion etc.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      Yes, I feel harried or did. I am really forcing myself to break out of my shell of isolating, in my real life. It is not easy. When I read your last post about social skills, that is what I am talking about although mine were in place until I stopped doing things, as much as I could. So, now, I feel I have to push myself out of this hole. I know you can appreciate how hard that would be.xx

  3. amiannLon Spector

    Ordinarily, when someone posts on a site, it is printed immeadiately. When you see
    the statement “This post is awaiting moderation” it usually means that that it will take
    sometime to show up in print, or might NEVER show up. At least, that has been my
    experience in the past. I guess it’s impossible to remove a post once it has been printed,
    but again, I’m out of my league with computers so I don’t know.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      That is a safety mechanism for me so that people don’t put bad things on here like swears etc. I can look and see before I allow the comments on. People can tell me they can’t stand me and I put that on but not swearing at me or saying vile thing. So, it is to stop outright profanity only.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      The Moderation is there for outright pornographic comments which I get, especially with my political stands. People can tell me they don’t like me and don’t like what I do. I had a Christian woman say she thought my pictures were ungodly and she would be ashamed to refer people to my site. She had 4 long paragraphs with all the Scripture that said I was bad. I did not delete her comment but the new change in web designers did 😀

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