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Find a Prosperina if You Need to Take a Trip INTO the Darkness( or OUT)

Proserpina was abducted as she was picking wildflowers in a field, on a sunny day. She was take by Pluto to the underworld. He raped her, but he loved her, too. Her mother, Ceres, walked the earth, looking for her. Ceres is the picture of unconditional love. Pluto allowed Proserpina to go back to her mother for several months, each year. When she came back, flowers blossomed. When she left, winter fell. Proserpina lived in two worlds, not by choice, by force. As such, a modern day Proserpina has certain magical powers to us, lesser mortals. The modern day Prosperina can usher us, too, into the nether world. He can take us back to the world of the light, also. That is the key. He can live in two worlds, dual citizenship, if you will. If you need a Proserpina, look for one and he may appear. If you can be a Proserpina, look for the person who is before you, needing a hand with his own darkness. You don’t have to be an expert to be a helper. Proserpina was taken in the bloom of innocence. She learned, by doing. You can, too.


15 thoughts on “Find a Prosperina if You Need to Take a Trip INTO the Darkness( or OUT)

  1. amiannLivingMystery

    Your just reselling and telling a story here giving no practical knowledge about it. Why would the modern woman have to be raped to want to spend time down in the underworld? Rape myth has sooo many roots invented by,well,Christians themselves lol. No the journey of womanhood is as willing as wanting to spend time in the upper world-both worlds. Pluto didn’t rape my proserpina at all. I have it conjunct, and opposite mercury. My dark goddess is free to roam wherever the fuck she wants to roam. If your going to reply to this it would be more wise to reply in the spirit and tone of how you write your articles than the usual love above truth experience miss too many Peachy’s N Cream.

      1. amiannLivingMystery

        That means nothing in the context of conversation, This convo isn’t about the spirit of love or friendship at all. It’s about truth over both. Sometimes truth needs to be hurtful, violent, scaving to bring about change. You bang on about truth all the time, but when you hear it from me, you insult truth with love. Lesson learned again for you. Think I need another weeks break, from you this time lol

      1. amiannLivingMystery

        I disagree with the rape. Whoever wrote the myth doesn’t understand the underworld then. Proserpina Is womanhood itself. She’s not eve before the apple. She’s eve after the apple. Think your mixing up Persephone with proserpina.

  2. amiannLivingMystery

    I think the issue here is too many names are used for the one myth. I, like yourself look to the discovery charts of the asteroids/planets to determine the soul of each. And to me you’ll find the chart of proserpina is strongly lilith in flavor. Mmm….coming back to lilith and big sister Eris again. Look u know 90% of astrology more than me lilith and eris aside. I’ve got u on these two.

          1. amiannLivingMystery

            Spelling had an unassuming compassion about her on that show. Anything to take the focus off her misjointed rack. Well that’s all I saw as a teenage twenty something year old.

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            You kill me, Dan. She had a great tenderness and a great strength. That is what I admired. She reminded me of my fave book character–Melanie in Gone With The Wind.

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