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Find Which Asteroids Conjunct Your Personal Planets

If you do, you will find your story. Your story may be sad, but it will be your story to embrace. Also, find what conjuncts your Child Asteroid. If you want me to do an article on an asteroid, make a request. I may need to take some time and ask other astrologers and try to work with it in the charts, but I will. It feels like coming home when one embraces ones chart! Your personal planets are Sun,Moon, Venus and Mars. I would add the Ascendant to this, as well.

4 thoughts on “Find Which Asteroids Conjunct Your Personal Planets

  1. amiannJim

    Hmmm i know ive been lurking on your articles lately ami , but wow this is just completely new to me, you showed me a lot new to read , this part of the astrology; the asteroids im finding it very interesting , i know im just an amateur to astrology but im really trying to understand a bigger picture, to wich comes 1 question , i read several asteroid articles you made , you mention how they can show how they affected us on our childhoold like the child asteroid , or in synastry matters like on the last post i commented the dejanira/nessus relation , my question is , ( sorry if you mentioned it ) i dont recall reading anything about those asteroids on the houses , do you thing its important the house theyre located ? ( i must confess im mostly asking this cause of my 12th house … two of them are in my 12th house , like the child asteroid [not really conjunct any personal planet , just my neptune and uranus ] or my dejanira …. anyways to make the question short , does the house the asteroids fall in have a big impact ? , or its just the aspects those asteroids make to certain planets ? , thank you in advice

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you Jim, for your excellent question. Everything matters in the chart. The important factor is in weighing each part. To answer your question about the asteroids in Houses. I do not give much weight to them, as I look to the exact conjunctions of asteroids with each other, Angles and Planets( up to 3 degrees, tops) I would look to other aspects, such as trines and squares, up to 2 degrees. As to Houses, they DO matter but at a more subtle level, so I do not look at Houses for asteroids when I do charts. I may make an exception for the 1st and the 12th Houses. One would wear the asteroid on the outside, in the 1st house. It would be hidden to oneself, in the 12th.
      Please, keep commenting, Jim. The comments make my day!

      1. amiannJim

        I see, i understand what you mean ami , again thank you so much , and of course i will keep reading your articles if i find something worth sharing on a personal level regarding the asteroid or topic you were discussing i wil make sure not to hesitate and comment as well if any question pops up in my head

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