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Find Your Asteroids—Find Yourself

Astrology is like a living, breathing entity. How this can be,? I don’t know. I believe Astrology is a gift from God, as is music, for example. At any rate, Astrology seems to offer up the answers to your deepest questions. However, you must dig. You must prove yourself worthy , in some way. It is as if Astrology is a divine teacher. You need more than book smarts. Your heart must evolve. You are being given the secrets of the Universe and you must be worthy. I say this, with awe and humility.The asteroids offer up our story. As one studies, certain asteroids will appear, again and again. It is as if the asteroids are calling to us. One’s personal story will start to emerge as formlessness is taking form. It is hard to explain the wonder of it. You will need to start your own journey to see what I mean.For me, Echo and Prosperina have come to the fore. That is why you see so many articles on them. It is my personal journey, or part of it. As I do charts, I open myself up to more asteroids, as each person has his own asteroid pallet.

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