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Five Aspects For Sadness in the Natal Chart


1. Saturn Conjunct the Ascendant
These natives are the proverbial “little old man or little old woman.” They may have been expected to shoulder adult responsibilities when they were too young. I think of the little child who took care of her siblings, so her mother could work. She had to become the mother, virtually. If this experience did not happen, the NATURE of it may have been imprinted on the Saturn conjunct Ascendant native. Also, these natives may have dental or skeletal problems.

2. Unaspected Moon
These natives are, usually, very warm and nurturing people. This native had little nurturing, but, somehow, she turned out to be someone who has a lot to give others.However, her sense of loneliness and alienation seems to last a lifetime. I, also, include the “Almost Unaspected” Moon, as I call it. This is a Moon with very few aspects, usually just one. My classic example is Michael Jackson, who had one aspect to his Moon–a square from Saturn. The Unaspected or Semin Unaspected Moon natives, usually, have a lost little child quality about them, as Michael Jackson personified.

3. Deprez(9795) Conjunct the Moon
I need to observe asteroids in many charts before I come to rely on their meaning. I have seen Deprez indicate depression when in close aspect to personal parts of the chart. Personal parts of the cchart include the Ascendant. MC, IC, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus.

4.Saturn square the Moon
This aspect may indicate a mother with whom one can never really establish a healthy relationship. The mother may be a burden to the native in some way. As a result, the native may hide her own emotions so deeply that she cannot access them, which may result in a sense of disconnection from herself, which happens to be one of the worst feelings in the world, in my opinion.

5. Saturn Conjunct the Moon
This native seems to be very, very self critical. There is not much worse than having one’s mind attack one. We, all, have it to a degree, I think.However, the degree varies.The Sun conjunct the Moon native may pick apart her own emotions apart with a ferocity, which is very painful, as you can imagine.

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