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Five Aspects in the Natal Chart For a Good Relationship With the Mother

woman-and-dogSome fortunate souls have a loving relationship with their mothers. One’s natal chart shows the relationship one will have with, both, the mother and the father. How amazing!

1. Ceres(1) Conjunct the Moon
I love Ceres. It is one of my favorite asteroids. If is the unselfish and sacrificial love of a mother for her child. This native will, likely, have felt very loved and cherished.

2. Moon trine Venus
This is a classic aspect for CHARM. I can feel it in a guy, just as I can feel Mars in Scorpio in a guy. In either sex, this aspect produces an authentic and natural chart, which makes the native well loved. The native was well loved by his mother, too.

3. Venus Conjunct the IC
This child felt loved in his childhood home.

4. Moon trine Jupiter
The mother was seen as a positive influence on the child. The child felt happy in the presence of the mother.

5 Moon trine Neptune
There is a nice simpatico between mother and child. They may share creative interests.

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