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Five Aspects For Being Obnoxious


I know some people will be angry with me for this. However, it is all about learning and I will explain my reasons. One man’s poison is another man’s passion, so keep that in mind( rather than throw tomatoes at moi)

1. Eris (136199)Conjunct the Ascendant
Some people tell me Eris is the brave warrior fighting injustice. I, simply, see him as annoying. Perhaps. he is so annoying that he can get whatever he wants, if he, only, goes away. My prototype for Eris is Steve Urkel—–“Did I do that?”

2. Eris (138199)Conjunct the North Node
One of the purposes of the life of this native is to learn the lessons of Eris. Hence, he will be annoying until he learns the lessons or someone drives a truck over him.

3. Pholus (5145)Conjunct the Ascendant
Pholus explodes what it touches. These natives make a SPLASH. If the room is white, they seem to be bright red. If the room is maroon, they seem to be persimmon. I know people with Pholus conjunct the Ascendant. I am not saying they are “bad” people. However, I am a very thoughtful person( strong in Gemini) and I do not like things done with haste. The Pholus person will, usually, explode first and ask questions later. Someone like me, who is high in air, will pull back and ascertain what is happening before reacting.

4. Pholus(5145) Conjunct the North Node
This native has the purpose to learn the lessons of Pholus. I would expect him to be, generally, very reactive. The Pholus native sees himself as a knight in shining armor, riding for “the cause.

5. Aquarius Sun
I am not saying ALL Aquarius Suns are obnoxious. However, Aquarius, as a sign( except for Aquarius Venus and Mars) tends to have a holier than thou attitude. They love the game of “one up man ship” I, personally, find this trait obnoxious.

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2 thoughts on “Five Aspects For Being Obnoxious

  1. amiannMaggie Y

    I think you have Eris all wrong.
    I have it conjunct my NN & I was never accused of being annoying in my life.
    I also have Aqua Sun. I admit male Aquas can be obnoxious, but i never saw this in females.

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