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Five Asteroids to Study To See a Hard Relationship with the Father


This article( and ones like it) are a request. I love requests. Please, keep them coming but Ix-Ne the articles on squares.

Nemesis(128) Conjunct the Sun
Nemesis is a hidden enemy. This is not much worse than a father( or mother) being a hidden enemy i.e undermining one. This is a fast route to emotional illness in the native, through no fault of his own. It is called Gaslighting. Gaslighting is when someone is doing something to hurt you and acts as if you are imagining it. The term is from the movie of the same name. A man marries a woman and tries to convince her that she is crazy, so he can put her in a mental institution and take her money. The idea sounds preposterous, but it is quite commonly done by the kinds of parents we are talking about in the case of Nemesis conjunct the Sun *SIGH*

2 Sedna (90377)Conjunct the Sun
The asteroid Sedna reveals betrayal by the father when it conjuncts certain parts of the charts, such as the Sun, North Node,Ascendant and MC. I think the greater betrayal would be the Sun conjunct Sedna, though. I have an article about Sedna, in which I share the myth. It is very straightforward, unlike many of the myths, which are convoluted and hard to hone down for practical usage. Sedna goes onto have betrayal by other men who come into her life, such as her husband. I have found that the myths stay the same, regardless of the sex of the native. In other words, a male with Sedna conjunct the Sun would have the same manifestation of the conjunction as would a female.

3.Zeus(5731) Conjunct the Sun
Zeus was a cheater. Hence, the father may have cheated on the mother. The child pays the price for this.

4.Pholus (5145) Conjunct the Sun
Pholus explodes what it touches. BOOM. One does not want Pholus conjunct a prominent part of the chart such as the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, IC, MC, Descendant, Venus, Mars or North Node. Some people may disagree and think making things explode is good. I have heard that, but would not want it myself or be in a relationship in which Pholus was prominent. On the other hand, if one partner has hidden motives and secrets, the Pholus person will bring them to the light, so maybe it is not all bad. When it comes to the father, one would not want a father who “blows the status quo to pieces”, I would not think.

5. Persephone( 399) Conjunct the Sun
Persephone indicates a very hard rite of passage from teen to adult. I have seen this in cases of sexual abuse by the father and in a case in which a man thought his current father was his biological father, but he was not. Hence, natives with Persephone conjunct the Sun may have had a trauma involving the father when they were young adults.

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