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Five Minute Astrology–Learn The Houses in Five

If you study my article about the Signs in Five minutes and then read this one about the Houses in Five Minutes, you will be on your way to my next article which will be how to find ten easy things in the chart like a pro.

The Houses show SPHERES of Life. They show us DOMAINS of life. To put it simply, where the heck is the action playing out. The planets are the action. Each planet has ” a thing”. Mars is drive. You chase that chick with your Mars. Venus is love. You shine your love vibes with your Venus. The Moon is your heart. You cry your tender tears with your Moon. The Sun is your ego. You boss around your employee ( or wife) with your Sun. Saturn is restriction. You struggle to get every small win with Saturn. Jupiter is ease. You strut like a pro with Jupiter. Pluto is one’s primal self when the social niceities have been stripped away. Picture a tiger roaming the veld. That is your Pluto. We all have one. Uranus is where you are out of the box. Neptune is where you are mystical, creative and spiritual. Think of Albert Einstein. He was a logical, math genius. However, His Pisces mercury took him into the realm of creativity. His genius was creative, not logical. If you understand this, you understand Neptune and Pisces, it’s ruling sign.

Let’s take an example. Mars is the planet of ALL action. This includes the drive that makes you find a job, build a business, ask that cute girl out for a date and try to get her into bed. Mars be in in the 7th House( the House of marriage) It may be in the 5th House(the house of flings) Which person would be better marriage material? These kinds of questions can be answered by the charts. That is a simplified example as the chart has hundreds of things to study to see if someone would be a good husband, but that is an example of the basic way the Astrologer finds information.

Let’s get started with Houses.

!st House

The 1st House is all about you. If you left behind all your manners at a cocktail party and just talked about yourself, you would be talking about the 1st House. You may talk about your actual house. What is it’s style? Modern or colonial. You may talk about your car and why you like the Audi and not the Infinity. You may talk about your clothes and why you like Gap and not J.Crew. You may talk about your weight. You may talk about your hair and how you like it cut or colored. You may talk about how it feels to walk through your daily life from the time you leave your front door to the time you return through your garage to the kitchen and make dinner. Were you stressed all day? Were you confident? Did you come on to every woman you saw? Did you hide in your cubicle reading poetry? Did you stick to your work, so your boss could see what a good employee you were and you could get a promotion. These are all personal styles and these are all 1st house. Back to the cocktail party. You may bore the person to death such that he runs of with tears in his eyes but he will have learned about the your 1st house.

2nd House

If you want to talk about your money( as some garish people do), people will learn about your 2nd House. I exaggerate a bit because you could talk about how you construct the building blocks of your world and that would be the 2nd House. Do you garden? That is making your world bloom.Do you bank? That is dealing with the currency of your world. Do you do carpentry? That is dealing with the building blocks of your world. Your physical world and what you need to survive is a 2nd house domain. If a person has Chiron, the planet of wounds, here, that person will have been wounded in this domain of life. If a person has Pluto here, that person will have tidal wave ups and downs here..If a person has Saturn here, he will have restriction upon restriction in the material world until he learns his lessons. Then, he will be a financial success.

3rd House

This house is how you talk. This is how you share what is on your heart and in your mind. Think about the many communication styles. Some people are direct and to the point. Others are so diplomatic and/or politically correct that you have no idea what they feel. Others are funny and witty. Some people are so locked up that they can barely talk. This person will have many squares and oppositions to the 3rd House. Some people feel as if they are in the middle of volcano. They want to let off steam by talking but they don’t know how. On the other hand, some people are so glib that they can open that pressure valve and let it all hand out. The 3rd House is early education. Learning disabilities can show up here. In fact, they will.

4th House

The 4th House is your early home. The tone of your early home is shown by the sign on the cups. If it is Capricorn, your home was cold. If it is Sagittarius, your home was warm and filled with joy and optimism. If it was Aquarius, your home may have been cold and lacking in affection.You may not have had rules and curfews and could run free in true Aquarius style. When we look at planets residing therein, we have more information. If Saturn resides therein, your home may have had strict rules but learned responsibility. If Jupiter resides therein, you may have felt cherished. If Venus, you may have felt your home was beautiful –inside and out. If Chiron, your early home brought you pain.

The 5th House

The 5th house is one of my favorites. I was always encouraged to be creative. I am grateful for that because creativity can take you out of this mundane world. I feel sorry for the people with Saturn here because they are afraid of self expression. They may be the ones at the dance afraid to move. They may look stiff on the dance floor. They may color with a few crayons and not the whole pack. The 5th house is self expression. It is also flings and the house of the player. I suppose this works because the player likes to have fun, fun, fun. , A person with Jupiter here will be full of fun .A person with Chiron here may have been told to sit down and shut up. He s afraid of pure self expression. You can see how the 5th house works, I hope.

6th House

The 6th House is the house of service. It includes service jobs such as nurse, teacher, mechanic, dog groomer, and hairdresser. It includes health, too. I am not sure why houses have diverse meanings like this but they do. That makes the Astrologer have to probe into which arena is presenting itself in a person’s chart. If there are “negative” planets in the 6th House, the person could have ill health. This may be Saturn which could be a chronic condition but it should improve with time. This could be something like childhood allergies. If Chiron, one may feel pain about one’s body. Perhaps, one has a skin condition which makes one embarrassed. If Pluto, one may have shake-ups in one’s health such as health scares.

7th House

The 7th house turns the corner from one’s personal self and goes to another person, one’s life partner. The 7th house has been bastardized to make it about serious partners but really it is about marriage. In God’s plan, we were meant to get married( and to the opposite sex) The 7th house represents that stage when one chooses a life partner. The sign on the 7th house shows us what we want in a partner. If it is Capricorn, we want an older partner( or at least a wiser one) If it is Sagittarius, we want a joyful, adventurous person. If it is Cancer, we want a homebody.

The planets residing therein give us more clues. If it is Saturn, we may have struggles in our marriage. If it is Pluto, we may have ups and downs a la Liz and Dick( or War of the Roses) If it is Uranus, we may be divorced, or at the least, separated. if it is Chiron, our life wound may be found in marriage.

The 8th House

The 8th House is a fascinating house. It rules all that lies beneath the surface. That can be your lust, your secret stash of money, your secret fantasies or your desire to explore under water. 8th House jobs go under the surface. It could be under the surface of your psyche as in a psychologist. It could be under the surface of your body, as in a surgeon. It could be under the surface of city life, a sin a detective.

People with many planets in the 8th house are said to mature late. That is because it is the house of repression. The 8th house is kind of a secret attic into which we throw our skeletons. People with many planets here are fascinated with life and death stuff and gory stuff. These people help all of us to explore below the surface. Jung said that the unexamined life was not worth living. He was right. The 8th house will come up to bite you, if you won’t go below to face it. I have the asteroid Jung conjunct my Sun. When I do charts, I delve below the surface. Anyone can skim the surface, I figure.


The 9th House

The 9th House is the house of the intellect.A person with many planets here such as myself, always wants to find God. As a little girl, I looked for God. As little Jewish girl, I used to dream of being a nun. I thought it was so cool to love Jesus so much that you would marry Him. It was weird because I remember going to our summer home and riding in the car next to a huge statue of a saint. It may have been Joan of Arc. It may have just been a huge cross set up on a hill but I wished I could love God the way I saw people love Jesus. Now, I am a Messianic Jew. However, my point in saying this is that I have four personal planets in the 9th House–Gemini Sun, mercury and Venus and Cancer Moon. This would be my ego, mind, love nature and heart. Never discount stelliums in any chart because they will give you huge clues into the nature of the native.

The 9th House person wants to know why he exists. It is not enough to party hearty for tomorrow you die. He wants to know the eternal meaning of his life. I think we could say this is true for any person with a 9th House stellium.


The 10th House

The 10th House is all one does under the watchful scrutiny of society. This would include your career and your reputation. People with a 10th house stellium hate to look bad in terms of scandals or irreverent gossip. They can be social climbers because their rung on society’s ladder matters oh so much. On the good side, they are dependable, responsible and can set goals that put the rest of us to shame. I bet most CEOs are Capricorns. I bet that the highest rung of any field will be filled with Capricorns. If one sign would marry for money( or social prestige), it would likely be a Capricorn. However, not to give them short shrift. If there was one sign you could choose to meet in a dark alley when you had a wee bit too much to drink and you wanted to be escorted home safely, it would be a Capricorn. You should know by now that all signs have their shadow sides as well as thei shining lights.

The 11th House

This is a strange house in that is is two very different domains–friends( groups of friends), groups in general and hopes and dreams. The friends part is easy to understand as it is friends of a more casual nature, as one would find in a casual group setting, It is, also, how well( or poorly) one does in groups. Saturn in the 11th seems to be a person who does not make friends easily. Saturn puts an onus on one in the house in which it inhabits. In the 11th, Saturn makes one afraid of looking stupid, such that one stays on the sidelines in a group and with friends, in general. This would be the opposite of those who have Jupiter in the 11th house, in which everyone is one’s new best friend.

The domain of hopes and dreams is a strange one, but poignant. People with hard aspects to the 11th house seem to have lost their hopes and dreams. They seem to have give up on them.Tthere is a profound kind of sadness when one hears someone speak this way. I have seen it with clients who have had a hard 11th house.

The 12th House

The 12th House is the hardest house. It will make a saint or a sinner, but nothing in between, This native is very, very deep. He is wired that way. He will not take things lightly. He will not take relationships lightly. He will not take work lightly. He lives in a world where the mundane can fade and he can see the spiritual and the mystical while his eyes are open and everyone else misses it. This person may find it very hard to do what comes naturally to others such as make friends, find a partner and get a job. He takes himself and life much more seriously than the average bear. He needs to take his pain and transmute it into gold by doing service and by using his mystical gifts to be creative. Then, he can give us all a glimpse of the wonderful place in which he lives.






I will be back

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Astrology–Learn The Houses in Five

  1. amianncatman90

    Wow. I really like your 3rd and 9th house descriptions Ami
    .I have the displeasure of having Saturn,Uranus and Neptune all Retrograde in Capricorn in my 3rd house and Then Sun in Leo and Venus and Jupiter in the 9th.
    I feel that the terrible trio in my 3rd house messes up my everyday life.To make matters worse i feel like God decided to have a laugh by putting my Sun,Venus and Jupiter in the 9th. Its like i have trouble with mundane life but in order for me to be happy i feel like im going to have to travel the world searching endlessly for my happiness which will probably elude me.I wish he had given a more boring chart.

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