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Five More Aspects For a Difficult Relationship With the Father.

tea cup tatt 1. Saturn Square the Sun
I know someone with this aspect. Her father pushes her to be a star. I did not know she did not like this until I looked at her chart. She may not know how to say that she doesn’t want this kind of pressure. She may mot even know what she feels. However, she is, likely, burying deep, deep feelings that she cannot express. These buried kinds of feelings may come out as depression, anxiety, a sense of malaise, self hate or other such forms of “expression”

2. Sun Square Pluto
This native has, likely, buried many, intense primal passions. Buried passions do not stay hidden. They emerge in some other form such as chain saw murderer. Just Kidding( a little) The point is that buried emotions are energy. It is impossible to compartmentalize it and expect it to stay neatly filed away. Astrology can help you to face it. This is one of the most rewarding parts of doing Astrology. People are able to face themselves. Prior to Astrology, they may have sensed that something was wrong. However, Astrology can pin point the exact problem. Back to our Sun square Pluto aspect. With this aspect, the father may have been violent. However, The violence may have been a more simmering kind of violence that erupted after periods of hibernation, so to speak. The child would, likely, have lived in fear. For him, as an adult, he needs to try to bring his own buried emotions up to the surface, lest he follow in the footsteps of his father *sigh*

3 Chiron in the 10th House
This aspect seems to show a person whose father, somehow, prevented them from being successful. if not this exact situation, the relationship with the father may have been a source of pain, which remains throughout life. The other thing I see with Chiron in the 10th is a person who feels he does not fit into society. He may be a white person in a black society.He may be a black person in a white society. She may be an unwed mother. He may be a janitor who feels inferior that he is not an executive. I have seen many different situations but the underlying theme seems to remain—the person does not feel he fits in the “right” kind of society i.e the one in which he really wants to fit.

Sedna(90377) Conjunct the Sun

Sedna is extreme betrayal by the father. This can be the case when Sedna is conjunct many different parts of the chart. However, Sedna conjunct the Sun would highlight a special emphasis on betrayal by the father. If you have this, the betrayal by the father was not your fault, but one blames oneself. This is very sad, but true.

Mars Conjunct the Sun

This native may have had a father who was aggressive to him. If the conjunction is in a Cardinal sign, there is more of a chance of physical violence than if it is in a Mutable sign. For the Fixed signs, I am not sure. I will await your responses. Cardinal signs are Aries, cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Fixed signs are Taurus,Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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