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Five More Aspects For a Difficult Relationship With The Mother


1. Cancer Moon
Cancer Moon is said to have had a difficult relationship with the mother. I have, but would love to hear from other Cancer Moons!

2. Moon Conjunct Nemesis(128)
Nemesis conjunct the Moon reveals a mother who is a hidden enemy. Nemesis conjunct the Moon may wreak havoc on the soul of a child, the results of which may last a lifetime.

3. Uranus Conjunct the Moon
Uranus conjunct the Moon natives will not be your “run of the mill, vanilla flavored ice cream” people She would more likely be the villain in a Disney movie, rather than the “goodness and light” main character. By villain, I do not mean evil. I mean outrageously unique i.e the wild and crazy Ursula in”The Little Mermaid”. The mother may have been unsafe or unstable. The child may carry a fragility in her emotions and she may carry it for life, through no fault of her own.

4 Blewitt(22927) Conjunct the Moon
Blewitt is as it sounds—blowing it/failing. I see this asteroid play out in an amazing way. Why do the asteroids play out so accurately, you may ask? The answer is that God has numbered every hair on your head. He knows every detail about you. The chart is that blueprint. That is my opinion after studying the Bible for twenty years and Astrology for seven. Blewitt Conjunct the Moon seems to indicate a mother who failed the native.

5. Moon Conjunct Pluto
This aspect is a very close mother/child relationship. It may be too close. The child may feel( and be) smothered. Hence, I call it the “smother mother” aspect.

6 thoughts on “Five More Aspects For a Difficult Relationship With The Mother

  1. amiannZ

    Cancer moon in 7th – I have had a difficult relationship with my mother most of my life and still til this day. I also have a difficult relationship with my husband’s mother.

  2. amiannSharon

    Cancer moon in cancer 11th house as kid I really hard relationship with my mother. Better as an adult she was really good with my kids her grandchildren.

  3. amiannLine

    Cancer moon in the 1 st house, and I have a difficult relationship with my mother. My mother has an Aries moon in the 8th house . Love my mother but we are not on the same planet.

      1. amiannLine

        Hei Ami Ann, my cancer moon makes the following aspects
        Opposition Mercury (1°34’, S)
        Square Saturn (3°22’, S)
        Trine Pluto (8°45’, S)
        Conjunction Ascendant (8°25’, A)
        Opposition MC (8°33’, S)

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