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Five More Aspects Which Show the NATURE of Sexual Attraction

white ghost girl

People seemed to really like this article and that is what I am here for, so here comes Part Two.

1.Uranus Trine Mars

This is sexual kink, but it does not get out of bounds, as it can with some aspects. This is nicely controlled kink and who doesn’t like that? It is like chocolate. A few pieces are amazing, but the whole box can put you in bed with a chocolate hangover.

2. Mars Square Mars

This relationship may start out as hot as a day at the equator, but don’t marry so fast. Major power plays may come later. They may be sooo major that you may want to walk out the door unencumbered.

3. Pluto Square Mars

This could be called the “sexy fighting” aspect that may go too far and escalate into actual fighting. This aspect is a danger zone aspect. If the rest of the chart is a danger zone chart, beware!

4. Uranus Square Mars
This could be too much kink. This could be too combustible. This could make a relationship erratic and not in an exciting way, as could the trine, in a “get out before the police are called” way.

5. Nessus Conjunct the MC

I have this aspect with Tom Hardy. I saw him in Wuthering Heights and fell in love. I looked at the synastry and he has the same lame Mars that I do—Cancer. Cancer Mars guys leave me cold, so I checked asteroids. There was the bad boy Nessus conjunct my MC, exact. If this were a real life relationship, he would likely abuse me and the whole world would watch. I don’t say this because he is Tom Hardy. I say this because Nessus will abuse in the part of the chart that he touches. If any man would touch my MC, it would be likely that he would abuse me and MY whole world would watch.

This aspect fits the O.J./Nicole scenario, although I don’t know if they, actually, had it. They would be classic for it, with O.J. being the Nessus and Nicole being the MC.

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