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Five More Asteroids to Study To See a Hard Relationship with the Father

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People seem to be really curious about the specific nature of the influence of their parents on them. I am with mine. The charts show us our parents in vivid detail. If one was abused, one, usually, takes the blame for it. We, just, do. People suffer a lifetime of blaming themselves for how their parents treated them. I have done this, so I am not a virgin talking about sex *SIGH* (I know you like my metaphors) Our life has many fated experiences, such as the nature of one’s relationship with one’s parents. Onto the subject

1. Nessus(7066) Conjunct the Sun
The father may have been abusive. The degree and nature of the abusive could be seen through signs and aspects.

2 Blewitt (22927)
I have, recently, started using this asteroid. I have seen it work in an amazing way, but need to see more usages, so please, tell me what you think. I propose that Blewitt conjunct the Sun may show a father who did not live up to his role i.e failed as a father.

3. Casanova(7328) Conjunct the Sun
This father may have been a ladies man. He may have had what they call a “sexual addiction” i.e Bill Clinton, although he would need more of a nefarious asteroid such as Rape, if they have it.

4 Machiavelli ( 19730) Conjunct the Sun
I have found the Machiavelli asteroid to be very accurate. Machiavelli was a sociopath, in the sense that he did whatever he needed to do to reach the ends he wanted. Hence, one’s father may have had a similar cold streak, if one could call it that.

5, Sado Conjuntthe Sun
Once again, I have seen this asteroid play out in the manner in which one would expect. Sado is sadism. One would not choose a father with Sado conjunct the Sun. However, the point of all this is that the child had no choice However, understanding the consequences of that can bring enlightenment.

2 thoughts on “Five More Asteroids to Study To See a Hard Relationship with the Father

  1. amiannMaggie Y

    I just thought it was interesting that I have asteroids Blewitt conjunct Persephone less than a degree away from my rising. And I have Machiavelli conjunct my Mercury almost exact. Nothing to do with my father, but interesting enough for my self.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Interesting, Maggie. Shows a super hard time between teen and adult with your feeling lots of feelings of failure, perhaps.Also, you can make cool, calculated decisions.

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