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Five Painful Aspects in the Natal Chart–Part Four


It was pointed out to me that I did a Part Five without a Part Four. That is an earth void in action.

1. Echo Conjunct the Sun
I have Echo conjunct Saturn. That which conjuncts Saturn makes for a difficult struggle. Echo is one’s authentic voice. I have a person ready to edit my website. Right before she was going to start the job, I asked her not to edit. My website represents my voice. The grammar may not be right. The words may not be the best choices, but they are my choices and a personal expression. Hence, I would rather have some mistakes than a pristine palette, which does not reflect who I am. In my experience, Echo conjunct the Sun seems to pack the worst wallop. These natives seem to crave a great deal of approval. As a result, they seem to elicit the dislike of others. They do not seem to ever understand why. Instead, they seem to become arrogant, rather than face their role in their own problems.

2. Seventh House Stellium
This stellium seems to be one of the hardest. That which resides in the seventh house may be cast out by the native, unconsciously, and sought out in the partner. If we have a planet like Mars, the native may give up her own drive to her partner. This does not make for a happy person because we all need to own our own personality parts. Depression may result when we cast them off.

3. Dejanira(157) Conjunct the North Node
That which conjuncts the North Node becomes a life theme. One would not choose to have Dejanira, the victim asteroid, conjunct the North Node. At best, one would learn a great deal and be able to help others, but most people would not choose this route, due to the fact that the native would, likely, be victimized in her road to learning.

4. Sedna(90377) Conjunct the Moon
Sedna is betrayal by the father and men, in general, thereafter. The myth of Sedna will bring tears to your eyes. I have an article on this and will put the link here, so you can look, if you would like.

5. Kaali(4277) Conjunct the Ascendant
Kaali is the energy body. When it conjuncts the Ascendant, the energy of the native seems to be easily dispersed. It is like the native is wearing his “insides on the outside”Spending time with people can really drain the energy of the native. Hence, Kaali conjunct the Ascendant is very difficult and painful.

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