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Five Songs For Astrology Placements


Let’s combine two of the best things in the universe—–music and astrology.

1. Uranus Conjunct Mercury
Uranus conjunct Mercury is brilliant. This is the aspect of the inventor and innovator. A classic example for Mercury conjunct Uranus is the inventor of velcro. A sticky burr adhered to his pants and, alas, he invented velcro. The native may pay a high price for his brilliance. His mind may never slow down An exact to 4 degree orb would be much more intense than a 5-10 degree orb.

2. Leo Moon
Leo Moon knows he is amazing. He has confidence. He has style. He struts his stuff. Hence, I bequeath my theme song to him.

3. Scorpio Moon
I am a little intimidated by Scorpio Moon. I have Cancer Moon conjunct the MC. What you see is, kind of, what you get. This is not the case with the Scorpio Moon, who is classic for brooding, scheming and manipulating

Ixiion Conjunct the Ascendant
This native does seem to have many “run ins” with the authorities. He does not like to be….ummm….. hemmed in by the rules. He makes his own.He has a “devil may care” charisma that is very attractive to the ladies.

5. Aquarius
Aquarius is very cause oriented. They may have more passion for the “cause” than for the people in their own families.

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