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Fixed Star Picks–Aldebaran

I have this conjunct Venus. Some Fixed stars are all good. Some are all bad. Some offer you gifts but you will FALL if you misuse them.Aldebaran is the latter. I was in a situation where I could have fallen mightily. I had to do with love, which is the planet that Venus represents.. God protected me. It wasbig red hat girl only Divine intervention that saved me because I was too naive to figure it out myself. After that, I came to understand Aldebaran better. It will give you great honor and riches. However, it stipulates that you act with integrity. If not, the fall will be all the way to the bottom.

In looking back, I see how I was protected from disgracing myself in the arena of love. I started to gain a great respect for Aldebaran. It is like a father who has a lot of wealth. He wants to give it to you but you must be worthy of it. Aldebaran gives treasure. However, it comes with severe responsibility. I think JFK had Aldebaran conjunct Venus, too. If not, he had it conjunct a personal planet. I should have looked it up before I wrote it here, but I will and amend this, if needed.

I have started to be able to feel Aldebaran in other people. People will be blessed, as if a star hung over their head. However, if they fall, the fall will be worse than another person who was not as blessed. This is what I look for in order to make an Aldebaran pick.



16 thoughts on “Fixed Star Picks–Aldebaran

  1. amiannBiblea

    4. Lying: Evil energy says, the truth is not good enough, you must be better. Evil energy sits in the dark and denies, hides or lies. Lying is evil because it provides an illusionary sense of power, control and superiority. Lying, manipulating and hiding evil thoughts, words and actions in order to hurt another or yourself is one of the ways evil energy persists.

    -quoted from a blog

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I know about Aldebaran because I have it conjunct Venus. It gives great riches and honor but if you lose your integrity, you could fall to the bottom lol

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