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For Nathy—- How To Deal With An Element Void

When I started my website,a year ago, Nathy was one of my first clients. She became a dear friend and part of my family, as most of my clients do. She asked me to write articles, again. I appreciated her interest. I wanted to dedicate this article to her because she is very special to me.

If you have an element void, you will know it. It will be a gap in you, one could say. The gap makes room for other things to become stronger, but it stays a gap. I like to write about what I know, from myself, first, and charts secondly. I have an earth void, so can write from experience. I got to thinking about voids when I started a garden. I put in aloes, as my friend grows beautiful, luscious aloes and brought me one. Then, I put in more and now have about 20. I make special water for them, in which I soak vegetable scraps. I give them my own green vitamin, every day. They look vibrant and healthy. Then, I decided to plant a full garden.

The reason I wanted to write this article was because of the pure joy this is giving me. I feel like a piece of myself clicked in. If you have a void, you NEED the element. You have a lost part of yourself, as we, all, need the 4 elements. You are operating as a person with one leg, to exaggerate a bit. However, you will not feel complete unless you force yourself to incorporate that lost element. I, also, feel nurtured by cooking, especially healthy things like juices and unusual salads, which take time and thought to make. Food is an element of the earth. It builds our earthly bodies. One of my favorite things to make is vitamin water. You put all sorts of interesting combinations of fruit and veggies in mason jars and let them sit overnight in the refrigerator. I like lemon, lemon peel and cilantro and cucumber/lemon, the best.

There are 4 possible voids, as there are 4 elements. One can have an earth, water, fire or air. void.Each void would need different attention, obviously. The water void craves water, both in drinking and swimming/bathing etc. Water voids have told me that they love going to the beach. It is a peak experience, as gardening and cooking are for me. The water void can take exotic baths with lavender oils and other nurturing products, if a beach is not nearby.

The fire void craves fire. This could be an actual fire, which may be best. It could be a sauna, steam bath, or exercising and working up a sweat. I bet fire voids love hot food. I have never asked one, but I would not be surprised.

The air void seems to take things too personally. Air is reason, detachment and logic. I am high in air and thank God for the many times I could pull back from a problem and find some reason. The Air void lacks this capacity, if one wants to put it too simply. The Air void needs to surround himself with things of the intellect like books, word games such as Scrabble, crossword puzzles, or even learning a new language.


I think each void will crave what it needs, but will it go to the effort to add it? Will the person feel he is worth nurturing to the extent to add these missing parts? Let me know about your voids and I will keep you updated about my gardening and cooking 😀

4 thoughts on “For Nathy—- How To Deal With An Element Void

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    I have an earth void. Is this why I am so crazy about farms and farm animals? I often fantasize about living on a farm and milking a cow, etc. I thought it was the earth signs that were into stuff like that, not usually the earth voids.
    I am Sagittarius, with a cancer moon and a Aquarius rising. I have nothing in Earth except for maybe a pluto in Virgo, can’t remember.

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