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For the Absolute Beginner

I am thrilled to have some newbie newbies. Studying Astrology is an exciting journey and I am here to make it as fun and painless as possible. It is like learning a new language, so will take persistence. I think Astrology is like buried treasure. It yields it’s riches to those who will dig. It is not cheap in allowing it’s great knowledge and understanding of human nature. You must work for it, to some degree. It is like music or any skill, I suppose.Few people do it, as few people will spend the time it takes. However, the reward is worth every single second.

With that said, let’s jump in.

The first thing you must do is go to This site makes easy to read charts, imo. Put in your birth info. If you do not know your time of birth, put in 12 noon. Tell me that you do not have an accurate time, though. This is super important, as your chart reading will be wrong, if you don’t. If you do not have an accurate time, you can get about 60% of the chart info. Some will be lost, but much will not be, so don’t despair. Some Astrologers can rectify your chart, which involves going back and examining events in your life, and coming up with your birth time, that way. I do not do this, as it is it’s own study. I can help someone find his Ascendant( and approximate time of birth) by knowing the Ascendant signs and traits. However, this takes time and discussion with the person, and is not a small process.

At any rate, once you get your chart, you must save it to a site like Photobucket. Please do this. Then, you are ready to post it on my site. You can post it it in Personal Readings. You can post it on a thread which is about the subject matter in which you have an interest.

Once we have your chart, then w e can begin to look and you can begin to learn. I look forward to seeing your charts. i cannot do a whole reading on you as one reading takes me five days, approximately. When i do my professional readings, I devote a great deal of time to them. However, on my Forum, we can check out some of the basics. I think you and I will have a great deal of fun, and most especially, great learning opportunities, so jump in 😀

10 thoughts on “For the Absolute Beginner

  1. amiannrunningfromhellwithel

    Hmm. Here is Travis:
    Your Basic Birth chart

    Your data
    Travis Farris Sex M
    Burke, VA 51 United States 10/06/1971 17:24 – Julian day 2441231.39
    Adjust 4.00 ST 17.14 Lat 38.47 Long 77.16

    Your Planets & Houses

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Libra 12.58 Ascendant Pisces 11.11
    Moon Taurus 16.44 II Aries 25.52
    Mercury Libra 11.40 III Taurus 26.19
    Venus Libra 23.43 IV Gemini 19.32
    Mars Aquarius 16.36 V Cancer 11.05
    Jupiter Sagittarius 3.56 VI Leo 5.45
    Saturn Gemini 6.14 R VII Virgo 11.11
    Uranus Libra 13.53 VIII Libra 25.52
    Neptune Sagittarius 1.06 IX Scorpio 26.19
    Pluto Libra 0.05 Midheaven Sagittarius 19.32
    Lilith Libra 14.23 XI Capricorn 11.05
    Asc node Aquarius 12.24 XII Aquarius 5.45

    The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

    Planets in the houses
    Sun in VII
    Moon in II
    Mercury in VII
    Venus in VII
    Mars in XII
    Jupiter in IX
    Saturn in III
    Uranus in VII
    Neptune in IX
    Pluto in VII
    Lilith in VII
    Asc node in XII

  2. amiannoutdoormom

    I’ve gone to the site but it lists different types of charts, short, interactive and drawings and calculations. Which one is the one we need to do?

  3. amiannabhishek

    i am dyeing to learn such beautiful new things and it amplifies ur personality so much u can get to know more about ur loved ones and strangers by doing their chart but i think it will take a grt deal of time and practice to master even a bit presently its difficult for me as my upcoming exam in may 2013 untill then i will have to wait bt after dat i am going to put good hours into learning and understanding this heavenly science from u ami…….. Its so powerfull honestly

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