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Loss of Self/ Strong Self

How does the Sun touch the other planets/asteroids/angles? When we want to see the strength of ego with which a person came in to the world we look to the Sun. Trines and sextiles from Pluto give the person a sense of personal power. Trines and sextiles to Neptunes make the person creative, mystical and intuitive. Trines and sextiles to Mercury makes learning easy and makes one a good communicator. Trines and sextiles to Uranus make one a creative, out of the box thinker. Trines and sextiles to the moon make the person able to access his emotions.Trines and sextiles to Mars make one able to take decisive action. Trines and sextiles to Saturn make one able to discipline oneself.One can plan for the future and reach goals surely and steadily. We can take the converse situation. If one has squares or oppositions to one’s Sun, one would struggle with the same issues which are easy with the trines and sextiles.

If one has any squares to one’s Sun, one would have the hardest time with confidence and a strong sense of self. Oppositions are easier than squares.Oppositions make one go back and forth between opposite poles. Squares lock the energies. There is a distinct difference in difficulty between the two. As I outlined above, one could apply the same logic to squares and oppositions as was applied to trines and sextiles. I will address conjunctions later as those can go either way in terms of how they effect a person’s sense of self.Some conjunctions are easy. Some conjunctions are difficult. The Sun square Saturn would be a lock between one’s ego and a strong self doubt. One may feel very guilty for “selfishness”. One may feel great insecurity at a deep visceral level. Hence, this would be one of the harder Sun squares. Saturn oppose the Sun would be easier.One could go back and forth between having a strong ego and strong self doubt. The opposition is always a yin/yang between opposite sides. The Sun square Uranus would be someone who struggles with nonconformity but does not seem to resolve it . He feels locked in to wanting to be different but cannot integrate it in to his personality well. He may try to be rebellious in self defeating ways as he struggles to deal with his strong sense of rebellion. The person with the Sun/Uranus trine COULD use his rebellious nature in inventive ways.He may be an actual inventor. When the Sun touches Uranus in an easy aspect, we may have a creative genius.That is the difference between the trine and the square. I am not saying the square CANNOT do this but it is much more difficult. Sun square Neptune could make the person not able to deal with his imagination/escapist desires as they may get the best of him. The Sun oppose Neptune may make someone struggle with being too dreamy and idealistic. The person would go back and forth between trying to live in a dream world or trying to escape reality and forcing themselves back into reality. Any asteroid that touches the Sun will have a central influence in our identity. This can give us confidence or take it away by the nature of the asteroid. I will address this in another article.













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