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13 Freaky Coincidences in the Astrology Charts

I love freaky coincidences. They make me see that God is really there. How else could they get there. HUH? I will let you decide. I have asked my friends at for theirs. I add my own from working on charts and personal ones from my own chart. I hope you will like them like I do.

1. The name of woman’s small home town was conjunct her Sun.

2. A client was raped by her brother. She became a well known author and writes about abuse. Her brother’s name asteroid was conjunct her MC.

3. I became part of an online group that changed my life. I took a girl’s name as my handle. I picked it from out of the blue. This group really helped me to find my voice. One day, I was just roaming around the name asteroids and found this name. It was conjunct my Mercury, exact.

4. One of my clients has bi -polar, the maniac asteroid was conjunct her DSC.

5. I love, love, love Carl Jung. I have the asteroid Jung conjunct my Sun, exact.

6. In Bill Clinton’s natal chart the Asteroid Monica opposes the Asteroid Hilary.

7. This is an actual quote. I thought I could not improve on it by watering it down so here it is:

There is an asteroid Nerthus. It symbolizes fertility. Even before actually seeing it in my chart, i knew exactly where it would be – because i thought there must be something why i am seeing dreams about me having a baby with that man. It must be it. And it was. Asteroid Nerthus in my chart is precisely the degree this man has his natal Sun.

8.Another exact quote as the people with these aspects say it better than I do:

Ugh the guy I can’t seem to move on from has his name asteroid on my Descendant! WHY!

Checked my Sister & her Husbands names… they conjunct each other exact in Synastry! Awhhhhh


9.Another great quote:

My first love had his name conjunct mine by a degree and conjunct my desc by two degrees…My name was conjunct his name asteroid and his DSC by the same orb.


10. This is my favorite because I loved my grandmother so much, too

I just checked my grandmas name asteroid and it is conjunct my Moon. She is the person I loved most out of my whole family.She was really special and pretty awesome. Her asteroid conjuncting my Moon totally represents my deep feelings for her.

11.A wife talks about her husband.

And then how about this? My Briede(bride) conjunct his Moon. His Groom conjunct my Sun.

12. When George W Bush was elected president in 2000 and 2004, the Asteroid Busch was conjunct the Asteroid Washingtonia.

13. I led one of my precious clients to find Jesus. My last name was conjunct her DSC.






4 thoughts on “13 Freaky Coincidences in the Astrology Charts

      1. amiannKiz

        So I plugged in both the America and Washingtonia asteroids. Turns out that I have America in my 9th house, where my Sun in Leo is in and Washingtonia in my 8th house, where my Mars in Cancer and Venus in Gemini reside.

        I also have Sun conjunct Midheaven (my MC is in the 10th house) and Mercury in Virgo in the 10th house.

        I am planning on majoring in International Politics and Economics in College and hoping to seek a career in traveling related to diplomacy. Does this kind of tell me that these are good placements for this type of career? How are the America and Washingtonia asteroids related to this?

        I am quite fascinated — glad I came across this article!!! 🙂

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Well, Kiz, with asteroids, I only really count them when they are conjunct or close other aspects to personal points in YOUR chart such as ASC, Sun, Moon etc. I don’t look at just house. The Sun conj MC shows yu will shine! You were made to be a star!

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