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Free Will and Astrology

There are, very, few Christian Astrologers. Mainstream Christianity thinks astrology is from the devil. I thought this, too, for many years, until one night I heard a Voice telling me to study Astrology. I spent time trying to ask God, if it were He. I started to study astrology and it came very easily to me. Also, I was able to tell many,many people in the New Age community about Jesus. I did it more by my actions than my words, not to say that my actions were always right because I am flawed, as we all are. At any rate, I believe, with all my heart, that I was supposed to study Astrology. I believe astrology is from God. I believe He gave us the charts as a map. I believe they are a personal map. It would be just like God to give us such personal guidance. This is the purpose of the chart, to me. I, as a Christian, believe that every person on Earth can call on God and change his destiny. A persons chart is NOT his destiny when God comes in to the picture. God is waiting for every, single person to come to Him through Jesus. Then, one’s life is changed and one is molded in to the image of God.

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