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Freedom and Christianity

People laugh at Christians. I thought the same thing so I understand. I was from Boston and went to college in North Carolina. I thought people in the Bible Belt were fools. I understand where people are coming from. Some Christians may act like fools. I agree. Some Christians may act arrogant. I have seen it. I don’t go to church because I can’t stand it. However, there are many many good churches. I am not right to shun church but I do understand the dislike of Christians. The true Christian is humble. He knows he does not deserve God’s Love and Grace. It is a gift. It would be the same as if a stranger gave you a flawless diamond ring. You would say, ‘I don’t deserve it.” You don’t . He loved you enough to give it.

The true Christian is THE most free man on the planet. He is not dependent on fickle man’s approval. He can stand up for himself among men. He answers to a Higher Authority. That is a freedom not a bondage. The true Christian is the most free man you will find. The true Christian is the happiest man you will find. A true Christian is the most peaceful man you can find. However, do not ever look to individual Christians and judge God. All men will fail. It is the nature of man. That is why a person can never be happy unless he finds God. All people will fail him. Life will fail him. All one has is God. Hence, the true Christian has a Treasure which a non Christian could never have. A true Christian has a freedom which money cannot buy. A true Christian has a peace which money cannot buy.A true Christian can relax and be himself as can no other man. The ultimate freedom is belief in Jesus. The ultimate freedom is trust in Jesus. The ultimate freedom is faith in Jesus.

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