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Friendship Or Love As Shown By The Charts

Checking out your love OR friendship connections to a person can save you a lot of grief. If you are not going to be a love connection, there are clear indicators. I don’t think you can create something which is not there, in the chart. I did a synastry of an arranged marriage. It showed clearly that willing a marriage to be a different way will not work. It is what it is.

The friendship chart will have many factors which will go in to the friendship pile versus the love pile, so to speak. The House Overlays will be made up of impersonal houses such as the house of finances or the house of groups. The attraction planets will not touch. The chemistry planets will not touch . You may have Saturn, the planet of restriction, the cold water planet, I call it, touch a tender planet such as the moon, which is one’ s deepest heart. All in all, I have found it to be quite clear whether a relationship is to be friends or be romantic.

8 thoughts on “Friendship Or Love As Shown By The Charts

  1. AmiAlyssa

    I just discovered your site yesterday and read all your entries. I wish you can expand or write more because I find what you write very intruiguing. I’m just curious what you could say about my chart and my friend I’m in love with or romantic interest’s chart:

    born on 9 October 1987 local time 7:23 am
    in Manila, PHIL U.T. 23-23
    121e00, 14n35 sid. time 08:35:13

    planet sign degree
    Sun Libra 15

    1. Amiamiann

      Hi Alyssa Sweetie
      Thank you for writing. I am starting to do charts, professionally. It is my passion and God uses me to help others, so I am very excited to offer this, as of now. I am not able to do your whole chart on my actual website, but if you would want me to do it, privately, please contact me, by e mail. I would love to have the opportunity to do your chart. I will be posting the pricing of my charts, on my website, in the next few days. I will try to look at a few things in your chart and address them on here, though !
      Please, comment on any articles that interest you, too, Alyssa.

  2. AmiJOR

    Hi Ami 🙂

    I love everything you write and on LL too. I would love for you to look at a synastry chart for me if you get time.

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