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Full Seventh House—-Loss of Identity?

I was contemplating the Seventh House, as that of the “other”. In doing charts, I have seen that people with a full Seventh House may feel a lack of personal identity and look for it in a partner. This makes sense. If one has any planet in the Seventh, one may look to find the qualities of this planet in a partner. If one has Venus in the Seventh House, one may not feel love for oneself until a partner mirrors love.If one has the Sun in the Seventh House, one may find his identity in the partner. If one has Mars in the Seventh House, one may use the partner as the anger rod while one’s own anger stays submerged. If one has Pluto in the Seventh, one may find one’s passion in the arms of a lover, only, and not be connected to one’ s primal self, otherwise. If one has the moon in the Seventh, one may not feel a connection to one’ s emotions, unless in a relationship. One may look for an emotional partner. If one has Uranus in the Seventh, one’s rebellion may be submerged as one finds a rebellious and lets him act it out. If one has Jupiter, here, one may look for an optimistic, jovial partner .One may not be able to access this side of oneself, without the help of the partner. If one has Saturn, here, one may look for a task master. One may not be disciplined without the help of a Father-figure kind of partner.Asteroids open up a plethora of avenues. I will explore that in another article.

8 thoughts on “Full Seventh House—-Loss of Identity?

  1. amiannRuth E Velasco

    This is disturbing! I just had my son pull up my astrological chart last night. As long as it is accurate, I have mars, Pluto, and Uranus in my seventh house. I need prayers that Jesus will trump my chart.

    I love my parents very much, but whenever I ever express anger, my mother reacts like I axed murdered someone and made her watch. My father is very against getting anger also. I started seeing a therapist in 1988. She told me that I turned my anger inward.

    I struggled for a long time in knowing who I am. I always had to be in a relationship. However, I have fasted since October 2006. I worked very hard on myself in therapy.

    My son Danny’s father is a alcoholic hippie. I see where the rebellion came in as a very young lady in my early 20’s.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ruth Are you on FB. I publish my articles to FB and people come and talk about them .”Like” my FB page and come and discuss things. You can do your chart and talk about that. Jesus gave us the charts, for guidance, in my opinion.

  2. amiannDiana Anderson

    Hi Amy, I was wondering what effect Neptune has? I have Virgo rising & I believe Neptune in Libra intercepted in my 1st house according to a chart I had done online by Robert Hand some years ago. And Neptune is the ruler of my 7th house. Mercury in Taurus is in my 9th house. Thank you. Diana

  3. amiannayu

    venus in 7th house gemini, always makes me want to move on from one guy to another. as long as the current one ended and i sort of got over it, i immediately searched for the next one. i hate this aspect because i never fully learn what kind of guy am i really look for…

    currently had a breakup again, intending to stay single till i really sort out what i wanted. 🙁 some breakups are initiated by me and some parted amicably.


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