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Going Out on a Limb—The Level of Relationship Will Always Be Determined By The Chart

My commitment to the people who read my website and come to me for readings is honesty. With that caveat, I want to tell you what I believe about this topic. There are certain factors which spell certain levels of a relationship. It is clear by what touches what in synastry what the people will feel for each other imo. Synastry is a major reason people will consult an Astrologer. If the chart does not allow for something in the relationship, one cannot force it..The lack will be as real as an amputated limb.It is not there. No wishing will make it so. That is my experience. Remember, the orbs in any of these aspects will be key, too. An exact orb will be like sitting next to a fire . A wide orb will be like sitting several feet away.I will explain certain aspects in synastry and what they offer to a relationship and what the lack of them will do to a relationship.

Venus trine Venus—- The other person will be pleasing to your tastes. Your ideal of beauty will be met by him. His ideal of beauty will be met by you.

Venus square Venus–There may be a sense that the person does not fit with what you find beautiful.The closeness of this orb will determine the intensity of this feeling.

Pluto trine Venus–this is raw passion combined with finding the person beautiful to your senses.

Pluto square Venus—this is raw passion which may explode into cats and dogs fighting

Pluto conjunct Venus–this is a feeling that you have found your true other half

Pluto conjunct the Moon–this is deep heart love combined with raw passion. This is the one of romance novels and once in a lifetime imo

Pluto trine the moon–raw passion and deep heart love without cats and dogs fighting

Pluto square the moon—raw passion with cats and dogs fighting

Mars square Pluto—raw passion with power plays which could get violent if allowed to do so

Moon trine Moon— true soul mates and true friends from the heart

Moon square Moon–you don’t “get” the person. You may be crying and the person will not be able to comfort you as they have little understanding of how you work

Moon oppose Moon–you do not “get” the person as your hearts see things very differently. Again, the person would have a hard time comforting you for the above reason.

Uranus in any aspect—-intense attraction but no indication of anything past this

Neptune in any aspect–people may see with rose colored glasses. If there are abuse aspects, people may not be able to see it until they are embroiled. Then, there may be an awful wake up call. On the other hand, in a positive synastry Neptune can give the feeling of living in a musical

An emphasis on Mercury aspects will bode to a friendship relationship. It will show a meeting of the minds. Synastry with a heavy emphasis on Mercury will bode to just a friendship and not romance.

An emphasis on Mercury and Jupiter strengthens the possibility that it will be a friendship and not a romance. Jupiter is a feel good aspect wherever it is found. When it is found in a heavy Mercury synastry, one feels good with the person, intellectually. There will not usually be romantic feelings by either person .

Soul mate asteroids–There are certain soul mate asteroids such as Valentine, Ceres, and Amor. There are many more

Abuse /Obsession asteroids–There are many of these such as Nessus and Dejanira.

House Overlays come into play here.There are emotional houses and there are practical houses. If one overlays the charts, each person will activate certain houses of the other. This is House Overlays. This would have a lesser significance than the actual planet interplays as described above but cannot be ignore.

This is a small sampling. I want to add something for the people who may have an aspect that I said was not conducive to love and they love each other. Certain aspects are so strong and so pivotal that they can over ride others.I put moon aspects in this category. Moon trine Moon can overcome many aspects.Moon/Pluto is the same.However, there is a distinct difference in the two.Moon trine moon is a transparent intimacy. When Pluto touches the moon, there will be mind games and power struggles. Think of the intensity of the tides. Pluto is the intensity. The moon is the ocean. In conclusion, knowing what the relationship will allow is wonderful information with which to be forearmed. Of course, one may decide to enter a relationship without good moon aspects. That is one’s choice but one will know, beforehand. That is my purpose for any of the work I do or articles I write.




43 thoughts on “Going Out on a Limb—The Level of Relationship Will Always Be Determined By The Chart

  1. amiannCatrina

    Just felt the need to add that Moon aspects to Pluto can also indicate emotional obsession. Pluto tends to obsess about and idolize whatever it touches. It is great for passion but not necessarily always in a healthy long sustaining way. Pluto tends to both give and take away power. It will no doubt transform you, but not always for the better.

  2. amiannmiss concerned

    Hi AMIANN! 🙂
    What do you think about the relationship where:
    her sun conjunct his psyche ( orb 0.56)
    his venus (gem) conjunct her psyche (gem) ( orb 1.25)
    his eros (gem) conjunct her psyche(gem) (orb 3.3) does this aspect work?Is the orb not too big?
    his eros (gem) opposite her uranus (sag) (orb 0.98)
    his venus (gem) opposite her uranus (sag) orb (1.07)
    Ami, can the guy leave the woman and want to be friends?
    Or because it is her uranus the issues of breakups depends on her?
    So if she doesn t want to break up,so they will not,will they?
    Thank you very much!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Ok that is a lot of aspects lol
      The first 3 are fantastic–very soul mate kind of soul connection.
      The Uranus person will be more of the wild card one who will want to leave. Yes,when we isolate these aspects only, she would be the one. However, this does not mean the death of the relationship as you HAVE soul mate connections there with the top 3 aspects. This relationship may have a make up and break up kind of quality but it could still endure imo.
      You are very welome!

  3. amiannSoraja

    Hi Ami, I hope I’m not too late to post. What about several sun and pluto aspects; and moon/pluto aspects?

    Him Me Orb
    Sun trine moon at 2.04
    Sun square mercury at 1.50
    Sun trine venus at 0.32
    Sun sextile neptune at 1.56
    Sun trine pluto at 1.26
    Moon conjunct pluto at 4.09
    Pluto trine moon at 3.14
    Pluto conjunct venus at 4.46
    Pluto trine midheaven at 1.01

    I am just a beginner at astrology, but I think this is pretty steamy stuff . . right? We do have one venus aspect; his venus opposite my ascendant at 3.44, and two mars aspects; his mars sextile my uranus at 0.44 and square my neptune at 1.58. I think we would be a very obsessive, but LOVING match (on both sides), don’t you think?

    Oh, and one more thing. I didn’t see anything in this article about someone’s sun falling the other’s seventh house. I thought that was a sure sign that the other would definitely see me as his ‘ideal’ mate?

    Thank You

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Those seem like very good aspects. You need some squares and oppositions or it will seem like brother/sister. Yes, you have a very good synastry. The House overlay you mentioned is a very good one, too! It is never to late to write and ask questions. I welcome them 😀

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      This really seems good, as I come back for a second glance. The Moon aspects will give heart understanding. The Moon/Pluto will give primal passion and a depth,only known to Moon/Pluto imo.The Venus/Pluto will give passionate love and a sense of appreciation for each others beauty. Go to my article “Asteroids I Use” and plug in some asteroids. The planets come first though and you have some GREAT synastry. Both will feel it, for sure 😀

      1. amiannSoraja

        Thank you for responding. I didn’t expect you to respond at all, let alone so quickly. It is a nice feeling knowing that my questions and concerns are being heard; and I think that you are ‘hearing’ me.

        In response to your previous statement, we do have some squares and oppositions; for example, his sun is square my mercury at 1.50, his mercury is opposite my saturn at 1.10, his venus is opposite my ascendant at 3.44, his mars square my neptune at 1.58, his neptune opposite my moon at 3.34, square my ascendant at 0.27 and opposite my midheaven at 1.21.

        I hesitate to mention and/or acknowledge these squares and oppositions, because every single piece of astrological wisdom that I find always seems to portray squares and oppositions in a ‘bad light’. In fact, most websites and books flat out say “squares are bad or negatives for relationships, and oppositions create so much tension”. That makes me nervous; and I’m a scorp, I’m not supposed to get nervous !

        BTW, I was looking through some of your past articles, and I did see that you wrote about the descendant. That was very helpful. I appreciate your past journal articles. They are very informative. I enjoy them.
        Thank You

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Of COURSE I respond. My work is my passion. My joy and honor is when people like you come on my website and are engaged enough to ask me questions. Did you see that I have a new Forum. It is free of charge, of course. There are many topics for discussion on there and you can add your own topics! I will be back, with a clear head, to look at your post, here. xx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Your Moon squares her Pluto. Right? Do you have a Pluto conj with each other. Is that what you mean. If your Moon squares her Pluto, she will be the more powerful one. You will be the more vulnerable one. Pluto conj Pluto can happen if people are born close in time, so is not considered a real factor imo

  4. amiannkay

    When you mentioned the pluto person is the more powerful one, what do you mean by that? Is it like the pluto person will emotionally abuse and obsessive of the moon person or the moon person will be the one who’s clingy and dependent on the pluto person? Thanks so much in advance 🙂

  5. amiannbea

    I have to kind of disagree with the opposition and some of the square in regards to interaction between people. Aspects will always be energy and depending upon the free will and the maturity of the person, it does not have to always be a bad thing. We have opposing moons (My S.O. and I) and while it may seem like we are disagreeing, we are really balancing out our perceptions of emotional matters. Kind of like talking someone off a ledge so to speak. To use any of the aspects to its full potential of things good, the person needs to be open-minded, mature and sometimes creative. Knowing the synastry and your natal can be of psychological use. Many people will have squares and opposition and feel that pull for that person; something people will want to deal with no matter what. You just have to choose your battles wisely and expand on the good qualities of that person’s natal and the synastry between the two. 🙂 Just my two cents….great job Ami <3

      1. amiannbea

        In how to deal with the synastry? I look upon astrology as a the ability to look into the human psyche, psychology of sorts. Mars square pluto for example: square is high energy….mars & pluto: two warrior planets. Why battle each other when you can be allies together? You both are playing for the same team being together, why be against each other? Uranus aspects? It’s either like being electrocuted or it’s like infusing a brilliant energy into matter, like when Ben Franklin discovered electricity while flying his kite. It brings those a-ha moments, like DING! I got it…. (Uranus aspects are easy for me & him since we are both venus in aquarius so I know I cannot speak for everyone). We have venus trine uranus…we play alot of trivia games together or banter on many conversations. We have a lot of fun together.

        You have expanded on many of these aspects already….I am just a believer that anything can work as long as you are aware of the energies that you are dealing with in the natal as well as the synastry. 😀

  6. amiannbea

    I guess the point I am trying to make is don’t discount a handful of bad aspects if the natal shows potential to for them to be malleable. The synastry will sometimes show us the lessons that we need to learn within ourselves…just sometimes that we need another person to show us.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, totally. WE need some squares and oppositions or else it is brother/sister but I have to try to teach things and I am a bugger about the Moons, as I think they are crucial but that is a personal feeling, too

      1. amiannbea

        no I agree the moon is essential to all interpersonal relationships….without emotions, what is the point then? Keep up the good work Ami…very informative 🙂

  7. amiannjulee

    thanks–this is great reading about moon/pluto contacts in synastry. i have moon conj pluto natally, and he has moon square pluto natally. in synastry we have the same aspects in a double whammy. whew! we both feel the other has the power and both feel really manipulated at times. it is only in reading the astrology (repeatedly) that our interactions & dynamic make sense to me. we are both overly sensitive, quick to react,passionate, independent, etc. it’s exhausting a lot of the time but we are also so crazy about one another.

  8. amiannEmily

    Why are squares always ‘bad’? I think that is too much of a simplistic approach. This is in reference to the moon square moon, because I feel that the aspect itself is significant and would maybe mean that the emotions are very wild, forceful, and intense but this doesn’t mean the emotions are bad!
    What do you think??? I have such a hard time researching this aspect in synastry.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, I talk in a simplistic way because way because so many astrologers will not take a stand. They are so politically correct that nothing is ever good or bad and everything becomes a mush. I try to talk in a direct way because that is what I crave and find so little of. To address, the moon square moon. I think the people would not understand each other. That, to me, would be bad. I am a Moon freak, in that I think moons are the number one factor in any relationship. Does that help to answer your question, Emily dear?

  9. amiannAspen

    I would like to post on your forum, but can’t seem to register.

    I have Pluto square his moon and his Pluto conjunct my moon, both about 3 – 4 degrees apart. I wonder who’s more obsessed and who can’t let go?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Aspen
      I delete e mails if they are not from an actual e mail account as I have people trying to spam my forum. If you had one of these, that may have happened.TRy with a different e mail, Friend. With your case, both people would be equally obsessed and it would be a strong one imo

  10. amianname

    You consistently say that too much mercury will end in friendship. but i cant agree. you think. yes we have a moon-mercury conjuction, like difference of .20 degrees. and we have a mercury- mars opposition thats dead on. but also!! his moon trines my pluto at .33 degrees. my sun and mars fall in his 7th house and my venus almost exactly conjuncts it. his pluto squares my sun and his venus opposes my sun by like .26 degrees. we also have a moon- mars opposition. and if circumstance didnt keep us apart, i feel like even though we have very exact mercuries, we’d totally be more than friends! you do need some mercury, dont you? i love your site btw.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Ame and thank you for commenting! You read me wrong. You have Moon trine Pluto which is a lover’s aspect and the best one. I meant that if a chart had all Mercury and no lovers aspects, it would be a friend chart and not a lover chart.

      1. amianname

        Youre right, i did missunderstand, it only occured to me a little bit after i posted that comment that i had misinterpreted that remark. lolz. for your reply

  11. amiannBlasphemous

    Moon pluto is a bad stnastry aspect. I disagree w your analyses.
    Moon pluto aren’t romantic but it’s annoying for someone with zero cancer or water aspects
    Pluto will manipulate the moon and turn the moon very hard and cold

  12. amiannBlasphemous

    I’ll go by a feel

    Moon/Pluto is similar to Sun/Pluto or ASC/Pluti
    The moon is a very sensitive placement. Having moon pluto is like having a hades moon.
    Nobody likes a hades moon forced upon them in a stnastry chart not even natal hades moons..

    The conj is a hard aspect in many cases I think a pluto conj is a hard aspect in stnastry unless it’s with lighter planets like merc venus or even mars. Having someone’s pluto on your sun or moon is not a good aspect to have. Maybe a trine is better or better still a sextile

    But that’s only my interpretation of it

    Cancers may think they like Scorpio but they’ll eventually be stung.

        1. amiannBlasph

          Hi Ami
          Hades moon is like a dark night of the soul, pretty much like a chiron moon aspect I believe. Moon conj Pluto is like constantly living in torture by a slave driver. It can be self created or an actual person they attracted.

          1. amiannamiann Post author

            i have to look up hades Moon, B. Thank you. When you are talking about Moon/Pluto here, do you mean the natal or synastry?

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Let me ask you some questions. So, how do you see Moon conj Pluto in the natal? What does that look like in the person. While we are on this discussion, how do you see Venus conj Pluto in the natal?

      1. amiannFaith

        Moon trine Pluto is harmonious and channel the good aspects of pluto, intense but not boring/binding, deep but not restricting. The conjunct is like a direct jailer aspect I believe, because pluto would be too close to the moon to be able to see their bad side. This is similar to trines in a natal where things are easyier than moon/pluto natally.

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